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Printers are considered as one of the most important tools to have in a house or an office setting where computers are used a little more frequently. And, when it comes to the most prominent and leading name in the world of high-quality printers, HP remains on top with some of its excellent performing printers at affordable prices. 

The HP Smart Tank 516 vs HP Smart Tank 515 are two smart tank printers by the brand that deliver a lot of features at a reasonable price. In this article, we will compare both the products along with their features to help you choose the best one for use.

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Similarities And Differences | HP 516 vs HP 515

Unique Features Of HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515

As far as these two printers are concerned, they share many similarities with each other that we will now discuss one by one.

  • Both printers can connect with HP smart applications so you can print, scan and copy from anywhere in the world.
  • They feature dual-band Wi-Fi for stress-free prints on the wireless network.
  • You can work with them using convenient voice assistant commands like Google Home and Alexa.
  • The ink levels are easy to monitor and maintain with the integrated tank design and an automatic ink sensor.
  • Both give stunning print quality every time you take a printout.
  • You get extremely low cost per page with a high-ink capacity tank system.
  • There are quick printing shortcuts on the control panel.
  • HP Smart Tank 516 and HP Smart Tank 515 has compact and integrated tank design for space-saving purposes.

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Unique Features Of HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515

Apart from being similar in almost all the features, the HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515 hold some differences as well.

  • The printing technology is different. The HP Smart Tank 516 features inkjet printing technology, whereas the HP Smart Tank 515 exhibits ink tank printing technology.
  • The HP Smart Tank 516 delivers up to 8000 color and 18000 black and white prints in one go, whereas the HP Smart Tank 515 can only print 6000 color and 8000 black and white pages.

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Review of The Product

Overview Of The Products

Whether it is your home, office, or school, there is no denying the fact that HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 are two of HP’s best printers and are a must-have. So, if you are on a mission to find the most powerful, feature-packed printer in the market, it is best to choose a suitable product from these two to enjoy a high print yield per cartridge.

Both ink tank models come with excellent color accuracy as well as print quality. The colors and black/white printout looks vibrant with a decently low cost per print. 

Both of them are fully equipped with a high-resolution flatbed and automatic document feeder to print multiple documents at once and satisfy most of your household or office requirements.

The wireless and wired connectivity options have an amazing range, which ultimately makes them a good choice if you like to take prints yourself with amazing quality and precision.

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Noteworthy Similarities And Differences

Best Printers For All Printing Needs

The HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 feature integrated ink tanks and an automatic ink sensor. Thanks to these features, you can enjoy a compact yet a spill-free system that makes it easy to manage the ink and number of printouts per cartridge.

High Volume Printing

Another feature that attracts many buyers to these two printers is the high-volume printing. You can now print worry-free at 10p for black and 20p for colored pages.

Hassle-Free Dual Band Wireless

With a free and convenient dual-band wireless system, you get a better range, more reliability, and faster connections. It is very easy to print, scan or copy from anywhere in the world with the most advanced mobile print application.

Convenient Management

The prints feature easy-to-fill integrated ink tanks while letting you know how much ink is left in the cartridge. The newly designed ink bottles are particular for each color, which is also easier than ever to refill.

Number Of Print Outs

The most significant difference between HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515 the two is the number of yields or printouts.

The HP Smart Tank 516 can deliver up to 8000 colored or 18000 black and white prints, whereas the HP Smart Tank 515 can only give 6000 black or 8000 colored prints. If we calculate the rate of the machine with the printout it would be 10 Paise for black and 20 Paise for Color. So it is the best printer for shops, Internet café etc.,

HP Smart Tank 516 Review


  • Print more for less
  • Compatible with Connect HP smart application
  • Convenient printing
  • Compatible with voice command services like Alexa
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Needs more options for print sharpness

HP Smart Tank 515 Review


  • Hassle-free ink management
  • Excellent print quality
  • It gives the low cost per page
  • Control panel shortcuts
  • Integrated tank design


  • A little heavy for some buyers

HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515 Comparison

Printer ModelHP 516HP 515
FunctionPrint, Scan, CopyPrint, Scan, Copy
Printer TypeInk TankInk Tank
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, BluetoothUSB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Cost per page
10 Paise
10 Paise
Cost per page
20 Paise 20 Paise
Pages Per Minute
11 ppm11 ppm
Pages Per Minute
5 ppm5 ppm
Page Yield 18000 (Black)
& 8000 (Colour)
6000 (Black)
& 8000 (Colour)
Print TechnologyInkjetInkjet
Print ResolutionBlack (1200 x 1200) dpi
Colour (4800 x 1200) dpi
Black (1200 x 1200) dpi
Colour (4800 x 1200) dpi
Auto Duplex PrintingNoNo
Legal Page SupportYesYes
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)NoNo
Borderless PrintingYes, up to 210 x 297 mmYes, up to 210 x 297 mm
Supported Paper SizeA4, A6, B5, Envelope, LegalA4, A6, B5, Envelope, Legal
Maximum Paper Size216 x 355 mm216 x 355 mm
Scanner TypeFlatbedFlatbed
Scanner Resolution1200 x 1200 dpi1200 x 1200 dpi
WarrantyOne YearOne Year
Product PageCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing HP Smart Tank 516 And 515

Although the printer manufacturers and brands offer guarantees and warranties for their products, it is wise to be careful while investing your hard-earned money in a particular product. 

Let us see some things that one must consider before buying HP Smart Tank 516 and HP Smart Tank 515 for routine use.

Running Cost

After paying the initial purchasing cost of the printer, you need to consider how much you are willing to invest in the product’s running. Almost both the models offer a cheaper cost per page, which is quite good considering their price tag.

Your Printing Needs

You need to evaluate the nature of your business to make sure the printer meets the needs of your routine operations. It is better to opt for an all-in-one device that allows multiple devices to connect to it at once and is able to go beyond the normal printing standards for your convenience.

Reviewing The Aspects

HP has been designing and manufacturing printers for decades. With every product, they bring new definitions to the words experience and precision. Recently, HP has launched its two new printers, i.e. HP Smart Tank 516 and 515, that deliver lots of unique features at a great price tag. These printers are able to perform exceptionally well for everyone and are great for both office and home users.

Let us discuss some of the most important features and aspects of these printers to understand them more and make a final decision regarding the purchase.

Design And Set Up

Out of the box, covered in black and grey color, the HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 looks like a high-end model that might come from the brand HP. The only difference is that HP Smart Tank 515 is slightly larger than the HP Smart Tank 516. They do not have the standard HP printer look due to the company’s adaptation for a new style smart tank series products.

They both are made of high-quality and durable plastic materials to achieve a strong structure. The design is also very minimal. The small footprint makes it appropriate for home and office use. They have an integrated tank that you can easily choose to check the ink levels in the cartridge. There is a small display screen to make communication easy. On the top, there is a scanner tray as well.

Bottom Line – Though both products excel in this aspect, the HP Smart Tank 515 is not heavy at all. It is more compact than the other competitor models and far from fast due to its excellent and unbeatable print quality.

Printing And Scanning

When compared with other models in the market, both HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 deliver the best quality prints. However, some features are only restricted to HP Smart Tank 516, which makes it a better contender during comparison.

Both of them lack the ADF, i.e. automatic document feeder in the construction, which can be a bit disappointing for the buyers.The speed of printing is the same, i.e. around 8.8ppm for black and white prints and 5ppm for colored prints. The scanners here are flatbed and come with a maximum paper size of 30 GSM to print on.

The resolution with HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 is 1200×1200 dpi, which is more than enough to deliver good print and scan quality. Also, the scanner can work at the max size of about 216x297mm.

Bottom Line – Though both machines deliver a good print quality, there is still a major difference in printing and scanning features. The HP Smart Tank 516 has only some aspects available to it, making it a bit faster and easier to print on this printer.

Ink Cost

Both the products have been launched by HP under the category of smart tank printers. It is a brand new series of printers to get a similar output as a standard ink printer but with the optimization of ink consumption and efficiency.

The cost of printing any page is the same for both HP Smart Tank 516 and HP Smart Tank 515. They both can print at 10p for black prints and 21p for colored prints.

Bottom Line – The original ink price for both printers is more or less the same and affordable. But the yield the printer delivers per refill is fatter with HP Smart Tank 516. The ink tank here has been integrated within the machine so that you can quickly refill and use the printer without stress in an office environment for better scanning and printing.

Mobile Integration

Another thing that keeps people hooked to these printers is their integration with smartphones. From giving basic scanning or printing commands to checking the level of ink in the cartridges, you can do everything using your phone. This feature is itself enough to make them a truly next-gen product for every home and business owner.

Bottom Line -Apart from supporting HP smart application, the HP Smart Tank 516 supports other applications like Mopria and Easy Print support. These are some of the most premium apps out there that support printers from other brands like Canon, Samsung, and Xerox.


With a wide range of features and uses, both HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 are brilliant performers. From the beginning, they are sure to deliver the best prints possible. At the best settings, they do not take extra time and give out print within seconds. 

This aspect is highly analogous to a high-quality laser printer, but considering the color accuracy and sharpness, nobody would even care about the wait (if there were any).

Bottom Line – As compared to HP Smart Tank 516, the HP Smart Tank 515 gives more deep blacks and vibrant colors. As far as the scan speed is concerned, it is also great at 2 PPM for A4 sheets. Every print and scan is accurate, so the users can even print from their smartphones to get the best outcomes.


In general, the HP Smart Tank 516 and 515 are certainly the best printers out there. With them, you get to enjoy large tanks and convenient working, not to mention their amazing and spectacular prints. Let us revise everything about HP Smart Tank 516 vs 515 but before that, share the article, and in case of queries, comment below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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