Best Kitchen Hobs in India

  • By: IGB Team
  • Date: 29/07/2022

Kitchen hob or gas stove?

Every Indian household debates this when buying a new stove. It is possible to install hobs in your old kitchen even though hobs are more common in modern kitchens than gas stoves.

Hobs and stoves differ not only in design but also in functionality. In addition to having a built-in design, stovetops offer more features for cooking and controlling the flame. There are many great kitchen hobs in India that you can choose from in this guide.

All of our reviews are based on experts’ opinions, users’ experiences, and an overall analysis of the features. So let’s get into it.

Kitchen Hobs Reviewed In This Guide

Best Kitchen Hob List

Faber 4 Brass Burner Kitchen Hob

(Best Overall kitchen Hob in India)

First, let’s take a look at the best 4 burner hob in India. With the Faber 4 burner hob, no lighter or matchbox is necessary since it utilizes an Auto electric ignition system

Additionally, the company does not compromise on the appearance or finish of the hob. Therefore, the top of this hob has been finished in glass and mild steel.

Families with more than one member or households with cooking needs will benefit from this product. Heat is transmitted and flames are distributed effectively using brass burners. 

  • Ignition Type – Inbuilt Auto electric [Battery Operated]
  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – One Year

The burners are also equipped with drip trays and coated vessel supports. The hob’s aesthetics are further enhanced by the gold finished metal knobs. Shortly, the kitchen hop fits right in with your kitchen. It is the best hob top gas stove in India.

Glen 1063 3 Brass Burner Kitchen Hob

(Best 3 Burner Hob in India)

The Glen 1063 3 brass burner kitchen hob is suitable for medium sized families. In India, there is no better 3 burner than this one, which has a 8mm Toughened Glass and forged brass burners. It has two big burner and one small burner. 

If we talk about the glass finishing, they have used 8mm thickened glass that is scratch resistant as well as heat proof. The hob works on auto ignition and comes with double forged brass burners.

The heavy duty brass burners are efficient in heat and flame distribution. Besides, each burner has its own stainless steel spill tray. If we talk about burner size, two burners are big while one small burner has been used for this hob. 

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – Two Years

It can also be converted into PNG but we need to request the brand to do this.

Other positive things about the kitchen hob include the enamelled pan supports for the stability of utensils, heat-resistant bakelite knobs, and a high-precision gas valve.

Kaff CRH 603 3 Burner Kitchen Hob

Kaff CRH 3 burner kitchen hob from is another top rated kitchen hob in India you might want to consider in 2022. The auto-ignition hob has one triple ring and two dual ring burners. 

The spaces between the burners are enough for you to utilise all three burners at a time. Besides, the finishing of tempered glass is another highlight making the hob an aesthetically appealing appliance.

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Warranty – NA

Aluminium alloy tornado burners may not be equivalent to brass burners. However, the durability and heat transmission is still decent. Besides, the hob has beautifully designed knobs, and enamelled coated pan support for managing heavy utensils.

Whirlpool 3 Burner Kitchen Hob

Whirlpool 703 MT another best 3 burner hob in India for the buyers. Besides the technical specifications and product efficiency, the placement of the burners is something that adds value to the hob. The elite level of brass burners, auto ignition function, and efficient gas valves make this true to its name.

Along with the brass burners’ increased durability, the enamel-coated mild steel vessel supports also increase the hob’s sturdiness.

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – Ten years on glass and five years on brass burners.

The aesthetic side of the hob is also enhanced with a toughened glass top, stylish chrome-finished knobs, and cast iron grids in burners. However, the drip trays are missing in this hob, making it less desirable.

Prestige 2 Burner Kitchen Hob

Prestige PHTD 2 burner kitchen hob is a perfect choice for small kitchen spaces. You get what you want along with space saving. Prestige’s 2-burner hob is a heart-winner once you look at it. 

The double shade of silver and black with glass finishing makes it a very appealing hob you will instantly want to buy.

On the technical side, it has most things similar to other high-quality brands. You get durable, and heat-efficient Sabaf burners imported from Italy powered with one-touch advanced auto ignition, premium knobs, spill trays, and heavy duty vessel support. 

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Warranty – Two years

The finishing of toughened glass with the slim design of this hob is also very pleasing.

iBell AERO3BGH 3 Burner Kitchen Hob 

iBell AERO3BGH is considered one of the best gas hobs and stove brands in India, and their 3 burner kitchen hob is the proof of it. The kitchen hob has three burners, two big and one small in size. Besides, auto ignition eliminates the need for a lighter or matchbox. 

Besides, the toughened glass top finishing and stainless steel frame make it a premium-looking stove. You also get protection against heat, scratches, and spillage.

If we talk about the technical specifications of the stove, it comes with brass burners providing excellent heat and flame distribution.

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – One Year

These burners are safe to use and durable despite high temperatures. Other highlights making this product worth buying are the stylish knobs, sturdy vessel supports, spill trays, and anti skid feet.

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Faber Hob FH 40 AMD Stainless Steel Kitchen Hob

Faber Hob FH 40 have the best stainless steel hob in India. The best gas hob in India with stainless steel might be on the lower side in aesthetics, but the specifications are more powerful than many fancy hobs. 

Four burners of equal sizes, auto ignition function, stainless steel frame for vessels, and highly efficient burners are the most important highlights of the stainless steel hob. 

  • Ignition Type – Auto
  • Warranty – One Year

The hob also comes with heat resistant knobs that stay manageable after long hours of cooking, and it’s something unique for the Indian market.


Which is the best 3 burner hob in India?

The best 3 burner hob in India is Glen 1063 3 Brass Burner Kitchen Hob

Which is the best 4 burner hob in India?

The best 4 burner hob in India is Faber 4 Brass Burner Kitchen Hob

Which is the best stainless steel hob in India?

The best stainless steel hob in India is Faber Hob FH 40 AMD Stainless Steel Kitchen Hob.

Bottom Line

We have shared different hobs in India falling into different categories. Whether you are looking for a 4 burner hob for your large family & kitchen, a smaller one for space-saving, or a moderate, you will find it in the list. 

Faber’s 4 burner hob would be the best hob for kitchens in India if there had to be just one. Faber’s 4 burner hob with brass burners, toughened glass finish, stainless steel frame, and many other features are a smart choice if you want to invest your money in something that will last a long time. 

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