Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus: Which is the Best Water Purifier?

Are you confused about the Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus? We feel you! Let us compare Kent pearl and Kent grand plus to find the best one for you. Keep reading to know more!

Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand plus: A Quick Glimpse

Comparing these both water purifiers has put us in a great struggle. Both of these filters are second to none! Let’s put aside the confusion and delve into the real information. 


  • Food Grade Plastic: Both the Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus have utilized the food-grade plastic material, keeping in mind the Green Earth Initiative. This material is non-toxic and offers you persistence as well. 
  • Mount Mode: Both of these filters share another common feature, i.e., wall mounting option. You can stick them to the wall for a safer experience. That’s a whole lot of convenience for every type of user.
  • Storage Tank: Are you concerned about what’s happening inside? Kent lets you see everything. Both of these water filters contain a transparent detachable storage tank to see the naked eye’s process. Moreover, it’s easy to clean the tank by removing it in a breeze- no need to loosen the screws!
  • No Waste of Water: Both of these Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus features the Re-circulation feature, which re-pumps the wastewater to make sure no drop is wasted.


  • Capacity: It’s one of the top features you’ll consider while buying the best-suited water purifier for you. Let us guide you that the Kent Pearl has an 8-litres of capacity while the Kent Grand Plus comes with 9 liters of the tank.
  • Weight: An important noteworthy attribute that might help you arrive at the final decision includes the purifier’s size & weight. Kent Pearl comes with 10.8Kg while Kent Grand Plus weighs 8.4Kg.
  • In-Tank UV: Kent Grand Plus is also featuring the in-tank UV disinfection technology for purified water for more hours. 

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Comparison Chart between Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus

FeaturesKent PearlKent Grand Plus
Tank Capacity8 liters9 liters
ColorWhite and BlueWhite
MountingWall mounting/ Counter-topWall mount
TDS Control  YesYes
Zero Water Waste TechnologyYesYes
Operation20 Litre/hour.20 Litre/hour.
PurificationROThin Composite RO
UV in Storage TankNoYes
Detachable Storage TankYesNo
Digital DisplayNoYes
Warranty1 year warranty + 3 years extended service free1 year warranty + 3 years extended service free
Check PriceBuy from AmazonBuy from Amazon

Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand plus Features in Detail

One might ask a question that Kent Grand Plus vs Kent Pearl, which is better? If you haven’t found your answer yet, let’s move you through some detailed features and differences between Kent pearl and Kent Grand plus.

Design and Build Quality

First of all, both of these water purifiers utilize the same kind of food-grade plastic material, supporting the design with its durability. It’s non-toxic nature and sustainability for a more extended period is an accurate depiction of craftsmanship.

Both these Kent water purifiers also have the wall-mount placement feature. But in the case of Kent Pearl, you can mount it either on the wall or place it on the countertop as per needs.

The difference between Kent pearl and Kent Grand Plus regarding the design comes in the weight. The Kent Pearl comes in at 10.8kg of weight while the Kent Grand Plus weighs only 8.4kg. The latter is way lighter and suitable for most homes while the former is best for offices and commercial use.

Water Storage

Want to conserve some power or have water in the storage for later use? Kent cares for its users! Kent Pearl comes with the 8L of water storage tank while the Kent Grand+ has the 9L of storage.

Both of these are having the same 100L/day water purification capacity and now coming back to the topic, Kent Grand plus vs. Kent pearl, which corresponds to your needs. If you’re looking for a large storage tank, Kent Grand+ will win the race!

Multiple Purification

Let’s compare Kent pearl and Kent Grand Plus in terms of purification! Both of these water purifiers have the RO thin composite membrane to kill the germs. You might be wondering which germs? This statement refers to the microorganism that is not visible to the human eye and is harmful to health.

Next up is the RO+UV+UF water purification attributes, which increase the worth for both of our purifiers. It’ll efficiently remove impurities like arsenic, rust, pesticides, bacteria, and all types of fluorides. Make use of this feature to get 100% clean drinking water.

Kent Pearl Pros and Cons

Detachable storage tank.No UV in Storage Tank.
Zero Waste Technology.

Kent Grand Plus Pros and Cons

UV in Storage Tank.Storage tank can’t be detach
Zero Waste Technology.

Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus which is better?

In case you want to filter the tap water or municipal corporation water at home, you must go for the lighter weight Kent Grand+.

On the other hand, with a 100L/day max. Duty cycle, Kent Pearl is the runner up for this feature, weighing a little higher.

Secondly, an in-tank disinfection feature distinguishes the Kent Grand+ from the other one. UV-LED in the tank makes sure that the water remains purified for longer durations.

This way, it’ll even filter out the dissolved impurities and stop germs’ growth in stored water. If you’re having the low-consumptions and relying on the storage tank more, Kent Grand+ will be a safer choice for you!

At the same time, Kent Grand+ has only the wall-mount feature making it ideal for domestic use.

We’ve tried our best to present you with a detailed analysis of both similarities and differences. The decision is yours!

Final Thoughts

With the innovative RO thin composite membrane and Carbon Block Filter, both purifiers lead the market right now. However, Kent Grand+ is at the top of the list due to light in weight and having the in-tank UV disinfection. 

If you’re one of those people looking to purify the tap water and make it potable, get your hands on these filters!

Hope this helps to ease your buying decision.

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