best turntables in india

Best Turntables in India | Review and Buyer’s Guide

Honestly, you never know which discarded technology will be back in fashion. And so the same turntables that were dumped in the 90s after the advent of CD players are now back in favour. And we do understand why.

They offer the aesthetic that a record player can without you having to spend the extra buck. Some of the Best Turntables in India have premium sound, so they are not all looks.

Best Turntables in India

And so if you feel the need to dive into the vinyl record resurgence, you are at the right place. In this article, we shall discover Best Turntables in India with a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide and an FAQ section so that you can purchase your turntable with the right know-how. So let us get started.

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Which is the best overall turntable in India?

Stanton T.62 Direct-Drive Straight-Arm Turntable

Which is the best turntable under 15000 in India?

Denon DP-29F Automatic Belt-Drive Analog Turntable

Which is the best turntable under 10000 in India?

Ion Audio Vinyl Transport VJB01 Portable Briefcase Style Turntable

Which is the best budget turntable in India?

CLAW Stag Superb Plus Vinyl Record Player

Top 10 Best Best Vinyl Player India  

1. Stanton T.62 Direct-Drive Straight Arm Turntable

(Best Overall) 

Our top pick, the Stanton T.62 gives you an elite performance that justifies its price tag. Stanton turntables are the ideal choice for DJ’s and mixers alike, and this one features a straight tonearm to feature as a slider.

Although the weight is a little heavier as compared to normal turntables, it would be ideal for playing recorded music at a party like DJ’s.

Best turntable in India

Besides that, it plays 7, 12 and 10-inch vinyl discs at speeds of 78, 45 and 33 ⅓ RPM and can play any record. Another plus is its high-quality slip mat provides more control. Now it lacks connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB, but the quality it offers makes up for this flaw with ease.


  • It contains a dust cover, slip mat, RCA cables and also a 300 cartridge which is premounted on its headshell.
  • A complete version of DVS software.
  • Dimensions of 45.21 x 37.01 x 8.71 cm
  • Slider included for sound control
  • Volume adjustments up to Ten levels.
  • Designed with two stop and start switches
  • Weight of 8.1 Kg
  • Straight tonearm
It is made of durable and high-quality materials.It comes with no USB port or Bluetooth connectivity.
It is a specialized turntable for DJ’s.Contains no jack for headphones.
Direct drive turntable is easy to operate.

Stanton T.62 Direct-Drive Straight-Arm Turntable Review

The best and ideal factor of this Stanton T.62 Direct-Drive Straight-Arm Turntable is that because of its straight tonearm, it enhances tracking for scratching and its strong direct drive motor, which gives a strong torque.

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60XUSBGM Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable

(Runner Up Overall)

Audio Technica is our runner up pick for the Best Turntables in India. Its whole unit weighs only 2.6 kg and includes aluminium platters.

You can directly connect its phono preamp to your computer, powered speakers, home stereos, and other components as well through Bluetooth or RCA cables.

Best turntable in India

The quality of the sound is top class, which makes it one of the Best Bluetooth Turntables in India. It is easy to use, and setting it up is a breeze too. Its tonearm is attached with a moving magnet cartridge with a replaceable stylus.

While using this turntable, you will experience the great sound of vinyl records and become a vinyl enthusiast for years to come. It offers better tracking with less resonance because of its headshell and reduced tonearm base.


  • It also includes an AC adapter that can handle DC and AC conversion. It has a signal to noise ratio of 50 dB.
  • Automatic belt drive operation.
  • Aluminium turntable platter.
  • Speeds are 45 RPM, 33 to ⅓ RPM.
  • Weight is 2.6 Kg.
Includes an integrated phono stage.Feels light and insubstantial.
Features Bluetooth streaming.
Designed with automatic start and stop options.

Audio Technica AT-LP60XUSBGM Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable Review

The Audio AT-LP60 offers great vinyl features without the need to rewire the whole system.

3. Denon DP-29F Automatic Belt-Drive Analog Turntable     

(Best Automatic Turntable)

Denon DP – 29F is designed with an automatic system which plays your music by simply touching a button. It eliminates the requirement to manually operate the tonearm.

Besides that, when your record is completed, its automatically designed tonearm will return to its actual position.

best turntable in india

The sound of this turntable is good and something only a few of its competitors can boast off. The drawback of this product is that it may not be able to support some of the older records due to incompatibility to 78 RPM speed.


  • Completely automatic analogue turntable containing phono preamplifier.
  • Dimensions of 41 x 16 x 43.4 cm.
  • Weighs 2.8 Kg.
  • Plays 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM speeds.
  • Rigid diecast aluminium built.
  • Contains an installed plastic dust cover.
  • RCA auto cable attached for output.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
Comes with two years warranty.Does not play 78 RPM records.
The sound is especially impressive.

Denon DP-29F Automatic Belt-Drive Analog Turntable Review

Incompatibility to 78 RPM is a flaw that prevents it from being higher up, but it has a sturdy body and excellent sound.

4. Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

(Best Portable Turntable)

The Numark PT01 Scratch is an update on the PT01, and the improvement is an attached scratch switch to help DJs scratch on the go.

It replaces a crossfader, and once you start learning all its workings, it becomes a good detail that makes it extremely portable. Having said that, it is not a professional-grade fader.

It is battery powered, so there is no need to search for the power socket outdoors. The ⅛” line input allows you to listen to your phone directly, and with the USB port, you can connect it to your desktop with ease. It also has a built-in speaker (although connecting to an external speaker is recommended) and a preamp so that using it is simple.


  • Dimensions of 29.97 x 29.97 x 10.16 cm.
  • Weight of 2 kg.
  • 33 ½, 45 and 78 RPM supported.
  • ⅛” Aux input.
  • Battery or AC powered.
  • RCA or Headphone output.
  • Comes with a dust cover and carrying handle.
Battery-powered to help you play outdoors.The built-in speaker is inadequate.
Lightweight with smart design and carrying handle.

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable Review

Battery powered and extremely compatible with the outdoors, so use it on the go without any worry.

5. WOCKODER Vintage Turntable

(Best Design)

The highlight of the Wockoder Vintage Turntable is the exceptional woody finish that helps it stand out from the crowd. It is easy to carry around due to its minimal weight.

And it does not compromise on functionality either with three speeds and excellent sound when connected with an external speaker. There is a built-in speaker, but that does not have excellent sound like most turntables in this budget.

There is Bluetooth connectivity besides the usual RCA jack to help you connect it to your phone. The price is also affordable, and you get a decent set of features at a reasonable price. o it is an excellent mid-range option.

One detail that irks users is that the Bluetooth can be used just for inputs so you can not use Bluetooth speakers and need to use the RCA to connect external speakers for better sound. All in all, this model has an exceptional design that really impresses users and makes it one of the Best Vintage turntables in India.


  • Dimensions of 36.07 x 34.29 x 14.48 cm.
  • Weight of 2.13 kg.
  • Can play 33,45 and 78 RPM records.
  • AUX input and DCA and Headphone output.
  • Built-in stereo speaker with protective cover included.
  • AC powered.
  • Bluetooth enabled to listen to records on your devices.
The attractive design is a definite highlight.Bluetooth does not connect to speakers just helps in the input.
Bluetooth connection increases convenience.

Wockoder Vintage Turntable Review

The woody textured finish is a highlight, and the performance of this turntable is exceptional too.

6. Crosley CR8005D-BK Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable

(Best Built-in Speakers)

When you look at the Best Turntables in India, every turntable does not have a decent built-in speaker. However, the speaker in this Crosley turntable is one of the best in the category.

There are the usual connectivity options available like RCA and AUX alongside the Bluetooth input that makes it greatly convenient. The adjustable pitch control is also a good feature. The build quality seems underwhelming but is a compromise you may have to make in this price range.


  • Dimensions of 35 x 10 x 25.4 cm.
  • Weight of 2.5kg.
  • Plays at three speeds of 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 RPM.
  • Adjustable pitch control.
  • RCA and headphone outputs.
  • Bluetooth input supported.
  • Output wattage of 6 Watts.
The built-in speaker is better than competitors.Build quality could have been better.
Pitch adjustment is a decent detail.

Crosley CR8005D-BK Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable Review

The speakers in this Crosley turntable are especially impressive and can hold their own by themselves.

7. Victrola Vintage 3 Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

(Best Lightweight Turntable)

The Victrola Vintage Turntable gets full marks when it comes to customizability with several attractive colour options to suit your personality. It is incredibly light in weight, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

It has Bluetooth connectivity which gives you the opportunity to play music through any device of your choice. The build quality is decent but could have done with better shock absorption.

Overall, it is a decent entry-level turntable, and its lightweight makes it one of the best portable turntables in India.


  • Dimensions of 35.31 x 25.65 x 12.7 cm.
  • Weight of 1.22 kg.
  • erinCan play records at 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 RPM.
  • Portable suitcase design with a simple handle.
  • AUX and Bluetooth input.
  • RCA and Headphone output.
The customizable colour scheme is a great plus.Not enough shock absorption.
Extremely light in weight and easy to carry around.

Victrola Vintage 3 Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable Review

The incredibly lightweight makes it portable and easy to carry for professionals on the go.

8. Byron Statics Turntable Vintage Record

(Best Protection)

The Byron Statics Turntable is available at a steal of a price. But the decreased price means that some of the features have to be sacrificed too.

One of the first things is the average built-in speaker, which would mean you may need a separate bookshelf speaker to get an acceptable level of sound from this turntable.

There is also no Bluetooth connectivity, which is a feature found in slightly costlier products. The briefcase that contains it is attractive and makes it easy to carry it around.

But the best thing about the case is the durability that makes you tension free and keeps the turntable as good as new whenever you use it.


  • Dimensions of 34.7 x 25.4 x 11.68 cm.
  • Weight of 2.48 kg.
  • The input of 100-240V with 9W power consumption.
  • Can play at three standard speeds of 33,45 and 78.
  • Faux Leather Durable case.
  • Headphone and RCA output.
Affordable price.Speakers are of average quality.
Attractive case.

Byron Statics Turntable Vintage Record Review

The faux leather case provides exceptional protection so that this turntable can last several years with ease.

9. CLAW Stag Superb Plus Vinyl Record Player

(Best Local Turntable)

When you talk about the Best Turntables in India, there has to be representation from local brands as well. And CLAW is a new name that has made a stellar product in the shape of the Stag Superb Turntable.

It has pretty standard features, but the affordable cost is where it might be attractive to new vinyl enthusiasts. If you are considering buying a turntable for the first time, this is a good choice for you to start your vinyl record journey.


  • Dimensions of 38.1 x 30.48 x 7.62 cm.
  • Weight of 2 Kilograms.
  • Two built-in 3W output Stereo Speakers.
  • One year warranty across India.
  • Headphone and RCA ports can be used for output.
  • USB port to connect it with your desktop.
  • Supports speeds of 33, 45 & 78 RPM.
The USB port is a decent touch at this price.Speakers are small and inconsequential.
Compact and affordable.

CLAW Stag Superb Plus Vinyl Record Player Review

A budget option, this Indian made turntable, will do the job while sparing your budget.

10. VINYL MUSIC ON Record Player Vinyl Turntable

(Best Budget Turntable)

When you talk about the best record player turntables in India, not everyone has the budget to experiment.

So when you want something that can work adequately, but would be light on your pocket, the Vinyl Music On is a good option.

It has the most basic functions you would want in a turntable without any unique defining qualities. There are the headphone and RCA outputs to listen to music or connect to external speakers, which are recommended as with other turntables. It can play the usual vinyl records and has an excellent briefcase to contain it.

The fact is that in the price range, it covers all necessary departments and is a good option for amateurs trying to give vinyl records a try.


  • Dimensions of 35 x 25.5 x 11.5 cm.
  • Weight of 3.04 kg.
  • RCA and Headphone output.
  • Can play 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM records.
  • AUX input.
  • Stereo speakers attached.
Steal of a price.Speaker is average.
Basic features covered.

VINYL MUSIC ON Record Player Vinyl Turntable Review

A decent choice for amateur musicians and DJs trying to explore turntables without spending too much

Turntables Buyer’s Guide

Finding the Best Turntables in India can be an arduous task. There are so many viable options for you in the market that it is natural to get confused about what to buy. So you should consider these factors before making your purchase.


One of the most important decisions while buying a turntable can be what design to get. Turntable designs are meant to provide three essential features to the setup.

First, they should be designed in such a way that they minimize the number of vibrations and other resonance sounds that cause the record player to malfunction and produce bad sound qualities.

These vibrations usually start from the motor, which then runs onto the platter, which transfers them to the disk, and from there it reaches the stylus. The stylus is the part of the set up that is responsible for producing all your intricate sounds.

Second, turntables should have a design that maintains a constant speed. As we know, the speed of the motor is one of the critical components of producing better sound qualities.

If the speeds are too low, they will not be able to run it in the best way possible. Some models even provide further power supplies to the motor to keep the noise to a minimum.

Third, they should be designed in such a way to limit and minimize tracking errors. Good turntable setups have the tonearms at a tangential angle to the grooves. This point is imperative in the accomplishment of a good setup player.


There are three types of turntable models.

Manual turntables are the ones that you will have to do everything manually yourself. You will have to manually place the disk onto the platter and turn it on.

Once it has finished, you will have to come and manually turn it off yourself unless you want it just to give off the noise for an eternity.

Manual turntables have an advantage that they have much clearer sound. So if you are someone who can not compromise on quality and can bear doing the labour, these are the ones for you.

Semi-Automatic turntables are the ones that you will have to turn on yourself manually, but once they have finished the song, they will automatically turn off by themselves. So this way, you can save yourself from some of the hustle.

Automatic turntables are the ones that will do everything by themselves. They will turn on by themselves on just the push of a button, and once it has finished, they will automatically turn off the rotating disk to prevent any noise.

So if you prefer ease and convenience over a little bit of lack of sound quality, you can go for this variety.


The next thing to consider when buying any turntable is, of course, the price of it. Remember that turntables are just a component of the big picture, which is the whole record player. So purchase it according to not only your needs but also according to your wallet.

Turntables on average can range from under $50 to around $250. As these are the components that are usually the most important when it comes to deciding sound quality, as a rule of thumb, you should get a good turntable, as better as your budget allows.

The reason being that this is the main technically decisive part of whether the record player will be good or not. So do try getting a good deal as well as a good turntable.


Cartridges are the part of turntables that convert mechanical energy into electrical impulses which are then amplified to produce sound. In simple words, they are the reason why a simple needle running over a disc with grooves and cuts can produce sound.

The things you have to look for in a cartridge are its stylus shape, it’s cantilever, trackability, and generator type.The stylus shapes are usually either conical or elliptical.

Elliptical styluses are much more precise than conical ones since they have a very accurate tracing pattern. They produce the most accurate sounds.

The cantilever is the part that transfers the vibrations from the stylus to the generating element. It should be stiff and light for maximum precision.Trackability is measured in micrometres. The higher the trackability, the higher the precision, and the better the sound.

Two generator types are prevalent, the moving magnet type and the moving coil type. Moving magnets are usually used and are pretty decent at their job. Moving coils are more expensive and not usually present in most turntables.

5.Record Compatibility

Not every kind of turntable can play every type of record. Turntables are specific for the records they can play. The most common record sizes are 12 inches and 7 inches. So most turntables can usually play these records. But if you get a different sized record, it will not be compatible with the turntable.

Record sizes determine how much of the music content they can hold. 12-inch records usually have the lowest revolutions per minute (rpm), so it can hold the most amount of sound.


Are Bluetooth turntables any good?

Bluetooth is a decent option for entry-level turntables. It gives you decent convenience and does not disturb the sound of the budget turntables.

However, when you talk about professional level vinyl setups, Bluetooth can be a substantial limitation that can limit the overall sound quality considerably.

Do new turntables play old records?

It depends on how old the record is. The usual turntables can play anywhere from 33 to 45 RPM records. But some of the classic vinyl records may have 78 RPM, which can be tough to handle for some of the modern turntables.

However, these records may be from the 1950s, so anything from much later can be played by modern turntables with ease. Also, some of the better ones can still handle 78 RPM vinyl records.

What is the difference between a record player and a turntable?

The primary difference is that a turntable is indeed a part of a record player. A record player setup has a speaker and an amplifier built-in so that it can play records by itself. So all a record player needs is a power cord, and it will take care of everything else.

Turntables do not have a speaker or amplifier, and those things need to be bought separately. So a turntable is that part of a record player apparatus that holds and spins the record.

An advantage of a turntable is that it is highly customizable as you can connect it to the bookshelf speakers of your choice, usually through an RCA cable. At the same time, record players have their speakers, preamp, and amplifier attached. Hence, there is not much opportunity for customization.

Another advantage that the turntable has over a record player is that it is much more portable and can easily be picked up, packed and moved from one place to the other. Record players are usually reserved for one dedicated area of the house and are not moved from there. So both record players and turntables have their advantages and drawbacks.

Which turntable offers the best design?

On our list, the Wockoder Turntable has the most intriguing woody texture filled design that is sure to impress many people.

Bottom Line

So this was a guide of the Best Turntables in India. We tried to include options with different traits that cater to different people with varying price ranges.

If you were to ask for our advice, we like the Stanton T.62 for its overall quality, the Victrola 3-Speed speaker for its lightweight, and the Claw Stag if you need an affordable option.

If you have any other model that you think is the Best Turntable in India, let us know in the comments below! Also, share this article and keep following us for more such content.

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