5 Best Angle Grinder in India

Are you looking for the the best angle grinder in India? Believe me; there is not even one! The right-angle grinder for you is determined by several considerations.

The trick is to select the best angle grinder based on the purpose of the use, the specifications required, and the intensity of use.

Also, the sort of angle grinder you purchase is largely determined by the ground that your angle grinder will be used.

Thus, the best angle grinder machine in India requires electricity, which can be either string trimmer or rechargeable batteries.

So, whether you’re a specialist, a layperson, a designer, or a builder, this article will bring you across the entire process. So, go ahead and get it!

Angle Grinder
Best Overall
iBELL Electric Demolition Hammer
Our Choice
Bosch GSH 500 Demolition Hammer
Best Budget
Dongcheng Dzg6 Demolition Hammer
DEWALT DW801-IN01 Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder Engineered For Heavy Duty Applications, 850Watt, 4" (100mm) Disc Diameter, Spindle Lock, 2 Year Warranty (SIDE HANDLE INCLUDED)
STANLEY STGS6100-IN Angle Grinder Suitable For Medium Duty Applications, 600W, 100mm, 1 Year Warranty (Yellow & Black).
KHADIJA AG-801 4-Inch/100MM 850-Watt Angle Grinder Yellow (Blade not included)
Best Overall
Angle Grinder
iBELL Electric Demolition Hammer
DEWALT DW801-IN01 Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder Engineered For Heavy Duty Applications, 850Watt, 4" (100mm) Disc Diameter, Spindle Lock, 2 Year Warranty (SIDE HANDLE INCLUDED)
Product Page
Our Choice
Angle Grinder
Bosch GSH 500 Demolition Hammer
STANLEY STGS6100-IN Angle Grinder Suitable For Medium Duty Applications, 600W, 100mm, 1 Year Warranty (Yellow & Black).
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Best Budget
Angle Grinder
Dongcheng Dzg6 Demolition Hammer
KHADIJA AG-801 4-Inch/100MM 850-Watt Angle Grinder Yellow (Blade not included)
Product Page

List of 5 Best Angle Grinder in India

1. Dewalt DW801 Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

  • Power – 850 W
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Max Disc Dia – 100 mm / 4 Inch

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DEWALT Angle Grinder is designed for hard materials and abrading. It is appropriate for a range of technical and do-it-yourself uses. The technology can complete the mission with high performance and speed. The power tool is made of high-quality materials for reliable and successful outcomes. 

Elevated-Quality Voltage 

DEWALT makes elevated-quality voltage and heavy equipment that are built to be as effective as possible. Smart improvements were made to the items to make them more customer-friendly. This angle grinder has been designed for higher-altitude use. Also, it comes with two-position handles for better hand function.

High-Speed Movement 

Moreover, this best 4-inch angle grinder in India has high-speed movement and an efficient 850-Watt engine. It safeguards the consumer and the environment if the disc is accidentally broken. It also preserves them against bursts associated with high friction.

This small-edged grinder comes with an adjustable layout and a lightweight gear case that allows the consumer to easily operate it in narrow and cramped places. 

Compact Electric Grill 

With an 850-Watt engine, this compact electric drill is an increased-performance simple tool. It has streamlined aerodynamics that allows users to work with efficiency in confined quarters. This angle grinder is fitted with an electric engine that generates a maximum energy output of 850 Watts.

DEWALT DW801 Heavy Duty Angle Grinder Review

To facilitate a seamless and reliable service, the engine is quality assured several times. It cuts across high-density materials with simplicity by delivering optimal disc rotational speeds and large torque power.

2. Stanley STGS6100 Small Angle Grinder

  • Power – 600 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year
  • Max Disc Diameter – 100 mm / 4 Inch

The Stanley STGS6100 lightweight angle grinder is a maintainable and flexible method for moderate-duty purposes. This professional-level energy tool is equipped with revolving gate valves for reduced motion, reduced noise, and long-lasting efficiency. 

Efficient Spool locking System 

It comes with a spool locking for fast and simple accessory deployment. It is also equipped with bust-proof protection to keep you secure. It also has a burst evidence protection that ensures the user’s protection, as well as customized air ducts that allow for efficient cooling. 

Streamlined Body 

For slicing, sharpening, and slicing, this tool has been expertly made. It has a streamlined body style that is durable and sleek, allowing for greater convenience. It features a high-durability generator and a double steel handle for long-term use. In this way, the tool is highly appropriate for professionals as well. 

Ultimate Convenience 

Likewise, this power and the best angle grinder for home use in India has a two-position handle that is ergonomically built for ultimate convenience. It provides for a secure trigger and excellent control when using the machine. It increases the smoothness and stability of the slicing. Also, it can be utilized for a longer length of time.

Stanley STGS6100 Small Angle Grinder Review

Amazingly, a strong 600-watt electric engine drives this cordless drill. The powerful motor can effortlessly grind or slice steel, concrete, brick, and timber as this grinder machine runs at a higher pace. This engine is tough and can last a long time, and provide good performance.

3.iBELL Angle Grinder IBL

  • Power – 850 W
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Max Disc Dia – 100 mm / 4 Inch
  • RPM – 11000

iBELL Angle Grinder is recognized for its heavy machinery, and this angle grinder will easily satisfy all of your technical requirements. This grinder is equipped with a 670-Watt powerful motor. Although it has a low wattage, it will guarantee you that it is strong enough for any task. 

Incorporated Wind Conditioning System 

The incorporated wind conditioning system on this 4-inch electric grinder ensures optimal airflow and long rotor life. It enables customers to use the device for longer periods without being overloaded. The power drill has a secured push button that keeps dirt and dust out of the engine. 

Manually Vertical Shield 

Furthermore, a manually vertical shield maintains system security with this electric angle grinder. It preserves the consumer and the environment if the device is unintentionally destroyed. It also defends them against spikes induced by increased sensitivity.

Superb Performance 

Also, the effective 670W motor delivers superb performance, making it an excellent combination of efficiency and dependability. It has a needle locking button that allows you to mount the correct blade. When pressed, the key switches to the appropriate edge for persistent utilization. Well, I don’t think anything else you will require from this machine! 

IBELL Angle Grinder IBL Review

In other words, this best heavy-duty angle grinder in India allows the consumer to run the device without the need for a power supply. It will enable you to operate the machine without having to keep pushing the switch. Its powerful brushing engine will speed up your system at each construction site.

4.Khadija AG-801 Angle Grinder

  • Power – 850 W
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Max Disc Dia – 100 mm/4 Inch

The Khadija AG-801 4-inch electric grinder from Khadija is a must-have for any experienced toolbox. This is a versatile tool that will help you plan and complete a broad range of materials easily and efficiently. It is designed for heavy-duty applications and has a no-load speed of 11000 to have the work done faster.

Efficient Electric Motor 

An efficient electric engine of 850 Watts drives this versatile. It has a max altitude of 11000 RPM and can be used for slicing, grinding, honing, perfecting, and other tasks. It also comes with a helical key that makes disc replacing a breeze.

Two-Position Grasp 

Moreover, a selector button on the back of the unit allows for uninterrupted running and tension-free ON/OFF. A two-position grasp is given on the grinding machine for optimum control in all activities. It can be mounted on the top or side of the unit, based on the mission and whether the user is on the dominant or right side. 

Stone Edge Cut-Off Tool 

Khadija AG-801 4-inch electric grinder can handle objects up to 100 mm (4 inches) in diameter. It has an M10 pulley threaded that can be used to bind stone edge cut-off tools, obnoxious spinning devices, and scraping wheels.

Khadija AG-801 Angle Grinder Review

This grinder is said to have a greater standard of usability due to high thermal stability. While the style is sleek and aerodynamic, it also aids in the user’s safety. It has a two-position switch for easy operation and gripping.

5.Cheston Angle Grinder for Grinding

  • Power – 850 W
  • Warranty – NA
  • Max Disc Dia – 100 mm / 4 Inch

Cheston has produced a capable angle grinder with a reliable 850W motor that produces 11,000 very little rpm for excellent slicing and cutting performance. The consumer can quickly grind or slice with the powerful motor, which has an incredibly tiny range size.

All-in-One Tool 

The method may be used for sheet metal tasks such as sharpness, slicing, scratching, cutting, painting, and polishing. Sharpening, cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing are all tasks that can be accomplished with this tool. That seems cool! 

Most effective Machine 

It is among the most effective tools in warehouses, maintenance garages, and automotive repair stores for extracting extra material from an item. Together with this grinder, you can efficiently handle unnecessary parts such as PVC, concrete, brickwork, and screws. 

Moreover, this grinder shifter rope can be used to bind cut-off objects (diamond blades), obnoxious metals, shredding rocks, mopping discs, and repainting surfaces.

Operate Rapidly and Effectively

Besides that, the high-speed system makes it possible to operate rapidly and effectively. It can be conveniently bolted onto the electronic balance motor. Tensile strength, high-temperature opposition, and fracture toughness are all characteristics of this high-speed metal grinder, so there is less risk of injury.

Cheston Angle Grinder for Grinding Review

This multi-purpose power tool has all of the qualities that make it an essential tool for your toolbox. The value is also very attractive, and based on the specifications, it appears to be a challenging competitor.

Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

If you deal with iron, an angle grinder is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox. Having worked with timber, steel, or even rock necessitates the use of a grinder. A flexible, portable angle grinder would be the one you need the most. 

This machine is capable of performing any sort of cutting, varnishing, or forming task. Thus, this guide will assist you in obtaining the best angle grinder along with all important factors.

Disc Size 

The example of all the discs that can be utilized with an electric grinder is called Disc Volume. The intensity of cutting will be enabled to obtain the next aspect, and it will help to identify. If you want the perfect option for you, choose a disc with a diameter of 7 inches over about. This will enable you to operate in a bigger region with each move.

If you are recommended for a more efficient grinder, I will suggest that you reject it because there is no reason to invest in a heavy and more costly grinder.


The wattage potential of an angle grinder will be shown in watts, with a visual representation of the maximum wattage output. This indicates that the higher strength that your angle grinder can generate is defined.

If you are talking about cabled ones, the input is measured in Amps (A), while battery-operated ones are measured in Volts (V). The monitor is disabled in the situation of the hydraulic grinder.


The pace or speed is the next point of reference, but consider the fact that the one’s way of putting in a narrower object will spin at a quicker rate than the larger versions. 

RPM stands for revolutions per minute and is interpreted in the form of a no-load rate. This enables the possibility of the product in terms of the highest revolution it can do without a disc attached.


Where can this angle grinder be used?

Grinders were invented to grind obnoxious discs. The designers, on the other hand, encountered a plethora of accessories and applications. As a consequence, the typical component maintains the same. 

Grinding down steel welding lumps or smoothing out rounded points is possible with the most effective grinding wheels. However, you must use them appropriately to avoid damaging the steel or concrete. Sanded smooth and ground processing is the next use for a grinder. 

All you have is a decent sealant surface connection to help eliminate spray paint, rough patches, corrosion, and other debris.

Can you cut concrete with a angle grinder?

The answer to this question is no. While it might seem like a good idea to cut concrete with an angle grinder, the concrete would be reduced to dust, and the angle grinder could break from the forces applied to it.

If you would like to cut through concrete, you need a diamond blade on your cutter, but this might be cost-prohibitive and not the best option for most people.

Bottom Line

In this article, I have assembled a selection of the best angle grinders in India available to purchase online. To find any product according to your requirements, you only have to stick out this article. So, make a fantastic choice with this guide! 

Well, when it comes to my opinion, then I will strongly suggest you Dewalt DW801 Angle Grinder. This angle grinder has all the functions as portability and capabilities that are required for successful grinding for home or workplace. 

I have tried my best to clear out all your queries. What do you think about it? Share that in the comment section! 

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