Canon G3060 vs G3020

  • By: Kumar
  • Date: 12/01/2023

Do you need help finding similarities and differences between Canon G3060 and Canon G3020? 

I help you with the tables.

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Comparision between Canon Pixma G3060 vs Canon Pixma G3020

Similarities between Canon G3060 and Canon G3020

PrinterCanon G3060Canon G3020
Cost Per Page (Black)12 Paise12 Paise
Cost Per Page (Colour)35 Paise35 Paise
Print Resolution4800 X 1200 (dpi)4800 X 1200 (dpi)
Scanner TypeFlatbedFlatbed
Scanner Resolution600 X 1200 (dpi)600 X 1200 (dpi)
Printer Size (W x D x H)44.5 X 33 X 16.7 (cm)44.5 X 33 X 16.7 (cm)
Maximum Print Size21.6 X 120 (cm)21.6 X 120 (cm)
LCD DisplayYesYes
FunctionsPrint, Scan, CopyPrint, Scan, Copy
Automatic Document FeederNoNo
Mac OS SupportYesYes
Borderless PrintingYesYes
Auto Duplex PrintNoNo
Weight6.4 kg6.4 kg
WarrantyOne YearOne Year
Launch DateFeb 2021Feb 2021
Product PageCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Page Yield
Do you need bulk printing? Worry not! Both the G3020 and G3060 offer seamless volume printing with a page yield of around 7600 (black and white) and 7700 (colored sheets).

No office or home can go without printers for days- that is where G3020 and G3060 come in with their easy to replace cartridge feature. You can reduce the downtime and maximize productivity by replacing the print head.

These days, the definition of the smart printer is not complete without the LCD panel. Both the Canon G3020 and G3060 feature a 5.08cm LCD panel from which you can set the size as well as the number of copies you need to print. The display always makes any printer device easier to use.

Differences between Canon G3060 and Canon G3020

PrinterCanon G3060Canon G3020
Image Per Minute (Black)10.89.1
Image Per Minute (Colour)65
Print Capacity7600 (Black Pages) or
7700 (Colour Pages)
6000 (Black Pages) or
7700 (Colour Pages)
Compatible with Smart SpeakerYesNo
Product PageCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Printing Speed
The Canon G3020 and Canon G3060 seem to have the only differences, i.e., printing speed. Thus, if volume/bulk printing is your need- this feature will be a major concern for you!

Canon G3020 provides 9.1 Image per minute (black) and 5 image per minute (colored). On the contrary, G3060 provides a printing speed of 10.8 Image per minute (black) and 6 image per minute (colored).

Print Capacity

 As compared to Canon G3020, Canon G3060 can print 1600 black prints extra.  

Smart Speaker
Canon G3060 is compatible with smart speakers like Amazon Echo, unlike Canon G3020.  

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Canon G3060 vs Canon G3020 | Features in detail

G3020 and G3060 have USB 2.0 connectivity features that let you connect the printer via USB and offer high-speed data transfer speeds.

Moreover, the printer also features wireless connectivity so that multiple individuals inside an office or home can share the printer.

Moreover, the printers also support mobile and cloud printing as well. With Canon Print or SELPHY (mobile apps), take the printing job at your fingertips.

Print, Scan, Copy
Work-from-home routine has caused many problems at first, but people adapt to new situations. Now, you don’t need to own three different machines for print, scanning, and copy. Both the Canon G3020 and G3060 provide an all-in-one functionality.

No Spills!
Mostly, users complain about the ink spilling while refilling and even during printing. Canon G3020 and G3060 have solved the problem with anti-spill ink bottles, and you’ll be free from unintended ink spots on your hand and clothes.

Moreover, both the printers have highly efficient and custom-designed nozzles to fill in the ink seamlessly.

Printing Speed
Does printing speed matter to you?

Canon G3020 and Canon G3060 will be a easy to choose from!

Canon G3020 offers 9 (black)and 5 (colour) Image per minute printing speed, while Canon G3060 offers 11 (black) and 6 Image (colour) per minute.

Canon G3020 pros & cons


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Supports cloud printing
  • Prints 9 pages/minute


  • Slow printing speed

Canon G3060 pros & cons


  • Higher printing speed (11 pages/minute)
  • Compatible with smart speakers
  • Spill-free refill


  • No duplex printing 

Bottom Line

Canon Pixma G3060 vs Canon Pixma G3020 is a close battle as both the printers are top-of-the-line products of their category. The Canon G3060 is ahead of the G3020 as it features a high printing speed, print capacity and smart speaker support.