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The busy daily life and then cooking in the kitchen with the old kitchen appliances or methods will make you unhealthy one day. If you are a foodie person and love to make different tasty and healthy dishes for yourself and your family, then you also have a wish to enjoy the process of cooking through the digital kitchen appliances.

Would you ever think of purchasing an electronic kitchen appliance but never buying it due to the fear of high rates and difficulty usage? Then the Wellspire multi cooking pot will satisfy you with its incredible features and ease of use. In this detailed wellspire multi cooking pot review is based upon the customer reviews and our personal opinion about this product.

Wellspire Review 

The Wellspire company has been serving the customers for years with its inspired products and appliances. Wellspire India has been striving to make your lifestyle comfortable and stylish by uplifting you through technology advancement. Their first priority is the needs and satisfaction of customers. Wellspire multi-function cooking pot is one of the best pressure cooker brands in India. It’s durable and convenient to use with its 14 single touch functions and ten safety levels. 

It’s designed by keeping in mind the third generation technology with an attached microprocessor, which makes our cooking experience very simple and easy. All the digital functions are lab tested first and then installed in each cooker for optimal effect. It also comes with eight appliances in one such as a saute pan, slow cooker, steamer, food warmer, gas cylinder, yoghurt maker, rice maker, and pressure cooker

wellspire multi cooking pot

A Wellspire Multi-purpose cooker is designed to ensure safety and protection. It’s equipped with a multi-level automatic safety system. The upper part of the Wellspire cooker consists of the steam release vent, a close lid detection, and an anti-block shield. The digital screen has automatic temperature control, extreme temperature and power protection, high-temperature warning, pressure regulator protection, automatic pressure control, excess pressure protection, and many other incredible and extraordinary features.

Its automatic safety system interrupts the cooking cycle when the temperature or pressure inside the cooker exceeds and resumes the cooking cycle when the pressure and temperature come back to normal.

Wellspire electric multi cooker gives advanced technology cooking with its LCD and digital timer controller that makes cooking easy and enjoyable. You can also monitor your cooking progress on the LCD screen. On top of the LCD, there is a time display which will guide you about cooking time, delay time, and warming countdown. Below the timer countdown, there is a pressure level display with three options that are low, normal, or high. After that, there is a temperature level display with three options that are low, normal, and high. At the bottom, the LCD displays status about preheating, cooking and keeping warm. 

Wellspire is the top pressure cooker brand in India and includes an LCD, which has a cooking progress indicator that means you don’t need to monitor the food again and again. LCD cooking progress indicator will give you access to choose the pressure and temperature levels. Once you choose the levels of cooking for your customized recipe, the graph on LCD will inform you of everything going inside the cooker, from preheating to the cooking process, and then keeping it warm; everything will display on the LCD screen.

14 presets cooking programs are installed in the smart electric pressure cooker that will help you in making the perfect tasty meal. The Wellspire instant cooker will keep your pre-cooked meal fresh and warm during your picnic way. The feature named as the delay time is installed in the cooker, which automatically starts a preset cook mode when you forget to turn off the cooker. 

The inner pot of the best multi cooker in India is made up of stainless steel and has a large capacity to make two dishes at a time. The stainless steel used in making the inner pot is SS304 Food Grade steel, which ensures safe cooking and consumption without destroying the nutrients of the meal. 

Wellspire instant pot also has the steamer basket with it. The basket works as the main element or accessory to make two recipes at a time easily. The raised trivet is also with the basket, which allows you to make a steam meal within a few minutes quickly.

The easy egg rack is also conveyed with the Wellspire electric cooker that helps you to cook and boil multiple eggs at a time with your desired pressure, heat, and temperature. 

Spare Parts

Wellspire has there spare parts available online

Wellspire Inner Pot

The Silicon gasket and mitts are also provided with the cooker. The mitts ensure the safety of hands from the hot pot while cooking the meal. The extra gasket makes it easy to prepare two different recipes back to back by just replacing the gasket, so the taste remains real. 


  • Multi-layered safety mechanism, overheat protection, and safety lock.
  • 14 presets one-touch smart programs
  • 8 in 1 accessory includes a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, food warmer, and has a cylinder
  • Stainless Steel inner pot.
  • Comfortable grip with toughened lid for safety
  • Advanced Technology cooking with LCD display 
  • Steamer basket for making two dishes at a time with a trivet.
  • Egg rack to boil multiple eggs at a time 
  • Includes components: Stainless Steel inner pot, extra gasket, steamer basket, silicon mitts, trivet, and egg rack
  • Three years of warranty

Benefits of Wellspire cooking pot

Saves Time and Energy

Wellspire electric cooker is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance. The inner pot of the cooker is fully insulated, so the cooker doesn’t need to exert much energy to heat up. 

A Wellspire instant cooker makes the meal faster than the traditional cooking method and saves time. If compared with other cooking methods, the Wellspire multi-pot cooker saves your cooking time and energy up to 70 percent.

Retain Vitamin and Nutrients 

Boiling in a Wellspire electric cooker will cause water-soluble nutrients to leach out of food and retain the nutritional value of the meal. The most significant benefit of using a pressure cooker is that they will retain up to 90 percent of water-soluble vitamins, which help in cooking food quickly and deeply.

Eliminate harmful microorganisms 

Wellspire multi-cooker pot has the exceptional multi-faceted ability to destroy harmful bacteria from food through high temperatures. 

Sometimes people also use pressure cookers to sterilize the feeders of babies or jars. Pressure cookers also help to neutralize several naturally occurring toxins, such as the killing off a lectin found in red kidney beans known as phytohaemagglutinin. A study showed that using 10 minutes of pressure cooking of kidney beans will reduce the toxic agents to a safe level. 

Preserve food and taste

Wellspire has multiple functions to keep the meal warm and tasty. Exposure to outer oxygen and heat could make the meal flavorless and dulled color. The digital features of the Wellspire multi-function pot help you to enjoy the fresh taste of meals for a long time. It will also help you during traveling and keep the meal warm and fresh. 

Safety and Protection 

Wellspire multi cooking pot is equipped with the following safety systems.

  • It has a safety lid lock, which prevents the accidental opening of the cooker when it is pressurized. The safety lid will not let the pressure build if it is not correctly sealed. 
  • Wellspire, the best cooker of India, has the steam release vent and an extended handle to keep your hands away from the top valve. The mitt is also provided with the cooker for your safety.
  • The digital and modified system of the Wellspire cooking pot will not let the pressure to exceed from safety level. It also has an automatic pressure controller and a pressure regulator protection, which regulates pressure according to the type of program being selected. 
  • Wellspire multi cooking pot has an anti-block shield that is designed to prevent food debris from obstructing the vent. 
  • There is a lid close detection system installed in the Wellspire cookers which use a magnetic sensor to monitor whether the lid is correctly sealed or not.
  • An automatic temperature control system enables you to not to worry about the burning of the meal and keeps you at ease. It regulates temperature according to the program being selected.
  • The fuses are installed in the cooker, which prevents the power to exceed the safety limits. It also gives a high-temperature warning through sound. 


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Friendly and one-touch display
  • Adjust parameters according to the dish: Temperature, Pressure, and Time.
  • Have a long-range of accessories such as Silicon gasket and mitts.
  • Easy to understand manual.


  • A bit expensive

Wellspire electric pressure cooker is also a labor-saving device at the commercial level. If you want to start a business such as a restaurant, then ultimately you need chefs and kitchen appliances. Suppose that how much investment you need to put in the opening of the restaurant and then hiring chefs and other helping staff.

You can imagine a lot of investment, but if you use faster and easy to use technological appliances in the kitchen, then you can save your money because most of the work from the helping staff will do the electric appliances automatically.

With the help of these appliances, you can provide your customers with a fast service that will result in the growth of your business and improvement. Wellspire electric cooking pot is designed on the basis of user experience and fulfil all the needs of customers. It comes with an 18-month warranty and ensures all the safety measures that need to be done in an electronic appliance.


Wellspire is the top pressure cooker brand in India and is known as the all in one kitchen accessory. But sometimes people look for alternatives due to budget problems. The following are some alternatives that could be used instead of the Wellspire electric pot. 

Geek Robocook Automatic Electric pressure cooker has a stainless steel pot of 8 liters capacity and comes with an 11 in 1 function ability. The appliances it includes are an electric cooker with a power cord, a rice scooper, a measuring cup, and a recipe book. It comes with two years of manufacturing warranty. It is cheaper than the Wellspire electric pot.

The Mealthy Multipot 9 in 1 programmable electric pressure cooker has a stainless-steel pot of 6 litres capacity. It includesSteamer Basket, Silicone Mitts, Paddle, Laddle, Trivet, Measuring Cup. It gives instant access to Mealthy Recipe App and comes with five years warranty on Patented PRS (Pressure Regulation System) and heating element, and a 1-year warranty on parts.

The Instant pot duo has 14 one-touch programs and 7 in 1 accessory functions of Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer. It has a stainless-steel pot of 5.7 liters capacity. It includes a unit of 1000W Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker, a Lid, a Steam Rack and a Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

We have created the Best Electric Pressure Cooker in India based upon customer review and our personal experience.

Our Verdicts

Wellspire electric cooker is the best kitchen appliance and designed on 3rd generation technology to fulfill all the needs in a product. You don’t need to monitor your food regularly, and there will be no steam and nutrition loss through it, and you can enjoy your tasty food. It has ten safety levels for the protection of users, and you can apply a preset timer or delay timer on it.

All these features are not available in any other regular pressure cooker. The users of Wellspire electric cooking pot give reviews that it is the top brand with all the helping and easy to use features at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a permanent solution for easy cooking, then you shouldn’t skip the option of purchasing the best multi-pot cooker in India.

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