Canon G3000 vs G3020

We’re comparing two great printers – the Canon G3000 and G3020. Both are known for their excellent performance, but they do have differences.

This comparison will highlight these differences, from the cost per page to print speeds, how many pages they can print, and their special features. You’ll also learn about each printer’s specific features, like the G3020’s LCD display.

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to decide which printer is best for you. Let’s dive into the details of these two Canon models and see which one stands out!

Comparison Between Canon G3000 vs G3020


Canon G3000

Canon G3020




Model Name




Print, Scan, Copy

Print, Scan, Copy


USB, Wi-Fi

USB 2.0, Wi-Fi

Cost Per Page (Black)

9 Paise

13 Paise

Cost Per Page (Colour)

32 Paise

24 Paise

Maximum Print Speed (Monochrome)

8.8 ipm

9.1 ipm

Maximum Print Speed (Colour)

5.0 ipm

5.0 ipm

Page Yields

6000 Black or 7000 Colour

7600 Black or 7700 Colour

Printer Type



Print Resolution

4800 x 1200 dpi

4800 x 1200 dpi

Supported Page Size

A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, Envelope, DL, COM10

A4, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal, Executive.

Maxmium Print Size

(L x B)

676 x 215.9 mm

1200 x 216 mm

Scanner Resolution

600 x 1200 dpi

600 x 1200 dpi

Scanner Type



App Support



Auto Duplex Print



Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)



Borderless Printing



LCD Display



Legal Page Support



Supported OS


Windows, Mac OS. Chrome OS

Mac OS Support



Launch Date

June 2016

Febuary 2021

Printer Size (W x D x H)

44.5 x 33 x 16.7 cm

44.5 x 33 x 16.7 cm


One Year

One Year


5.8 kg

6.4 kg

Product Page

Similarities between Canon G3000 and Canon G3020

  • Both the Canon G3000 and G3020 are multi-functional devices that can print, scan and copy.
  • Both printers support USB and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Both printers have a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  • Both printers support borderless printing and legal pages.
  • Both printers support app support.

Differences between Canon G3000 and Canon G3020

  • The Canon G3020 was launched in February 2021, while the G3000 was launched in June 2016.
  • The Canon G3020 has a larger maximum print size of 1200 x 216 mm compared to the G3000’s 676 x 215.9 mm.
  • The Canon G3020 has a higher page yield, supporting 7600 black or 7700 colour pages, compared to the G3000’s 6000 black or 7000 colour pages.
  • The cost per page for black printing is lower on the G3000, at 9 paise compared to the G3020’s 13 paise.
  • The cost per page for colour printing is lower on the G3020, at 24 paise compared to the G3000’s 32 paise.
  • The Canon G3020 has an LCD display, while the G3000 does not.

The main differences between the Canon G3000 and the Canon G3020 lie in their cost per page, maximum print speeds, page yields, and some additional features.

The G3020 offers a slightly higher maximum print speed in monochrome prints, clocking in at 9.1 ipm compared to the G3000’s 8.8 ipm.

However, the G3000 is more cost-effective for black prints, costing 9 paise per page compared to 13 paise for the G3020. Conversely, the G3020 is more economical for colour prints at 24 paise per page, as opposed to the G3000’s 32 paise.

The G3020 also has a higher page yield, with the capacity to produce 7600 black and 7700 colour prints, as against the G3000’s yield of 6000 black and 7000 colour prints.

Furthermore, the G3020 model comes with an LCD display, which the G3000 lacks. The G3020 also supports more page sizes and has a slightly larger maximum print size. Moreover, the G3020 is a more recent model, launched in February 2021, compared to the G3000, which was launched in June 2016.

Bottom Line

The decision of which printer to buy ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize a larger maximum print size, higher page yield, and an LCD display, then the Canon G3020 may be the better choice for you. 

However, if you are concerned with lower printing costs per page and do not require an LCD display, the Canon G3000 could be a more suitable option. It’s also worth it because the G3020 is a newer model, which could mean it has more updated features and better support. 

Canon G3020 is the Winner.

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