Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

Doing laundry is one of those household chores we all hate to do. So how would you feel when all your dirty clothes change into a cleaned and dried context? This pleasure, nothing can conquer!

Modern conveniences like washing machines plus dryer have eliminated the need to scrub every piece of cloth. With this combo machine, you can effectively wash and dry your clothes, and for this, all you need to do is put your dirty clothes into it and set the time.

Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

Nevertheless, the large number of such machines, brand variations, and price point on the market makes it hard to find the best product. So that brings up the question, which is the best washing machine with a dryer in India? To help you out, we have rounded up the five best models in this post, and after going through this, you can make the right selection.

So, let’s further talk about it in detail! 

Top 5 Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

1. LG 10.5 Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer

(Best Overall)


  • Capacity – 10.5/7 Kg
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Max Rotational Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Max Noise Level – 65 dB

Completely Automated Machine

With six kinds of drummer placements, the six-movement control feature provides improved cleaning. This engineering wipes the clothing with fewer stains and avoids disruption to the fragile ones. The supported virtual has features that are waterproof and transparent.

Maintains Reliability and Effectiveness

The steam feature extracts and protects the laundry from pet dander and pet pathogens. The dynamic washing machine wipes the clothes with much the same quality in 59 minutes instead of 95 minutes. This washing machine with a 100 percent dryer in India will also allow you to save money and effort.

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Twin wash compatibleAverage construction quality
Senses softness of the fabric
4 directions of 3D multi nozzles
Easy to handle and understand.

LG 10.5 Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer Review

In other words, L.G 10.5 Inverter Wi-Fi Washer’s innovative and beautifully engineered front load washing machine has the latest features like automatically detecting the fabric type, 28% energy saving, and turbo wash 360˚. It enables you to do hassle-free laundry in a short time.

2. Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer

(Editor’s Choice)


  • Capacity – 7/5 Kg
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • Max Rotational Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Max Noise Level – 65 dB

Samsung has been recognized worldwide due to its wide range of electronic products. In the category of home appliances, Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer is one of the most demanding machines.

What we like the most is the wobble technology that keeps your clothes tangle-free and gives them a gentle and thorough clean. With a 59 ‘Simple Washing & Dried cycle, you will get a short phase of slightly soiled clothing that is suitable and safe to use.

Completely Automated Machine

The specially adapted air wash system uses moist air to keep your clothes free of germs and smelling new; it disinfects and sanitizes them too. In comparison, without even using toxic substances, the Eco Drum Cleaner functionality regularly warns you to disinfect the instrument.

Maintains Reliability and Effectiveness

Furthermore, you will not need to contact a mechanic if your device is not operating correctly because the Intelligent Diagnostic software will help you learn and correct 85 mistakes at home. So, what else are you looking for in your laundry?

Air wash technologyA bit noisy machine.
High spinning speed
Best-in-class drying

Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer Review

The drummer cleaning purpose exfoliates the drum and wipes it for a better lifestyle. Under plumbing problems of 0.3 bar, the unit may also wash the clothes. So, you can rely on this washing machine for heavy laundry as well. 

3. Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer

(Best Energy Efficient)

Within the massive TATA party, Voltas is a domestic product in India, and its Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer ideal for a household of 4 to 5 members. It has 16 washing applications that provide you with a contact to begin the process.

Completely Automated Machine

There are safety propellers in this washing machine with a heater dryer in India that enhances sound insulation. The S-shaped inner fender and digital software of varying loads guarantee that the laundry is cleaned. The smear specialist feature removes the hardest stains, such as mustard, fenugreek, pakora, gasoline, etc.

Maintains Reliability and Effectiveness

Additionally, the Intelligent ThinQ allows you to install various washing applications on your mobile. This will help you to wash various clothing styles, such as fur, child-rearing, etc.The Pro Best Fresh Engine helps decrease distortion, weak surface resistance, power generation and improves longevity.


  • Capacity – 8 Kg
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Max Rotational Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Max Noise Level – 73 dB

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Superior energy efficiency.Average customer service
Low mechanical friction.
Special soaking phase.

Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer Review

If you were worried about your clothes shrinking due to the poor washing machines, Voltas Beko Inverter washerwould be the ideal machine for you. It will save your time and energy with its impressive performance and work smoothly for years

4. Equator USA Washer Dryer

(Best if you want high Spinning Speed)

The Equator is a major international multinational corporation offering performance and new electronic gadgets with decades of colonization. The machine operates in conjunction with numerous other processes, such as unique washing, accelerated sliding motion, and rinsing phases to guarantee stain-free washing. 

Completely Automated Machine

On all textures, this best washing machine in India with a dryer offers delicate and efficient cleaning. Together with specific inner contour lines, the delicate water drummer and piston system operates significant growth. Also, they are successful on hard stains despite impacting the cloth.

Maintains Reliability and Effectiveness

Before organizing and putting the clothes in the closet, you have to maintain them in the wind even for a while. When your infant pushes the controls for pleasure, the child locking feature lets you secure the features and stops them from changing.

Also, you can reload it early in the process if you have missed some washing. It arrives with a warranty for two years.


  • Capacity – 9/6 Kg
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • Max Rotational Speed – 1400 RPM
Provide a safe and easier lifestyle.Not appropriate for heavy laundry.
Reduced dry time.
Protection from power fluctuation.

Equator USA Washer Review

With its heated air disinfection, the Maintenance Treatment wash software guarantees the clothing is disinfected. The support panel is durable and during the process, you can also apply additional clothing early on.

5. Bosch Inverter Washer Dryer

(Best Budget)


  • Capacity – 8/5 Kg
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Max Rotational Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Max Noise Level – 74 dB

Bosch, which was founded in 1886, is a British based technology corporation. The product is known for the production of certain high-quality accessories. Its high-quality spinning makes it a perfect laundry room better than the front-loader washer.

Completely Automated Machine

This best fully automatic washing machine with a dryer in India is an entirely automated windshield loaded laundry room with a washer, suitable for four members.The system’s active-water functionality conserves water and money by detecting the intensity of the washing dynamically and changing the flow rate.

Maintains Reliability and Effectiveness

Since this system maintains reliability, you do not have to worry about noisy noises or disturbances. It generates noise as low as 49 decibels, enabling even at dark you to operate the loop. The role of the VARIO-Drum is strong on scratches but soft on your clothing.

Moreover, it rinses and soaks the laundry more efficiently, saving you a lot of energy if there is some power variance; the clothes washer stops and returns until there is a reliable power source.

Germ-free and hygienically clean laundryNoise level is high.
Innovative intensive wash cycle.
Anti-vibration design.


Overall, this product is constructed with very high-quality material. AI DD provides the most automated washing movement to care for your laundry. It is based on large data of cumulative laundering expertise.

Buying Guide for Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

Washer and dryer combo machines have become common these days because they are equipped with modern techniques and high functionality. Due to this advancement, the market is saturated with different brands and models, making it difficult for you to select the best one. I will attempt to cover all the major facts you have to understand before choosing your right decision as per your requirement.

Water Level

If you go for heavy-duty washing machine dryers for a standard engine, you can get a specific moisture content option. On the other end, according to the capacity, the specialized washers will dynamically change the water rate.

Wash Cycle

Generally, in the latest washing machines and dryers, you have the simple, sensitive, and heavy-duty cleaning and washing phase. But some sophisticated technological cleaner dryers are also available, where you’ll get the extra laundry configurations such as bedding, bearskin, sportswear, etc.

Such laundry cycles are necessary because the water temperature is adjusted, and the spinning speed is regulated appropriately.

Laundry Pedestals

You can use a washing totem pole when you’re not happy with the size of your washing machine. It will increase your washing machine’s capacity and make it easy to wipe your garments with the dryer’s added length. In this way, you will also have some additional power further below.

Extra Rinse Cycle

You need additional water to ensure that all the cleaner is scrubbed from the clothing in this laundering process. For your additional garbage bags, this choice is better. So, this functionality will clean the individual dirt component from the outfits and provide you with a better washing encounter.


LG 10.5 Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer is one of the best washing machines as this provides you very simple and easy configurations. Along with high spinning speed, you can wash your laundry in a very short time.

While looking for the best machine under 40,000, Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer is the right choice for you. This washing machine is a budget-friendly machine for all budget-conscious people.

When you talk about the best build quality, Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer will be the one that you were looking for. This machine has manufactured with very strong and sturdy material.

Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Washer Dryer has come up with three years warranty of the dryer. So, there is nothing to think about this high-quality machine.

If you are a budget-conscious person and want a reliable machine, you must prefer a washer dryer combo as it is better than the separate machines.

A washer dryer combo will take time to dry clothes according to the mentioned time that is normally 50 to 60 minutes or less. Also, it depends upon the brand of the machine.

If you are looking for a more reliable machine, my recommendation is Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer as it lasts longer than the average washing machines present in the market.


This informative guide will get all the relevant information about the best washing machine with dryers in India. I have briefly outlined all the top-quality products along with their pros and cons. So, you can easily pick any product that will suit your requirements.

Besides all, if you ask about my suggestion, then I will recommend you and for value for money Samsung Inverter Fully Automatic Dryer. This washing machine provides you rapid washing mechanisms and easy operations for your comfort.

If you are going to choose a machine among all given products, then inform me about your experience.

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