Best Air Pump For Car In India

  • By: IGB Team
  • Date: 12/08/2022

It is a tragedy for your car to have low air pressure in its tires. It’s neither feasible nor affordable to visit the auto shop to maintain the tires’ air pressure. Besides, what if your car’s tyre gets punctured in the middle of nowhere?

Getting an air pump for your car will be a smart idea if you often have to face tragedy. An air pump, manual or digital, can be a lifesaver in conditions like this.

As a result, it’s crucial to get the best air pump for a car in India to stay ahead of the game. This article lists the best car tyre inflator in India you might want to consider for your four-wheeler or two-wheeler.

 Every product is reviewed based on the features, user experience of current buyers, and the opinion of the experts. So let’s get into it.

Air Pumps for Car Reviewed In This Guide

TUSA Digital AIr Pump

Digital Air pump, Automatic shut off feature, 12 feet power cable

Amazon Basics Tyre Inflator

Digital Air pump with torch light, Automatic shut off feature, 10 power cable.

NVD Portable Foot Pump

Foot Air pump supports up to 11 bar (160 PSI)

Best Air Pump List

TUSA Digital Air Pump for Car


  • Automatic Shut Off
  • One year warranty
  • Hose length – 12.10 foot
  • Display unit PSI, Bar, KPI.

In case you are looking for the best electric air pump in India. If you need a digital tyre inflator in India, then you should choose TUSA.

A high quality plastic inflator is light in weight and efficient in performance. It is powerful enough to inflate a tyre from flat to 30 PSI in under 4 minutes. Whether you need to inflate a tyre for a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle, this pump will provide you with all around performance.

The inflator is a digital inflator with an LED flashlight for increased visibility at night. The units pumped are also displayed on an LCD screen.

PSI, Bar, KPI, and other pressure units are displayed on the large display. In addition, a 12.10 foot (3.70 Meters) air hose and power cord are included for easy access to all four car tyres.

Amazon Basics Air Pump for Car


  • Automatic Shut Off.
  • One year warranty.
  • Hose length – 10 foot

Amazon Basics is our second pick for the best tyre air pump for a car in India that is compact, portable, and efficient all at one price. It’s a sleek inflator that is easy to carry in your car.

Due to its heavy-duty metal construction, the inflator is durable. Furthermore, it has a long 10-foot power cord and 23.6-inch air hose for reaching all tyres, digital tyre inflation, automatic shut-off, and LED light for low light situations. Bike and scooter users can use the product.

Woscher 802D Air Pump for Car


  • Automatic Shut Off.
  • One year warranty.

We have a Woscher’s 802D air pump for a car that is a reliable inflator for mid sized tyres. It can be declared the best digital air pump for a car in India

The high efficiency of the motor-powered pump fills a mid-sized tyre from 0-35 PSI in just 2 minutes. The air hose is 22 inches high and has a cord length of 10 feet to inflate all four tyres conveniently.

The LED light and digital LCD screen are your most reliable companion when you want to inflate tyres in the darkness. Woscher Pro power air pump has a maximum pressure range of 120 PSI, and it is suitable for road cars, SUVs, RVs, and small objects like footballs, mattresses, etc.

Bergmann Typhoon Air Pump for Car

Bergmann Typhoon tyre inflator has an ergonomic design and is powerful enough for inflating cars, bikes, or scooters tyres. You can also use the inflator to inflate a football, mattress, toys, etc.

According to the specifications of the air pump for a car, the digital inflator can fill 0 to 31 PSI in 2 minutes. The digital gauge has a metal body, auto shut off feature, and 150W motor. The company has added an LED light to make it easier to use in the darkness.

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Tirewell TW-7001 Air Pump for Car

Tirewell TW-7001 is also one of the best digital tyre inflators in India. It takes under 4.8 minutes for the Tirewell air pump to inflate a medium-sized tyre from 0-35 PSI. You get faster tyre inflation with a digital inflator having a digital display, long cords & air hoses, additional nozzles, and adapters.

Other specs of the digital pump include LED light for inflating tyres in the dark, 3 different nozzles, and auto inflation of the tires with pre-set pressure. It’s a perfect air pump for your SUVs, ATVs, RVs, bikes, and bicycles.

Woscher 801 Air Pump for Car

The next one is another one from the Woscher. With its 12V motor, Woscher’s 801 air pump for cars in India is a good air pump for rapid performance. Powerful enough to fill a mid-sized tyre from 0-35 PSI in less than 2 minutes. It provides a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.

According to its specifications, it comes with a 12 feet long power cord as well as an air hose. This is long enough to reach all four tyres of your vehicle. 

Besides, it has a brightly-lit LCD screen for clear readings, LED light to use in darkness, and 2 high-flow nozzles and adapters to make it easy to use.

GoMechanic Air Pump for Car

GoMechanic air pump is another digital car tyre inflator on our list of the best air pumps for a car in India. This 12V DC motor-driven device can give you a better, all-around performance for maintaining optimum tyre pressure.

The specifications of the air pump include an accurate digital LCD screen, 3 meters long cord and air hose, auto shut off feature, easy installation, and a maximum pressure of up to 150 PSI.

The bag is designed to fit easily into your car’s luggage trunk because of its compact size and design.

Michelin 12204 Foot Pump for Car & Bike

Michelin’s 12204 is the best air pump for a car and a bike in India. The analogue single barrel foot pump has rubber feet, 67 cm hose length, a rubber tread plate, and a steel frame. The measurement accuracy is up to +/- 1 PSI, and the maximum range is 50 PSI.

Snap-in adaptor storage makes it a portable product to be carried easily. With the extra valves, the pump can be used to inflate items like balls, toys, mattresses, etc. Other specifications include a dual display with measurements in both BAR and PSI.

Lyrovo Double Cylinder Foot Pump For Car & Bike

Lyrovo it the best foot air pump for a car in India. With dual cylinders, the foot pump provides high pressure of up to 160 PSI which is comparable to any digital or electric air pump. Temperature and humidity do not affect the accuracy of the gauge.

With the anti-skid pedals, the foot pump is designed to prevent it from sliding, increasing friction between the pump and your feet. In fact, the product is fit for inflating toys, mattresses, balls, etc., as well as your cars and bikes. 

Pumps measure both PSI and bar simultaneously. With 2 universal presta and Schrader valves, no conversion is needed.

NVD Portable Foot Pump For Car & Bike

Last but not least, we have NVD’s portable pump, which is the best manual air pump for a car in India. The double-cylinder pump has an aluminium frame that is corrosion free and gives a sturdy performance. The aluminium alloy frame also makes it a lightweight air pump that is easy to carry anywhere.

Anti-skid pedals provide enough friction between the pump and your feet. The double-cylinder gives maximum pressure of 160 PSI, double valves eliminate the need for conversions, and the pressure gauge simultaneously reads in PSI and Bar. It’s a multifunctional air pump that is fit for bikes, balls, toys, air beds, motorbikes, etc.

Bottom Line

We have shared different air pumps for cars in India that can help you inflate the tires of cars, bikes, motorbikes, etc. All products have pros and downsides, with some being the best in their categories.

 If we have to recommend one air pump, it would be the TUSA electric air pump for a car in India. It is powered with a 12V motor, has sturdy performance, ergonomic design, is portable, and provides an accurate reading with an LCD display. 

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