Best Bookshelf speaker in India

Best Bookshelf Speakers in India

You have planned all the interior of your bedroom, but there is one little detail left; you need a sound system. And unfortunately, the full-sized speakers in your home theatre do not suit your bedroom’s decor and are too big to fit in the limited space.

Luckily for you, Bookshelf Speakers are just the product you need. They are the ideal compromise between portable speakers and floor speakers and provide you with exceptional sound while blending in with your room’s interior. 

Best Bookshelf speaker in India

But with so many products in the market, choosing the Best Bookshelf Speakers in India becomes a challenge.

By the time you finish going over this article, you will know which bookshelf speaker to buy, and once you go through our Buyers Guide and FAQs section, you will make an informed purchase.

So let us get started with our picks for the Best Bookshelf Speakers in India.

Which is the Best Overall Bookshelf Speaker in India?

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

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Which is the Best Budget Bookshelf Speaker in India?

Pyle Home PCB4BK 4-Inch 200-Watt Mini Cube Bookshelf Speaker

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Which is the Best Bookshelf Speaker under 20000 in India?

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

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Which is the Best Bookshelf Speaker under 10000 in India?

Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker 

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Which is the Best Bookshelf Speaker under 15000 in India?

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers in India

Bookshelf Speakers



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Best Bookshelf Speaker in India Overall

Best Bookshelf Speaker in India Runner Up

Best Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers India

Best Bass Response

Best Value for Money

Best High Frequency Response

Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers India

Best Warranty

Most Compact Bookshelf Speakers

1. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Bookshelf Speaker in India Overall)

The Polk Audio T15 is our favorite when it comes to The Best Bookshelf Speaker in India. It packs premium quality in a design fit to adorn your bookshelf. The design is durable, and the MDF build reduces sound distortion. It can easily be wall-mounted, too, with a keyhole at the back.

In terms of the sound, it has deep bass, precise high ranges, and wide-open mid ranges. It works well as a bookshelf speaker and a part of a surround sound system at the front or the back with Dolby support. There is magnetic shielding so that you can play your favorite melodies while charging your phone nearby.

The reputable name of Polk Audio as a company and the sound quality makes it an excellent buy and the Best Bookshelf Speaker in India.


  • Dimensions of 18.54 x 16.51x 27 cm.
  • The weight of one speaker is 3.7kg.
  • Audio Sensitivity of 89 dB.
  • Frequency response from 45 to 24,000 Hz
  • Maximum Power Output 150 Watts.
  • The impedance of about 8 ohms.

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The bass performance is exceptional.They are passive, so I need an amp to get the best out of them.
Keyhole at the back for wall mounting is a nice touch.

2. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Loudspeakers

(Best Bookshelf Speaker in India Runner Up)

Our Runner Up for the Best Bookshelf Speaker in India is designed by the famous speaker engineer Andrew Jones; the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR is more than its looks. While the rustic woody finish does attract you, it’s the functionality that shines.

The sound quality of the SP-BS22-LR is excellent with the 4-inch woofer that gives you an exceptional bass response, and the 1-inch soft dome tweeter delivers a smooth response at all sound levels.

It has a power input of 80W and can supplement your existing home theatre set up or as individual stereo speakers. The removable grills around the speaker give it durability and protect it if it falls over.

Like the Polk Audio T15, the price is on the heftier side, but the features available make it a good fit for you. Be sure to check out the dimensions and see where it can fit your house; the rest of the speaker will take care of itself.


  • Dimensions of 21.4 x 18 x 31.8 cm.
  •  Weight of 4.14 kg.
  • 4” Woofer with 1” Soft Dome Tweeter.
  • 80W Power Input.
  • The sensitivity rating of 88dB.
Cool looking Classic Design.A bit on the bulkier side so may not be suitable for every bookshelf.
The sound is excellent at all ranges.

3. Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers)

When you look for the best active bookshelf speakers in India, it is hard to look past this one. It has a matte black finish and is inclined at a 10-degree vertical angle, which is supposed to deliver the sound directly to your ears. 

The excellent quality of this bookshelf speaker is the connectivity options available. Besides the standard RCA inputs and AUX input, you can also connect it through Bluetooth to your chosen device. Add to that the included remote control and the controls of this speaker become incredibly easy.

But all that becomes irrelevant if the sound is average, and thankfully it is not the case with this speaker. The midranges are crisp while the upper and lower ranges are adequate too. So it is a great solution when you look for the best active Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.


  • The frequency range between 60-20,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions of 22.61 x 15.49 x 25.4 cm.
  • Combined Weight of 7.44 kg.
  • Active Amplification Type.
  • Connectivity through RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth.
  • The maximum power output of 70 Watts.
  • SNR of about 85dB.

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Input is versatile with Bluetooth alongside the usual options.The bass could have been better.
Sleek design fits your cabinets easily.

4. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers India)

Edifier is one of the leading names in the speaker making business. And the R2000DB is one of the Best Bookshelf Speakers in India for a good reason. It has an exceptional design, easy connectivity, and impressive sounds. 

The build’s quality is solid with the MDF material giving a textured appearance that looks high end and blends in with the decor of your room.

There are the Bluetooth and the Optical Output connections to give you more maneuverability alongside the standard connectivity options. The remote makes it easy to control from your couch to elevate your comfort to another level. The high frequencies are the highlight of this product, while the midrange and low frequencies are adequate.

To sum it up, these are a great choice when you are looking for the Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers in India.


  • Power Output of 120 Watts.
  • Dimensions of17.53 x 25.4 x 28.96 cm.
  • Weight of 9.98 kg.
  • SNR of 85dB.
  • Two RCA plus Bluetooth and Optical inputs.
  • Active Amplification (Powered).
  • 55-20,000 Hz frequency range.
Impressive wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and Optical Output.The quality of the remote could have been better.
Exceptional sound for a reasonable price.

5. BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Bass Response)

If you are looking for a bookshelf speaker but do not want to have an average bass response that is common with these speakers, the BIC America DV62si is the product just for you.

While the size of these speakers is more significant than your average bookshelf speaker, the sound is exceptional. This is due to the 6” woofer, which is exceptional in this class. The design is pretty standard, does not catch the eye or look tacky, and if you are okay with that, the functionality is bound to impress.

While it may need a subwoofer to unlock its true potential, BIC made decent subwoofers too so do give them a chance when you want to buy one.


  • Dimensions of 59.69 x 31.5 x 44.45 cm
  • Weight of 11.34 Kilograms
  • Amplification type is passive
  • Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity 90 dB
  • Driver size 6.5.”
  • 0.75” soft dome tweeter
  • The peak power output of 170W
The bass response is exceptional.The size is not cabinet friendly.
Impressive sound range.

6. Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Value for Money)

Micca Home Audio is a brand that has produced some decent speakers over the years, and the MB42X is no different. It has some neat features at a reasonable price tag to help you enjoy terrific sounds at an excellent price.

The sound quality is exceptional, especially in the midrange and high frequencies. If you keep your price expectations realistic, you will be impressed by its sound quality in its price range.

While it may be lacking the Bluetooth connectivity or built-in amplifier, it is still an excellent entry-level bookshelf speaker that delivers decent performance.


  • Dimensions of 16.51 x 14.73 x 24.13 cm
  • Weight of one speaker is 3.63 Kilograms
  • Output Wattage 75W each
  • Impedance 4-8 Ohms
  • Woofer: 4″ Carbon Fiber with Rubber Surround.
  • A tweeter is 0.75″ Silk Dome
  • The sensitivity of 85 dB
The affordable price tag for the performance.No Bluetooth Connectivity.
Mid range and high frequencies are remarkable.

7. Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker

(Best High Frequency Response)

These Edifier speakers stand out due to their elegant woody finish and sleek grey exterior. The fact that it can connect with both 120V and 240V inputs is another nice feature.

There are three knobs on the right to control the treble, bass, and volume. While it is great to have separate bass and treble controls, the volume knob could have a visual representation of the current level instead of just the plus and minus signs.

As for the performance, this speaker shines at the high frequency and does an excellent job at a lower frequency, although the bass response could have improved. The connectivity of this speaker is with two RCA and one AUX output. However, there is no wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.

All in all, it is an excellent product in its price range, and you would not believe its price by looking at the stylish exterior.


  • Power output for both speakers is 21W x 2=42W
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR) is 85db.
  • Dimensions of 17 x 24 x 14 cm
  • Weight of 4.9kgs
  • Input sensitivity of 750±50mv
  • Bass driver is 4 inch (116mm), the treble driver is 13 mm silk dome.
Bass and treble controlled separately.The bass depth could have been better.
The elegant design looks great in any room.Not enough Wireless Functionality.

8. Micca ON3 3-Inch Powered Bookshelf Speakers

(Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers India)

In terms of affordable bookshelf speakers, the Micca ON3 is a stellar option. The best thing about it has to be that it is active while being extremely affordable. Also, the ease of use is excellent too. The front and rear inputs and the remote control make it simple to use and modify as per your need.

It has only a single driver, so alignment would not be an issue. The design is a bit unique, and some will love it while others would not. As far as the sound is concerned, the treble response and midrange are tremendous, but the bass could have been better. Overall, it is a decent budget-friendly active speaker.


  • Speaker dimensions of 19.5 X 11.5 X 23.5 cm.
  • Weight of 3 Kilograms.
  • Power Output of 48W.
  • Remote accompanied.
  • 3-inch Woofer Diameter.
  • Front and rear input.
  • Amplification type is Active.
A great budget-friendly option.Not the best durability.
Decent sound with refined treble.Bass could have been better.

9. BIC America DV32 Bookshelf Speaker

(Best Warranty)

The striking attributes of this speaker are twofold. There is an impressive seven-year warranty showing the confidence the company has in the product. And with the three keyholes at the back, it can be attached to any wall with no worries.

best bookshelf speakers in india

All this does not mean that sound is shabby in this one. It has an impressive performance and will not let you down if you have reasonable expectations.


  • Dimensions of 26.16 x 17.27 x 24.13 cm.
  • Weight of 2.86 kg each.
  • Passive Amplification type.
  • Maximum Output Power of 250W.
  • The impedance of 8 Ohm.
  • 3.5” Woofer with ½” tweeter.
  • The sensitivity of 90 dB.
  • Wired Inputs.
7 Year Warranty is a significant vote of confidence from BIC.No Wireless Connectivity.
Extremely simple to mount on walls.

10. Pyle Home PCB4BK Bookshelf Speaker

(Most Compact Bookshelf Speakers)

Our list’s last entry is an excellent budget option Pyle home PCB4BK and can fit in any cabinet or bookshelf. And with an impressive frequency range and 4” driver, it does a great job in its price range. It can also be a useful part of your home theatre system or as a mini speaker system. It can also be used as an upgrade to your laptop speakers.

The price is exceptionally affordable and something that will attract many users without a doubt. The design is modest and does not impress too much, and these are passive, which should be expected at this price range. All in all, they are a compact option at a great price with adequate performance.


  • Dimensions of 13.72 x 25.15 x 13.46 cm
  • Weight of 1.75 kg
  • The impedance of 8 Ohm
  • Frequency range 80-18,000 Hz
  • Maximum Power Handling of 200 W
  • 4” Paper Cone Driver
  • Passive Amplification
Light in weight and easy to fit anywhere.Too much wattage used for the performance given.
Adequate sound at a great price.

Bookshelf Speakers Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors to consider when choosing the Best Bookshelf Speakers in India. With so many options in the market, having a keen eye on these factors will make your purchase a whole lot easier.


Bookshelf speakers are valued since they can easily fit into your shelf, but they still come in various sizes and weights. You should carefully select the size of your speaker’s tweeters and woofers.

For example, if you buy a 5-inch woofer, it will give a low pitched voice with diminished bass. On the other hand, selecting an 8-inch woofer will provide you with a better bass response but may not be as convenient to place in your room. Choosing a speaker size that can easily be placed on your bookshelf to give a dignified look is an essential factor to consider.

Most bookshelf speakers are compact, but you will find some larger speakers than the usual ones. If you want a speaker for a large and commodious area, you should not choose a small-sized speaker, because that would compromise performance.


This is the component in the speaker, which is responsible for producing sound. It is good to choose a speaker with multiple drivers to handle various frequencies, thus making music with a clear and smooth sound.

Another important fact is the location and material of the drivers in the speaker. The woofer of a speaker decides the quality and responsiveness of the speaker.

A speaker will be more effective if it’s lightweight and stiff material is used. One of the most common materials used is Polypropylene with woven fabrics. However, titanium and aluminum are also used in top quality speakers.

Besides all this, an essential aspect you should look into is the woofer’s surroundings because it also affects the sound. A lightweight, free-moving, and durable material can help the woofer to move with less energy. When the speaker remains in use continuously and gets old, the woofer’s surroundings can break or crack because of humidity plus wear and tear.

Surrounding of a woofer made of rubber is considered the most durable and high performing material. On the other hand, surrounding materials made of cloth and foam are relatively cheap and have shorter life spans with lower performance.

3.Active VS Passive

You will find a bookshelf speaker in two distinct styles that are active and passive. You should consider buying a dynamic speaker as this will give you the all-in-one benefit as they contain volume controls, ports to plug devices, and preamplifiers on its speaker, and all they require you to do is feed in audio.

Apart from that, the cross over designs in the active speaker gives you much better control in terms of the signal preventing loss or distortion that can arrive because of wires. In simple words, it gives a great control plus grip.

The passive speakers do not contain any inbuilt amplifier in them, so you will have to connect a receiver to get it to work. They are on the cheaper side though, for obvious reasons.

With that being said, they are bulkier than passive speakers. And the possibility of upgrading them is limited since you will have to upgrade the whole system and can not modify the amplifier alone.


The bookshelf speaker’s outer casing is known as the Cabinet and is an integral part of the design. If the construction quality is optimum, it not only helps the durability but also gives the sound a greater clarity with lesser interference of surrounding objects. Having a wood-based cabinet is always a good thing, as seen in the Edifier speakers on our list.


When it comes to buying a speaker for yourself, you would want to get one that remains functional and long-lasting with superb sound quality.

Besides that, before you purchase any speaker, check that it is free from any kind of scratches and dents. With that said, it should be able to stand securely and firmly without any shakes when you turn it on.

It is perfect if the speaker comes with a warranty because that ensures the fact that it is durable. So in buying a speaker, checking its longevity is one of the essential factors you should consider.

Also, having a material that is durable bits of help. Some speakers have grills that protect them from falling, and a feature like this is always welcome.


The usual modes of connectivity are RCA and AUX cables, but these do not give you wireless. If you can get a speaker with wireless capabilities, then there is nothing like it. Having a remote control also helps with the convenience and connectivity.


The impedance of a speaker simply tells how tough it is to power. A lower Impedance means a better flow of the signal (music). For bookshelf speakers, an impedance from 6-8 Ohms is acceptable, but if you find a speaker with 4 Ohms, that is a sign of premium quality, albeit at a premium price.

8.Wired VS Wireless

Wired bookshelf speakers tend to have slightly better sounds than their wireless counterparts but can be annoying when it comes to overall convenience. On the contrary, wireless speakers’ sound is inferior to the wired versions, but they are much more convenient to use. The choice is, of course, yours to make.


The more the watts of your Bookshelf speaker, the better it is. However, for domestic usage, 50W is considered adequate. Also, it is better to have speakers that can work in a variety of ranges


If you want to use the speaker for outdoor activities too, you should consider buying a speaker that is weather-resistant and waterproof. Well, most speakers are designed for weather and water resistance. But even with this type, it is a good practice to keep the speaker in a protected environment, such as a covered area.

Simply the answer is yes. Most bookshelf speakers offer more than one input. So you can also connect multiple devices to your speaker.

If you buy active speakers, there is nothing to worry about buying, but in passive speakers, you will have to make sure that you have brought an amplifier while other accessories are present in the box, so you don’t need to worry about that.

It is useful to place your speaker on a surface that is elevated and well built, for example, on a speaker stand or a table. Also, try to leave some space between the wall and the back of your speaker. The ideal space would be about 6 inches.

If your speaker has a Bluetooth connection or optical‐in cable, you can connect it to your TV.

First and foremost, they are lightweight and compact, so you can easily place them anywhere on a table, bookshelf, speaker stand, or any other elevated surface. Secondly, they have some exceptional sound which is better than portable speakers. Finally, they are available at reasonable prices compared to some of the floor speaker units.

While it is not a necessity, getting a subwoofer helps with the bass response a lot. Usually, the bookshelf speakers have an inadequate bass response as they are made with space constraints in mind. So a subwoofer gives them a second crossover and takes over the bass response so that bookshelf speakers can focus on what they are good at, which are the midrange and high frequencies.


So these were our best picks for the Best Bookshelf Speakers in India. We have tried to include bookshelf speakers that give you the best value for your money, and we have also tried to highlight the factors in which they excel.

If you were to ask our favorites, we like the Polk Audio T15 the best. But if you need something on a tight budget, the Micca MB42X is our pick.

We hope you found this list helpful if you have any queries leave your remarks in the comments section and share this with your friend who wants to buy a new bookshelf speaker soon.

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