Bosch Aquatak 120 vs Karcher K3: Comparison

Trying to choose between the “Bosch Aquatak 120 vs Karcher K3” pressure washers? We break down their features and performance, making it simple for you to select the ideal pressure washer for your cleaning tasks.

Explore this comparison to find the high-pressure solution that matches your needs and helps you achieve remarkable cleaning results.

Comparison Between Bosch Aquatak 120 and Karcher K3

FeaturesBosch Aquatak 120Karcher K3
Motor Power1500W1400W
Hose Length5 Meter4 Meter
Pressure125 bar110 bar
Maximum Flow Rate6 Litre/Minute6 Litre/Minute
Pressure GunYesYes
Pressure washerYesYes
Warranty6 MonthsOne Year
Product PageBuy at AmazonBuy at Amazon

Difference Between Bosch Aquatak 120 and Karcher K3

The main difference between the Bosch Aquatak 120 from the Karcher K2 pressure washers can be traced to variations in their motor power, hose length, and warranty duration. Below is a thorough explication of these variations:

  • Motor Power: The Bosch Aquatak 120 has a motor power of 1500W, while the Karcher K3 has a slightly lower motor power of 1400W. A higher motor power generally indicates a more powerful water jet and increased cleaning efficiency.
  • Pressure: The Bosch Aquatak 120 has a maximum pressure of 125 bar, while the Karcher K3 offers a lower maximum pressure of 110 bar. A higher pressure rating enables more effective removal of stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Pressure Washer and Warranty: Both models are pressure washers and come with warranty periods. The Bosch Aquatak 120 offers a warranty of 6 months, while the Karcher K3 provides a longer warranty period of one year.
  • Hose Length: The hose length of the Bosch Aquatak 120 is 5 meters, whereas the Karcher K3 comes with a slightly shorter hose length of 4 meters. The longer hose length in the Aquatak 120 allows for greater reach and flexibility during cleaning tasks, especially when working with a larger area or a greater distance from the water source.
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