OTG vs Convection Oven | Which is better?

    The main difference between OTG vs Convection oven is the heating methods, OTG uses electric coils to heat the food, whereas convection ovens use electromagnetic waves. The OTG can take up to 15-20 minutes to heat the food, while a convection oven takes 5 minutes.

    What is an OTG?

    These are initials standing for Oven, Toast and Grill. An OTG is a reduced version of the old-fashioned oven. The item uses heated coils to cook foods and needs less setting up. It has an in-built bimetallic strip that helps regulate temperature, warranting the meals are heated or cooked properly.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of OTG

    Advantages of OTG

    • It is light making it portable
    • It is budget-friendly. Many people can afford it.
    • It is a three-in-one item. It has an oven, toast and grill.
    • It is tuned to metal utensils
    • It is convenient for baking
    • It is healthy and environmentally friendly
    • It is easy to clean and maintain

    Disadvantages of OTG

    • It is time-consuming since it uses coils which require time to heat
    • The heat is unevenly distributed
    • It cannot defrost or reheat food and other items
    • It does not have auto-cook functionality

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    What is a Convection Oven?

    A convection oven is an improved version of the regular microwave with more sophisticated features in addition to boiling and reheating. As its name implies, this device uses microwaves to heat and cook your foods. It uses dielectric heating to generate thermal power convenient for heating or defrosting items.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of a Convection Oven

    Advantages of a Convection Oven

    • A convection oven is time-saving
    • It has a timer, so it does not overcook or overheat the foods
    • It does not consume much space in the kitchen
    • It is easy to use since it is automatic
    • It can also be used to defrost frozen items
    • All food nutrients are preserved in the food since the item does not overcook.
    • Convenient for baking

    Disadvantages of a Convection Oven

    • It is not suitable for particular functions like making roti, chapattis or deep frying.
    • According to studies, it uses microwaves that are believed to cause cancer and weaken the immune system.
    • It changes the texture of foods compared to using the stove
    • It dehydrates the foods
    • The foods are not evenly cooked or heated
    • It emits dangerous radiations which are not suitable for human health

    Difference between OTG and Convection Oven

    Though these two modern cooking devices almost have a similar function, they have many differences that give an advantage over the other. The table below outlines their differences.

    HeatingIt uses two electric coilsUses electromagnetic waves that make meal particles waver
    Distribution of heatNot evenly distributedThough not evenly distributed, it is much even than in OTG 
    Time ConsumptionConsumes much timeIt consumes less time to both cook and reheats
    Power consumptionConsumes much powerRequire less power to function
    CostMore affordableMore costly
    Auto-cook functionalityUnavailableAvailable
    Container optionsMetal, ceramic, silicone or glassGlass, ceramic or silicone
    WeightLight. One can move with it more often. Heavy. Hard to move with often
    Perfect forToasting, baking and grilling Simple baking, defrosting and reheating
    CleaningA bit complicated due to various parts like the gridEasy to clean

    OTG vs Convection Microwave Power Consumption

    This is the most significant difference between the appliances. Generally, an OTG consumes more power than a convection microwave when functioning. An OTG has two coils at the top and bottom, which must be heated to pass the heat to foods. Heating the coils takes time and requires more power.

    On the other hand, a convection microwave uses electromagnetic energy to heat the food and does that from inside the food, meaning there is no energy loss in the process. This makes the process faster and easier, which reduces power consumption.

    Which is a healthy OTG or microwave?

    According to studies, microwaves emit harmful waves that are not good for human health, so OTG is better health-wise.

    Which is better for pizza, OTG or microwave?

    An OTG can be better for pizza due to its large capacity and upper and lower coils make the cooking better.

    Which is better for cake, OTG or microwave?

    In terms of baking anything, including a cake, an OTG remains the best option.

    Which is better, OTG or convection microwave?

    The best appliance between the two depends on the primary purpose. They are both efficient in their respective functionalities, but a microwave is better for low power consumption. Otherwise, the decision remains solely in your hands, depending on the primary purpose of buying the appliance.

    Conclusion: Which is better between OTG and Convection Microwave?

    It is pretty hard to tell which is better between the two appliances because they are both perfect in their different functionalities. Therefore, it depends on the primary reason you want to buy.

    If you want an appliance for baking, grilling or toasting, OTG proves to be better. But if you wish for an appliance for baking, reheating and defrosting items, the convection microwave is the stand out option.