Bosch Dishwasher SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GW01I

Are you looking for a new dishwasher and thinking about the Bosch line? If so, you might be trying to decide between the SMS46KI03I and the SMS66GW01I models.

Which dishwasher is the better option for you? Both dishwashers have advantages and disadvantages. To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ll look more closely at the capabilities and features of both models in this blog post.

We can meet your needs whether they involve increased capacity, quieter operation, or energy efficiency. Discover which Bosch dishwasher is best for your home by reading on.

Comparison between Bosch Dishwasher SMS46KI03I vs SMS66GW01I






14 Place Settings

13 Place Settings

No. of Wash Programs

6 Wash Programs

6 Wash Programs

Noise Level

46 dB

52 dB

Water usage in program (ECO 50)

11-14 Litre

10 Litre

3rd Rack



Max. Intake Water Temp

60 °C

25 °C




Aqua Stop



Removable Top



Drying System

Heat exchanger

Inherent Heat

Energy usage in program (ECO 50)

0.92 kWh

1.02 kWh

Built-in / Free-standing




84.5 x 60 x 60 cm

84.5 x 60 x 60 cm


52.1 kg

43.5 kg

Product Page

Difference between Bosch Dishwasher SMS46KI03I and SMS66GW01I

The SMS46KI03I dishwasher can wash up to 14 place settings simultaneously, while the SMS66GW01I can only wash 13.

This means that the SMS46KI03I can clean more dishes in a single wash cycle, making it more convenient for larger families or households that generate a lot of dishes.

Noise Level:
The SMS46KI03I operates at a lower noise level compared to the SMS66GW01I. Specifically, the SMS46KI03I produces a noise level of 46 decibels, while the SMS66GW01I produces a noise level of 52 decibels.

This means the SMS46KI03I is quieter and less likely to disturb other activities or conversations in the surrounding area.

Water Intake Temperature:
The SMS46KI03I can handle a maximum water temperature of 60°C. In contrast, the SMS66GW01I can only take a maximum temperature of 25°C, which may not be as effective in removing stubborn stains and grease.

Aqua Stop:
The SMS46KI03I is equipped with an Aqua Stop feature, which provides an extra layer of protection against water damage.

This feature automatically shuts off the dishwasher’s water supply in case of a leak or malfunction, helping to prevent flooding or other water-related issues. Unfortunately, the SMS66GW01I does not have this feature.

Energy Consumption:
The SMS46KI03I consumes slightly less energy than the SMS66GW01I. Specifically, the SMS46KI03I uses 0.92 kWh, while the SMS66GW01I uses 1.02 kWh. This means that the SMS46KI03I is more energy-efficient and may help to reduce electricity bills over time.

The SMS46KI03I weighs 52.1 kg, while the SMS66GW01I weighs only 43.5 kg.

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In summary, the SMS46KI03I and SMS66GW01I dishwashers have different features and capabilities that may be more or less suitable for different households and preferences.

By considering factors such as capacity, noise level, water temperature, Aqua Stop, energy consumption, and weight, consumers can decide which dishwasher best fits their needs.

In my opinion, I would choose the SMS66GW01I over the SMS46KI03I, even if it means giving up the Aqua Stop feature and saving a few thousand rupees.

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