IFB vs Bosch Dishwasher

IFB vs Bosch Dishwasher Which is Best?

If you intend to up your cooking expertise, put more time into learning new recipes. The question arises here: where to get extra time as you also have to clean off the dishes by hand. Digging deeper to find spare time will never work. You can assign your dishwashing work to a real workhorse dishwasher that will accomplish the task within minutes.

IFB vs Bosch Dishwasher

We today are comparing two highly-anticipated dishwashing companies IFB and BOSCH that are well familiar with their users’ needs. You will be able to make the best model selection after going through this article. Without further a do, let’s get straight into it!

A Quick Summary

If you are under budget IFB is the best choice and there best model IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher.

If you need noise free operation and best quality dishwasher then Bosch SMS66GI01I is the good choice.

Comparison Between IFB vs Bosch Dishwasher

IFB Dishwasher

Space availability:

The top-most exceptional speciality of the IFB dishwasher is that it can accommodate utensils of different sizes and shapes. You will see how beautifully it rests your kitchen wares utilizing the space perfectly.

Thanks to IFB for furnishing this dishwasher with highly adjustable racks and baskets that make it convenient for you to arrange utensils according to their sizes. It is very easy to use, and you can place many dishes inside it to be cleaned.

The wide-enough inside space can hold dishes for up to 5 members of the family. It is more than adequate for a typical family. So, no more pile of dirty dishes when you have guests over for dinner because the IFB Neptune is ready to clean some extras too.

Rating in energy consumption:

The dishwashers from IFB is rated A++ in terms of reduced energy consumption. You can consider it pleasantly inexpensive in this regard because the ultimate result is less money added to your monthly utility bills. If your On-go budget is less and you still want a high-end dishwasher, this dishwashing machine is made for you.

Efficient cleaning device:

The presence of an extra device in the IFB dishwashing appliance enables efficient cleaning of your kitchen utensils. This additional device in this dishwasher mixes up all your dishwashing cleaners or detergents that you put into the dishwasher for cleaning. It softens the water for better cleaning, which in turn increases the efficiency of the machine by removing all stains and spots.

Out of noise machine:

Noisy electronic appliances can disturb the peaceful environment of your home. The same goes with a dishwasher that is the need for every kitchen as you can’t spend hours in scrubbing and cleaning dishes after every meal.

What if you get a dishwasher that is highly-efficient yet noise-free? IFB Neptune does its work silently, without causing any annoyance to your ears thus, enable you to do uninterrupted work.

Saves Water:

Dishwashing requires gallons of water to let the dirt or stain leave behind. Therefore, wasting a lot of money is never suggested. IFB Neptune VX dishwasher is a great dishwashing machine that uses only 9 Liters of water to wash a bulk of dirty kitchen utensils and thoroughly cleans the stains and dirt from your dishes.

The function of half load:

The ordinary dishwashers enable washing only when the load is full for energy-saving and water consumption too. This half-load ability of the dishwasher washes fewer utensils. The detection made by the machine starts the process of cleaning after knowing the number of dishes. As a result of this detection, the machine saves energy and water also.

Speedy wash:

Another most notable feature of IFB Neptune VX is the quicker wash cycles by which you can speed up the cleaning work. This fast performance helps you in several ways: you can get the cleaning done in no time consuming little water and detergent that, in return, saves money.

The total time consumption of the dishwashing experience is Forty minutes. You can find this short wash cycle in modern dishwashers because the older models were very slow. Therefore, we say that this dishwasher appliance is bliss in every regard.

Versatile Basket:

This great deal of dishwasher comes up with a useful and handy adjustable basket. It gets your work done in holding your utensils in a single load. We call it flexible because the basket is explicitly designed to offer maximum space and arrangement of utensils.

You can adjust it according to the size and shape of the dishes you want them to be washed. The utensils that are larger in length can be placed adjusting the basket to enable placement of dishes.

Eco Friendly:

This outstanding model from IFB, IFB Neptune VX is one environment-friendly product that makes you experience less energy, water, and cleaners or detergents to clean your dishes.

Clean and Dry:

This dishwasher will aid in washing your dishes as well as drying them off in the least possible time. The production of steam during the cleaning processing enables the drying of the dishes. This product assures the effective cleaning of your utensils.

Other features:

This model possesses 2 indicators; one is the salt indicator while the other is a Rinse Water Indicator. This is a free-standing dishwasher that means; it does not require any support to stand and is very easy to install.

This product welcomes us with 2 years of warranty as well. This product is available in Silver Inox color. You can also find the child lock system in it to avoid any inconvenience made by your child. The type of material used for designing the machine is Vinyl coated Galvanised Iron.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB Neptune VX


  • This model from IFB comes under the type of construction as ‘Free-Standing’.
  • The total number of place settings it can make is 12 to provide enough space for your utensils.
  • It provides you with water consumption for 9 litres.
  • Have the water softening device, softens water up to 60 DH for dissolving detergents.
  • The half load option comes up with 3 mode settings.
  • It is manufactured in dimensions as; 59.6 x 59.8 x 84.5 cm
  • The weight of this product is 46 kilograms.
  • IFB Neptune VX ensures washing with 100% hygiene.
  • The energy consumption of the IFB Neptune VX is 2200 Watts of energy.

Cost and Reviews about the product:

Different editors after reviewing the product came to an end calling this dishwasher to be the best Dishwasher in India to buy. It is one of the credible brands that deals in the best build-up quality machines.

It is money, time, and water saver, all in one. I would call it the best choice made for family uses, people on a budget should buy this model from IFB if they are looking for a pocket-friendly dishwasher.

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Bosch Dishwasher

In case you are looking up for a dishwasher that performs high, then we will prefer for you the Bosch Freestanding 12 Place Settings Dishwasher. This great Dishwasher has got amazing positive reviews from consumers. It enables you to save time up to 50% by its PreactivatedVario speed feature.

Preselect programs:

This product from Bosh comes with a delay function that you are able to preselect the time of onset of the machine. This feature enables you to operate and control your appliance justly. The remaining washing time of the appliance can be seen even after the onset of the machine. This can be done by its Electronic Delay Timer it has.

Automatic programming:

Bosch company just like the previous IFB manufacturers

Have got appliances having auto functioning. It ensures the perfect consumption of water and the maintenance of the temperature according to the dishes. It also controls the rinse time automatically. So you need not keep an eye upon the maintenance of all these every time you use the appliance. All you need to do is place those dirty, greasy dishes in it, and will do the rest of the job done by itself.

Availability of space:

This great integrated dishwasher from Borsch has got an excellent Varioflex basket system that involves 4 movable elements. These 4 movable elements adjust the space for the placement of the dishes.

Apart from that, the rotary sensor senses the size of the load, which means they inform you how many kitchen wares can accommodate in this dishwasher to be cleaned.

Levels of Noiselessness of the machine:

If we compare modern Bosch dishwashers with the previous models, we can see a huge difference in the noise production level. This feature helps online workers who need to give maximum attention and focus on their tasks.

The pleasing trait of noiselessness enables you to work even its availability in your room without hearing the sound of dishwasher. Bosch dishwashers upgraded themselves to be quieter in the later models that are a little pricey.

Water sensor:

There is a feature in this appliance that grants you the light beam sensor called aqua sensor that senses the turbulence and the level of soiling of water. The adjustment of consumption of water is made this way.

Crystal Dry function:

The Zeolite packing inside the dishwasher makes a dishwasher efficient in drying off the utensils promoting crystal dry. The material Zeolite provides warmth and absorption of moisture that dries the dishes off very well.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher

Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher

Other features:

  • The Bosch dishwasher is available in white color.
  • This great dishwasher from a trustworthy company grants you 2 years of warranty.
  • The consumption of power his appliance has is 120 watts
  • It is not noisy at all and you would not get annoyed by its 52 dB levels of noise
  • It provides you round about 12 place settings, which means you can get those odd-shaped dishes of yours washed also.
  • The tube material that is used for designing the machine is Polinox.
  • If we talk about the weight of this product, then it is not too weighty and is 45 kilograms.
  • This product comes under the dimensions of 60 x 60 x 85.
  • Bosch too, has got a lock system for child inconvenience avoidance.
  • The available wash programs it has are; Express Sparkle, Intensive karahi, Quick wash, Pre-rinse, and eco.
  • You will get a user guide, inlet pipe, drain hose, water filter, and a dishwasher in the whole package.
  • It kills about 99.99% of the germs and provides you with the hygienic wash in less than 59 minutes.
  • It consumes about 9 liters of water for dishwashing.

Cost and reviews about the product:

The customer reviews for this product is amazingly positive. All of the specifications and features it has is way more than its worth cost.

IFB vs Bosch: Which is the best dishwasher?

After reviewing the products of these two leading companies, we came to an end that both are serving us efficiently and making our lives easier.They are struggling hard to make well-featured and innovative dishwashers that work great in fulfilling our household needs.

If we peep at the price of the IFB dishwasher, it seems a treat, but on the other hand, the Bosch dishwashers stood out regarding their best quality and high technology. But if your top priority is to buy a noise free yet powerful dishwashing machine, go with Bosch.

Both the products have got two years of warranty, but all it depends upon your usage. If you keep it well maintained the appliance will last long exclusive of any objection.

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      I am using this for my home too. We can remove the filter mesh can be clean easily using running water, no need for a plumber.

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