top food processor in india under 5000

Top 3 Best Food Processor in India Under 5000

There had been a time when people used stones to smash spices. But in modern times, people use mixers and graters for this purpose. Today, on different media outlets, you can see popular brands promoting their kitchen equipment in advertisements, making your selection challenging. But to shrink all those overwhelming options, we have created this article for you.

best food processor in India under 5000

Remember that the Best Food Processor in India Under 5000 can do numerous jobs like blending, crushing, scraping, grinding, kneading, eviscerating, basting, and processing. As always, we have selected some best-quality products and reviewed them so that you can easily pick one as per your requirements.

So, let’s do a further discussion about that!

1. Rico Multifunctional Food Processor

(Best Overall)

As you want to quickly cut, slice & grind all your veggies as well as other food products, the Rico fabrication shop can execute various functions for you. This processor from Rico in India has come up with very easy and simple ways of grinding and chopping.

Adjustable Propellers

For bakery products, you may whip ointments and make delightful pancakes and polenta. Also, with the cutting, grinding, and slicing handles, this best food processor India with coconut scraper comes with several adjustable propellers to slice and cut fruits.

Long-Lasting and Efficient

In comparison, with a lemon dehydrator, you can make fruit and veggie juices for your children. This Rico Blender provides a long-lasting, efficient 400-watt metal engine that provides power and influence to produce all of your favorite dishes.


  • 400 W powerful motor.
  • Anti-skid feet.
  • One year warranty.
Compact design with a premium feel.Average construction quality
A wider feeding tube for more convenience.
Power Chop technology.

Rico Multifunctional Food Processor Review

For the convenience of service, the Rico Food Factory arrives with pressure feet, which prohibit it from slipping. Such anti-skid steps hold the system in position for efficient operation.

2. INALSA Food Processor Fiesta with Processing Bowl

(Easy Operation)

With full convenience and minimum effort, the INALSA FIESTA food processor brings you to a whole different stage of food processing. FIESTA takes good care of your preparation activities by slicing, jarring, hammering, and marinating.

Adjustable Propellers

Your unit becomes much more than a spice grinder with the inclusion of multi-functional accessories, making you a skilled cook at once. For cutting, eviscerating, grinding, and disintegrate foods, this device performs the necessary role.

Long-Lasting and Efficient

Along with this processor, passion fruit and vegetable extract can be made, baking flour and egg yolks pounded, pastry kneaded, and fruits and veg ground. The precision of each portion enables even preparation, flavors, and a finely layered tray of the product with effective chopping.

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Low power consumption of 650 Watts.Low quality plastic material.
Emulsifying tool included.
Lid and bowl detection feature

INALSA Food Processor Fiesta Review

The expanding advancements will enable you to make soups, milkshakes, baby foods, spices, snacks, and even more of your favorite. This best food processor in India for atta kneading creates a hard vortex with the structure, which ensures a convenient and quick movement.

3. INALSA Food Processor Easy Prep


This scheme is appropriate for cutting, slicing, and polymerizing products and is fitted with an overwhelming shield and locking protection feature. Cake mixture and egg yolks may be pounded, dough kneading, and meat ground with this machine’s help.

Adjustable Propellers

INSALSA food processors can take your cooking to a new level by reducing your manual effort and saving your time. You can easily switch the accessories and wipe up after use; thus, you will get quick management and quiet performance.

Long-Lasting and Efficient

Moreover, the outcome is a meal that sounds as correctly as possible. Just sit back and relax, let all of the functions you do by the spice grinder. Therefore, the primary bowl’s strength is 1.4-ltr, allowing it more suitable for delivering huge meals. As you can consume massive quantities of food with one go, you will not have to pause.

Two-speed easy settings.No container provided
Accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher

INALSA Food Processor Easy Prep Review

Having ease of use and simple instructions, you can easily rely on these food processors. You will also get a simple configuration that offers pleasant homecooked meals, unlike some other kitchen equipment.


When it is about the best choice then Rico Multifunctional Food Processor will be the top priority. Along with fine material, excellent processing speed, and simple configuration, you will get all you want.

Are you worried about your budget and want a product that offers you full functionalities within a budget of 5000? Then INALSA Food Processor Fiesta with Processing Bowl is the best option for you.

The product that is built with durable and sturdy material is INALSA Food Processor Easy Prep-800W. To offer you longevity, this machine used ABS and reliable material.

For complete customer satisfaction, INALSA Food Processor Fiesta with Processing Bowl has come with a limited warranty. So, you cannot deny the manufacturing of this high-quality product.

Bottom Line

I have tried my best to provide you all that you were looking for the best food processor in India under 5000. Not only the product’s positive points, but also, I have explained all the negative points in this article. So, you can easily decide which one is best suited for you. 

Furthermore, I would like to suggest to you one product named INALSA Food Processor Fiesta with Processing Bowl as the best one. This machine delivers you quick and innovative ways of processing food according to your style.

If this article led you towards your destination, then share your feedback and promote it! 

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