5 Best Flute in India

  • By: Kumar
  • Date: 17/02/2023

Have you been thinking about getting yourself a flute lately? Has it been a hidden desire? Or the long-lost talent- whichever the case may be, you have landed in the right place, at the right time.

If you are wondering which is the Best Flute in India, read along. You will find out which works best for you in terms of sound quality, outlook and length. We have lined up the Best Flute Brands in India which will help you make the right decision.

Top 5 Best Flutes in India

1. Sarfuddin Bamboo Flutes, Scale G Natural Base

Best Flutes in India

The Sarfuddin flute is among the Best Flute in India. The beautiful bamboo flute offers a G-natural base which is approved by fine flute makers. Moreover, the product is suitable for professionals and as well as beginners.

The 25-inch long Best Flute in India is tuned to perfection to give you a great experience.

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  • A carry-bag is included with the flute package.
  • Slightly large diameter provide perfect G-natural base.
  • Bamboo stick’s quality feels premium.
  • The Best Flute in India can easily be used by beginners.
  • The use of colourful thread enhances the flute’s outlook.
  • Good quality carry-bag makes it easy to carry the flute along.
  • The flute comes with a right-handed/left-handed user-friendly feature.


  • The flute happens to be a little on the expensive side. 
  • The delicate bamboo stick cannot sustain an accidental fall. 
  • The stick can be easily be cracked or broken if not taken proper care. 
  • There’s no warranty provided. 

2. Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri

The Punam Flutes falls into the category of Best Flute Brands in India due to its affordable price and yet the beautiful sound it provides. The flute is equipped with great frequency and tone, which give a professional and seamless experience to the user.

The 19.5-inch long, sleek and beautiful Putnam; Best Flute Brands in India comes with hard-casing for extra protection.


  • Perfectly tuned flute with good frequency. 
  • It is used for professional studio recording, musical nights, and big classical gatherings.
  • The flute is not only used by professionals but with beginners, too, with great ease. 
  • Bamboo sticks of high quality are used to sculpt the Best Flute Brands in India. 
  • The flute uses keynote C. 
  • Colour customization option available.
  • Beautifully handcrafted.
  • Right-handed/left-handed option available.


  • Prone to marks and cracks.
  • Too delicate flute.
  • Cannot sustain major accidental falls.
  • The flute doesn’t come with any warranty.
  • High pitch sound may crack.

3. Foora Musical Professional C Scale Bamboo Flute

The Foora Musical flute is among the Top Flute in India due to its performance, outlook and of course, the price range.

The 19-inch Top Flute in India is fit for those who like to remain in a budget while making an investment of any sort. Hence, the Foora musical falls into an affordable price range and is a pretty decent investment when it comes to buying a C-scale flute.  


  • The flute provides customized thread outlook.
  • The bamboo stick material feels premium and authentic.
  • The C-scale provides great assistance for beginners.
  • Top Flute in India is beautifully handcrafted.
  • Customized thread colour option is available.
  • Good tone and frequency.
  • Light colour tone compliments thread’s colour contrast.
  • Top Flute in India is highly affordable for beginners.


  • The flute comes with neither simple nor protective casing.
  • The flute is prone to cracks and breakage.
  • Small diameter as compared to other flutes.
  • High pitch sound can have an airy-effect to it.

4. Shiv’z Musicals Music Flute, C Sharp Medium

TheShiv’s musical flute is one of theBest Bamboo Flute in India. The reason Shiv’s flute has made it to the top 5 products is its considerably fine quality bamboo along with 7-holes to make the beginners learn with great ease.

The 18.5-inch long Best Bamboo Flute in India is a C medium which comes with a guidance manual, a carry-bag- all of this packed in a surprisingly affordable price.


  • The flute is C-medium.
  • The Best Bamboo Flute in India comes with a carry bag and instructional manual.
  • The user-friendly right-handed option is available.
  • It serves as a great value for money.
  • The flute comes with 7-holes for easy-learning.
  • Best Bamboo Flute in India is lightweight yet excellent quality.
  • Great quality bamboo.
  • Affordable price.


  • Initials engraving is not supported. 
  • The carry-bag is not protective. 
  • Prone to cracks, marks and even breakage. 
  • Too delicate. 
  • Left-handed user option is not available. 

5. Radhe Flutes PVC Fiber A Sharp Bansuri Bass Octave Right Handed

The Radhe flute comes under the tag of Best Flute in India due to its complex tone and perfect frequency soft blow. The flute is beautifully hand-crafted to perfection with light coloured, and sleep appearance.

The Best Flute in India comes with a finger-positioning guide, and a protective-case bag to ensure the flute’s safety.


  • The Best Flute in India comes with hard protective casing.
  • The flute has finger-positioning for beginner’s easy learning.
  • Radhe flute offers a beautiful colour contrast thread outlook.
  • The flute offers perfect blowing pressure.
  • Lip-plate ensures seamless and warm tone.
  • The Best Flute in India is tuned according to its scale.
  • It has a strong body.
  • It’s not prone to cracks or breakage.
  • Best Flute in India can easily sustain accidental falls.


  • It does not play a higher octave.
  • The flute does not come with the left-handed/right-handed option. 
  • The flute has one standard version only. 

Buyer’s Guide for Flute

Before investing in Best Flute in India, there are a few points which need to be considered before you call it a successful purchase.

Without further delay, let’s get into details of Best Flute Brands in India.

What to look for when buying a flute?

Types of Flute

The first thing you need to think about is why you actually want to invest in flutes. Are you a beginner or you’re in need of a student flute? Or if you’re a professional and need to replace your current flute with the Best Flute Brands in India, be sure about what you want and the outcome, you are expecting.


Head-joint is an important factor to consider before getting the Best Flute Brands in India. A perfect head-joint can improve the quality of sound with a greater difference. Hence, getting the right head-joint plays a vital role in selecting the right flute. If you want to improvise an old flute, try replacing its head-joint with a new one by a flute specialist, and you would surely feel the difference.

In-line G VS off-set G

The G key has two options for its arrangement which are provided by the Best Flute Brands in India. The in-line G is arranged in a straight line with the other keys. Whereas, for the off-set G, the key is placed on the left side- slightly.

The arrangement is nothing more to it than a user’s preference.

Joint: C-foot VS B-foot: 

The foot tends to provide a variation in sound quality. The only difference between the two different joints is that B-foot gives a much deeper, rich sound which the C-foot gives a lighter sound. The lightness contributes to not only sound but also the flute’s weight.

It’s entirely a matter of taste and one’ preference.

Common mistakes people make when choosing flute?

People often don’t seem to do the research work before purchasing the Best Flute Brands in India. It’s better to know which foot joint and in-line or off-set G you are going for and what effects they have on the sound quality. All this makes a huge difference.


Which flute is best for beginners in India?

To get Top Flute in India for beginners, the right choice is Foora Musical Professional C Scale Bamboo Flute. 
The Best Bamboo Flute in India is not only easy to use but also comes within an affordable price range.

Is flute easier than the violin?

Flute and violin are two different musical instruments that cannot be compared. However, if they are to compare in terms of which one is the toughest, the violin wins the game. Yes, the violin is tough to learn while the flute is easier.

Does playing flute help lungs?

Playing the flute involves breathing in and out. The air is blown into the mouthpiece, and hence, the repeated action serves as a respiratory workout for the lungs, resulting in a stronger core. This is why flutes have proved to be a good lung-workout and a very beneficial musical instrument.

Why do flutes have several holes?

The flute has a long, tube-like structure that is used for playing various sounds. The reason a flute has several holes is that it are used for making sounds of different pitches. High pitch sounds come from different holes, while low pitch sounds have other holes to do the job.


The few important points should be considered before investing in the Best Flute in India.

For those who wish to learn from a professional flute, Sarfuddin Bamboo Flutes, Scale G Natural Base is the right choice.

For those who like to carry their flute along, Punam Flutes C Natural Medium comes with a durable, hard-casing.

For those who like to stick with a budget, go for the Foora Musical Professional C Scale Bamboo Flute

For thrifty beginners, the Shiv’z Musicals Music Flute, C Sharp Medium works perfect.

For users who prefer A-sharp flute, the Radhe Flutes PVC Fiber is a great choice.

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