Canon G2010 vs G3010

  • By: Kumar
  • Date: 12/01/2023

The main difference between Canon G2010 and Canon G3010 is that the Canon G3010 has the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet as well as to the Canon Selphy App, whereas the Canon G2010 cannot.

The Canon G2010 offers all of the same printing resolution, output capabilities, and printing speed as the Canon G3010, but it can only be connected to a computer or phone via USB. On the other hand, the Canon G2010 has connective capabilities through USB, Wi Fi, and the Canon app for Android and iPhones. Both products are perfect for small office or home use.

Similarities between Canon G2010 and Canon G3010

Speed and Efficiency
Both the Canon G2010 and Canon G3010 have similar efficiency and output. These printers can print 8.8 black pages (approx. 9) per minute. Want a color print? Both the devices can print 5 colored pages per minute at the cost of 9 paise.

Want to advertise your business or wish your loved ones a happy birthday? You can choose from hundreds of templates available in software and create posters and flyers in minutes with the Canon printers.

3-Step Printing
Canon G2010 and G3010 are ready-to-use devices! After unboxing, fill the ink in the specialized cartridges in the ink tank and connect the printer with your PC. Once the connection is established, you’re ready to print.

Print 7000 Pages
No need to care for the refills when you’re into volume printing! You can print up to 7000 pages with a single refill and enjoy printing your documents at the cost of pennies.

Printing Quality
Printing quality can be judged by the printing resolution that a device offers. When it comes to Canon’s top-selling devices, i.e., G2010 and G3010, both are second to none. Both offer 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution and support the size of the page within the range of 4.0″x6.0″ – A4/A5 and Letter.

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Differences between Canon G2010 and Canon G3010

One of the major differences between Canon G2010 and G3010 is connectivity. Canon G2010 can connect to your device via the USB cable,
while the G3010 can connect wirelessly via Selphy App or over the internet and USB as well.

Products Overview
If you own a small office or want to print out some documents for proofreading and highlighting at your home- a printing device is a must-have!
Canon’s top-selling G2010 and G3010 have similar features but offer a unique connectivity experience.

Both the G2010 and G3010 can print up to 7000 pages with a single refill (black) and 6000 sheets (colored) no need to refill frequently when bulk printing. These all-in-one devices featuring Print, Scan, and Copy simultaneously support the 4800 x 1200 dpi printing resolution and 9 pages per minute speed.

But do you want to share your printer in the office?
The Canon G3010 can be the perfect choice as it can print your document via wireless connectivity. Unlike the G2010, which only connects via USB cable, G3010 can connect over the internet or via the Selphy APP from Canon.

Canon G2010 vs Canon G3010 | Features in Detail

Do you still wonder who is leading the competition between the G2010 and G3010? Let’s delve into the detailed features and attributes to find your answer.

Page Size and Resolution
The supported page size for both models, i.e., Canon G2010 and Canon G3010, is the same. These printers can print the page sizes ranging from 4.0″x6.0″ to A4/A5/Letter and Legal. There is no need to worry about the quality of printing as the devices are designed to print at the resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Ink Bottles, Cartridges, and Page Yield
After printing quality, let’s discuss the page yield and how often you need to refill! Both the models are second to none as both can print 7000 sheets (black) and 6000 sheets (colored).

Moreover, the ink bottles are designed specifically to fit in the cartridge in the ink tank for a spill-free mechanism. The compatible ink bottles include GI790 (BK) and GI790 (CMYK).

Ink Tank
Think of a printer, and a bulky device will come to your mind! That’s not the case with Canon G2010 and G3010- as both these devices feature the integrated ink tank system with a compact printer body.

All in One Printer
The Canon G2010 and G3010 have all-in-one functionalities, i.e., Print, Scan, and Copy. There is no need to have three bulky devices at your home or office work desk when you buy these versatile printing devices from Canon.

Both the models from Canon are backed by a 1-year Warranty. However, it is recommended to use only Canon’s official ink and get the maintenance done from the official retailers.

Canon G2010 Pros & Cons


  • High page yield (7000 sheets0
  • The integrated ink tank system 
  • Updated panel (scan, print, copy)


  • No wireless connectivity 

Canon G3010 Pros & Cons


  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Print 300 pages per month
  • Perfect for heavy usage 


  • No duplex prints 

The Winner Amidst Both

What features come to your mind whenever you think of buying a printer? Portability, convenience, quality printing, no frequent refilling, and higher page yield- that’s what Canon is offering in both the Canon G2010 and G3010 printers. You can’t decide a clear winner amidst both as the devices have similar attributes and offer improved clarity and sharpness in prints. 

Canon G2010 is perfect for those having a dedicated desk for printing and scanning documents with proper cable management. This is because the printer only offers USB connectivity. On the other hand, the Canon G3010 is perfect for those who share printers in the office as the device can connect even over the internet. 

Consider the Canon G2010 if…Consider the Canon G3010 if…
If you have a proper office desk with cable management as the device only offers USB connectivity If you’re looking for a wireless printerIf you have a large number of employees and they need to share 1 printer over the internet 


A compact and powerful printer is needed for every home and office now. Amongst hundreds of brands, Canon offers the G2010 and G3010 with multifunctional attributes- Scan, print, or copy!  

Canon G3010 is ahead when compared with Canon G2010. Since it’s supports both wired and wireless connection. Canon G2010 is a little behind in this competition with USB connectivity over a wireless one. 

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