HP 316 vs HP 319 – Pick the Best One

The main difference between HP 316 and HP 319 is that the HP 319 is an ink tank printer that can print more pages before refilling than the HP 316 which is an inkjet printer.

The HP 319 has an ink tank capable of printing up to 15,000 black and white pages or 8,000 color pages, while the HP 316 has ink cartridges capable of only printing up to 7,500 black and white pages or 8,000 color pages.

Additionally, the HP 319 can print envelopes as well as the standard sizes for glossy photos while the HP 316 does not offer that option.

In order to make this article a comprehensive guide, we compared all of their features and specifications. We reviewed each point side by side to make it easy for you to make an informed decision.

We know you must be excited; therefore, let’s cut the chit-chat and get straight to the comparison.

Printer ModelHP 316HP 319
Cost per page10 Paise (Black)
20 Paise (Colour)
10 paise (Black)
20 paise (Colour)
Pages Per Minute
19 ppm8 ppm
Pages Per Minute (Colour)16 ppm5 ppm
Tank Capacity7500 (Black) 
8000 (Colour)
15000 (Black) 
8000 (Colour)
Print TechnologyHP Thermal InkjetHP Thermal Inkjet
Print Resolution
1200 X 1200 dpi 1200 X 1200 dpi
Print Resolution
4800 X 1200 dpi
(Only on selected HP photo papers)
4800 X 1200 dpi
(Only on selected HP photo papers)
Supported Paper SizeA4, B5, A6, DL, envelope A4, B5, A6, DL, envelope
Duplex PrintingNo – (Manual) No – (Manual)
Scanner TypeFlatbed Flatbed
Scanner Resolution1200 X 1200 dpi 1200 X 1200 dpi
ConnectivityUSB USB
Borderless PrintingYes, (Max 210 x 297 mm)Yes,8.5 x 11 in (US letter),
210 x 297 mm (A4)
WarrantyOne Year One Year
Product PageCheck on Amazon Check on Amazon

HP 316 Printer Specification

HP Ink Tank 316 All-in-one Colour Printer with Upto 7500 Black and 8000 Colour Pages Included in The Box - Print, Scan & Copy for Office/Home
  • 【All-in-One printer】Print, copy, scan with this all-in-one ink tank printer that ensures clear and vibrant color printing and effortless scanning with the integrated flatbed scanner.
  • 【Seamless connectivity】Hi-Speed USB 2.0 offer smooth and hassle-free connectivity, making your printing process all the more convenient and satisfying.
  • 【Quality prints】No compromise on quality with the included HP GT51 Black Ink Bottle and HP GT52 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Bottle which can print up to 8,000 color and 6,000 black pages.

HP 319 Printer Specification

HP Ink Tank 319 Printer, All-in-One, Print, Copy, Scan, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Up to 8/5 ppm (black/color), 60-sheet input tray, 25-sheet output tray, 1000-page duty cycle, Color, Z6Z13A
  • 【All-in-One printer】Print, copy, scan with this all-in-one ink tank printer that ensures clear and vibrant color printing and effortless scanning with the integrated flatbed scanner.
  • 【Seamless connectivity】Hi-Speed USB 2.0 offer smooth and hassle-free connectivity, making your printing process all the more convenient and satisfying.
  • 【Quality prints】No compromise on quality with the included HP GT51 Black Ink Bottle and HP GT52 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Ink Bottle which can print up to 8,000 color and 6,000 black pages.

Difference Between HP 316 and HP 319

According to our complete analysis, we found a few differences between both devices. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the features of both devices first.

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Cost Difference

The first thing that makes these two devices different from each other is their price. However, there isn’t a huge difference between the cost of these devices. However, still, the HP 316 is slightly cheaper than the HP 319.

To the best of our knowledge, we think this difference is only because of the version timeline. As you can see, the HP 316 model came earlier than the HP 319. Of course, there could be other reasons too.

However, it is enough for people who don’t want to dig too deeper beyond the technical levels. After all, most people are only interested in the price difference, and a majority of people don’t care much about why.

Page Yield

The next aspect of both devices is their page yield. As you may already know this is the most important fact and most people are very interested in it. During our analysis, we noticed that the page yield of HP 319 is higher than HP 316.

Having that said, it is a well-known fact because, after all, you will be paying a slightly higher price. The HP 316 gives 7500 Black pages and 8000 color pages.

In contrast to that, the HP 319 gives 15000 black and 8000 color pages. Although the amount of color pages is similar, there is still a huge difference between black pages.

That’s it; we only found these two differences between the two printers during our analysis.

Similarities Between HP 316 and HP 319

You must be wondering if there are any similarities between the HP 316 vs HP 319. We thought you would ask that question because it is a very valid question. Let’s get straight to the point and compare these two devices here!

Ink Compatibility

HP has been manufacturing printers for decades now. Because of that, they have a lot of experience in making their products.

Having that said, there are hundreds of compatible inks you can purchase for your printer. Although HP has done an amazing job in producing their own inks still, it is very important to use the right ink.

In this case, HP has done a very good job by offering the same specification about their cartridges except for the number of color pages. Although there is a slight difference between black and color page yield, it still won’t affect your printing speed or quality in any way.

HP 319


We have stated a lot of times that HP does a fantastic job when it comes to compatibility. However, this is not just about making sure that their printers are compatible with both windows and mac.

In fact, their printers are compatible with the most popular operating systems available on the market today. You can use your printer whether you have a windows PC, Mac, or even Linux.

So basically, you can use the HP 319 and HP 316 for almost any purpose out there. Whether it is for home office or business purposes, these two printers will perform well in either case.

Having another printer available apart from your main one means nothing if they are not compatible with each other. That’s why it is important to know whether these two printers are compatible with your system.

Fortunately, they are both compatible with each other. That means you can print from your HP 319 using your HP 316 efficiently and vice versa. Now that’s a great feature which every printer should have!

Similar Print Speed

One of the most crucial aspects of a printer is its print speed. Whether you are a skilled printer or just an average user, this feature will guide you in choosing the best printer for yourself.

In the case of the HP 319 vs HP 316, we noticed that they both have similar print speeds and specs. The HP 319 can reach up to 27 ppm, whereas the HP 316 can reach up to 29 ppm.

These speeds are more than sufficient for an average user, and even small business owners will be able to print documents in a very short amount of time! Now let’s get into the HP 316 vs 319 specs and see if there is any difference between them or not!

HP 316

Both Devices Offer Print, Scan, and Copy Capabilities

These two printers allow the users to print, scan, and copy documents. You can use these features for both home office and business purposes.

We know that some people prefer only printing capabilities while others like scanning and copying their documents. That’s why we thought you might want to know whether the HP 319 and HP 316 offer all of the features or not.

HP has done a great job by providing the same features in both printers. After all, there is no point in offering these features when you can’t use even one of them properly!

Both Devices Lack Multimedia Inputs

Another major thing that makes these two devices quite similar is their multimedia input. Multimedia devices such as telephone, fax, and other such types of input devices can not be connected.

Thus if you want a printer that can easily connect with all modern input devices, then neither 316 nor 319 should be your choice. However, it doesn’t matter at all in most cases because these two devices are mostly used in homes due to their economical design.

Similar Copying Speed

Apart from the above discussion so far, there’s another main thing that we almost forgot to mention. The copying speed of any device also matters a lot, especially when you are purchasing the device for busy environments such as offices.

Luckily, both devices offer the same copying speed, i.e., both of them provide 2 CPM color and 6.5 CPM black speed. That means you can copy documents in a very short amount of time which might be great for temporary solutions.

Both Devices Don’t Support Multitasking.

Another common thing that we noticed was that both devices lack the capability of multitasking. This may not please a lot of our readers, but unfortunately, this is the true situation.

You won’t be able to do multitasking which makes them both a bit slow and not suitable for large offices. Moreover, other departments such as banks, etc., should also avoid it because there are usually different types of tasks that need to be carried out at the same time.

Extremely Easy to Use Interface

Both printers, i.e., the HP 316 and HP 319, are very easy to use. Even a complete newbie can operate any of these devices without any experience at all. This is something which makes them good for schools, homes, and small offices.

The user-friendly interface allows you to complete your task quickly without wasting a lot of time. In contrast to this, there are some devices that offer complex menus and stuff which makes things pretty hard for people.

Those types of printers will reduce productivity by a huge percentage.

Both Printers have Manual Duplex Printing.

Here’s another important thing you need to know about these two printers. Both of them include a manual duplex printing feature which is great for those who want to save paper.

The ability to print from both sides will not only save money by reducing the cost of purchasing extra paper, but it will also reduce your time because now you don’t have to manually turn the paper over.


We know that you might have some questions about both devices. So to help you out, here are some of the most common questions that our readers ask us regarding these two printers!

Can I Connect the HP 319 to the Computer Wirelessly?

No, this printer does not support any types of connectivity such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. The only way you can connect it to your computer is via a direct connection (Cable Cord). You cannot use other types of wireless connections that will require it to be connected.

Can I use the same toner cartridge for new HP printers?

No, the cartridges are not compatible with each other. In addition to that, you can’t even refill both of them because they have special chips installed in them, which will prevent them from using refills or third-party cartridges.


If you are looking for a comparison between the HP 316 vs HP 319 printers, then we hope you’ve learned a lot of things here. As you can see, there isn’t a huge difference between both printers but still, at some points even a slight difference matters.

If you want a printer for your home or small office, we recommend the HP 316 printer because it does not cost anything extra. However, for larger offices with more frequent printing needs, you should go for the HP 319 printer without any issue at all.

Moreover, other features of both printing devices are almost the same. So you shouldn’t worry too much about the color, size, shape, structure, and features. Having that said, the only difference is between the price and the page yield.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide on HP 316 vs HP 319. If yes, then please share it with your friends and family. Sharing won’t cost you a dime, but it may make someone’s day.

Thanks for Reading…!

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