Anti bedsores air bed

6 Best Air Bed for Patients with Bedsores in India

Why Air Bed for Patients with Bedsores?

Air Bed which has specialized cell pattern which moves up and down using air pump 

Anti Bedsores Mattress has a specialized pattern that provides variable pressure which automatically changes inflation forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure.

It relieves the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by maintaining alternating pressure.

We have created the Best air bed for patients with bedsores in India with detailed review and comparison. So that you can able to purchase the air bed which is the best.

Top 6 Best Air Bed for Patients in India

1. Dr Trust Air Mattress Anti Decubitus

Repair kits will be super useful when the air mattress chamber gets puncher. You are able to repair it by yourself.

Components Included

  • Mattress.
  • Pump.
  • Tube.
  • Repairing kit.


  • Air mattress with 130 individual air bubbles for even support and weight.
  • Alternating pressure mattress helps prevent and also relieves pain from sore spots.
  • Heavy-duty MEDICAL GRADE PVC.
  • Waterproof
  • Air OutPut Capacity- 4.5- 5.0 litre/min
  • Maximum load bearing capacity – 130 Kg
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Weight – 2.5 kg.

2. KosmoCare Anti Bedsores Air Mattress MM1

Kosmocare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress MM1 mattress with bubble pad design with end flaps.

Non Toxic PVC material used to make the air bed. Bubble type design helps to circulate the air under the person which helps to remove excess moisture. We play a big role in reducing bed sores.

Extra 38 cm flap on each side for tucking.

Components Included

  • Mattress. 
  • Air Pump.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Vinyl Plastic Repair kit.


  • Size of the mattress after inflating [6 x 3] feet
  • Material of the mattress: PVC, Non Toxic.
  • Pump alternately inflates and deflates air cells.
  • Air Output of Pump-5 Litre per min.
  • Automatically changes inflation every 12 minutes.
  • Adjustable Pressure Knob Range (mmHg)-40~110.
  • Power Consumption-7Watt.
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • Weight bearing Capacity – 110 kg.

3. Thermocare Anti Decubitus Mattress

Thermocare Anti Decubitus Bubble Air Mattress air bed comes with two types of cells A and B. They inflated and deflated the cell chambers which cause the chamber to move up and down alternatively by an air pump for every 5 minutes.

The wave motion acts like massage and increases blood circulation around the areas which are prone to pressure ulcers/decubitus ulcers also known as bed sores.

Which reduces the humidity around the skin so there is less chance of harmful microorganism growth.Material of air mattress-PVC Medical Grade so cleaning will be super easy. Thickness of the bed after air pumped-6.5cm.

Components Included

  • Repair Kit. 
  • Pump.
  • Mattress.


  • Available in two colors Blue and Brown.
  • Mattress size  [300 X 90 X 6.5] cm.
  • Air output capacity: 4.5-5 litre/min.
  • Weight of mattress: 2.5kg.
  • Comfort Variable pressure dial for precise air flow.
  • Warranty:18 Months.
  • Maximum user Weight 130 kg.

4. Romsons Nosor Anti Decubitus Air Bed

The Air Bed consists of 130 bubble Cells which helps to alternate the pressure in the bed. Alternating pressure in the bed gives pressure relief to the skin. Rotary dial for pressure setting.

Air Mattress fixed to the top of the bed using the extra flaps on top and bottom side.


  • Air Bed size [200l x 90b x 7h] cm.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High grade PVC material.
  • LED on/off switch.

5. Hicks AM 08 Anti Decubitus Air Mattress

Best Alternating Pressure Mattress for Bedsores with 130 Bubble Cells with quiet pump by creating alternating pressure in the bubble cells which help to prevent the bed sores/Decubitus ulcer.

Adjustable control knob to control firmness of the bed. Hicks AM-08 Anti Decubitus Air MattressWaterproof, antibacterial and fire resistant mattress.


  • Material-Heavy Duty medical Grade PVC
  • Bed Size 280X90X6.5(cm) or [9.1 X 2.9 X 0.2] feet
  • One year Warranty.
  • 20 watt electricity needed.
  • Weight capacity-130 kgs.

6. Otica Medical Anti Decubitus Hospital Air Mattress

Otica Medical Air Bed Anti Decubitus Hospital Air Bed Mattress alternating pressure mattress system with adjustable pump.

Air bubbles which help to distribute the weight evenly throughout the body. 

130 individual air bubbles which help to create the air flow and allow blood flow to reach all parts of the body and prevent bedsores, also known as pressure sores by moving up and down for every 6 minutes.


  • Length and Width-[6.5 X 3]Feet
  • Pressure Range -35-130 mmHg.
  • Cycle Time: 6 Minutes.
  • Maximum weight will be 135Kg.
  • Warranty -One Year.
  • Air Outlet -6-7 Litre/Min.


What is Bedsore/Decubitus?

People who aren’t able to move or turn over in bed for a long period of time due to various reasons like coma, paralysis, fracture. Which tends to form Bed sore also known as Pressure ulcers by using an air bed it can be prevented.

Why Air bed Anti Decubitus Mattress?

Anti Decubitus Mattress has a specialized pattern that provides variable pressure which automatically changes inflation forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure.

It relieves the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by maintaining alternating pressure.
We have prepared the list of best air bed for patients in India based upon the review.

How do you use an Anti Bedsore Mattress?

Air type mattresses can be placed over the normal bed. It has extra flaps so it can be fixed top and bottom.

What type of Mattress is Best for Bedsores?

Foam type mattress is best for bed sores also known as decubitus ulcers.

Air Mattresses 

  • Spring back action is quick.
  • Affordable.

Foam Mattresses

  • Spring back action is delayed.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • Comfortable.

We hope that you get a clear idea to select the best anti bedsore mattress in India. If you found it useful, kindly share with the person who is finding difficulty in selecting the right anti decubitus mattress.

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