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7 Best Brush Cutter in India with Buying Guide and Review

Brush cutters are a popular alternative to traditional string trimmers and are becoming popular worldwide. Whether you want to do lawn work or landscaping or want a cutter for harvesting crops, powerful and best brush cutters in India can make it easier to do. 

We have carefully analysed different types of brush cutters in terms of designs, power, efficiency, cutting width, etc., to curate a list of cheap and best brush cutters in India.

Whether you are interested in buying an electric cutter or petrol powered, for home or farming, we have the right choices for you based on our personal reviews and what peers have to say about the machines. 

Here is the list of top brush cutters in India that you can look forward to buying.

Brush Cutters Reviewed In This Guide

Boston BC-139F

It is a four stroke petrol engine with 31 CC Engine.

Bajaj GK-35

It is a four stroke petrol engine with 35 CC Engine and also 6 months warranty.

BKR Electric Brush

Electric Brush cutter with 1400 / 1800 watts motor.

Best Brush Cutter List

Boston BC-139F 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

Boston’s BC-139F is a leader in heavy-duty performance-oriented brush cutters. Go after this brush cutter, whether looking for a cutter to chop off the long bushes and overgrown grass in the field or for harvesting & farming.


  • Engine Type – 4 Stroke
  • Engine cc – 31 cc
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 1 Litre
  • Item Weight – 9.8 Kg

India’s top brush cutter is equipped with a four-stroke cutter that makes it powerful, swift, cost-efficient, and best to work in rugged terrains. Besides, the 4-stroke petrol engine’s fuel efficiency is far better, and it’s a durable and robust machine for working in large field areas. 

The brush cutter has 3 point and 80 tooth blades with nylon wire, a safety belt & guard, and a complete toolkit.

The Boston brush cutter is a bit heavier for its weight, but the compact design makes it a good choice. This cheap and best brush cutter in India will give you an all-rounder performance for coping with weeds, crops, woods, paddy, foliage, grass, etc. 

Bajaj GK-35 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

Another best 4-stroke brush cutter in India by Bajaj is also one of the best weed cutters in India. The 182.9 X 63.5 X 33 cm brush cutter has a 35CC 4-stroke engine with extra torque with 80t and 3T blades.


  • Engine Type – 4 Stroke
  • Engine cc – 35 cc
  • Engine Power – 1.6 HP
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 1 Litre
  • Item Weight – 13 Kg
  • Warranty – 6 months

80T and 3T blades make the top brush cutter in India a great choice for home gardens, grass trimming, and heavy-duty farming use. You can replace the 3T blades with 80T when you want to cut dense undergrowth, cut crops, or do farming-related jobs.

The light weight of the Bajaj GK-35 brush cutter with nylon wire, safety belt, and safety guard increases its usability in long jobs.

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Everstrong 2 Stroke Brush Cutter

If you’re looking for a best 2 stroke brush cutter in India for home use, don’t look for anything else than the Everstrong Brush Cutter. The 2-stroke engine makes it a lightweight machine that is powerful enough to manage your home gardening as well as agricultural farming.


  • Engine Type – 2 Stroke
  • Engine cc – 52 cc
  • Engine Power – 2.5 HP
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 1 Litre
  • Item Weight – 7 Kg

Besides, the 52CC/2.5 HP engine is paired up with tap & go nylon wire, 3-point blade, and 8- teeth blade.

On the downside of the brush cutter, the 2-stroke engine is a bit noisy and less durable than a 4-stroke engine. Besides, the low cost and fuel efficiency of the 2-stroke engine makes it an expensive choice for professional farming and harvesting.

Like most brush cutters, Everstrong’s brush cutter is also equipped with a safety belt & guard, dual strap shoulder harness, and safety accessories.

Aimex 2 Stroke Brush Cutter

The next best brush cutter in India we have in the box is Aimex 2 Stroke having 52 CC displacement and heavy-duty graded performance with an air-cooled engine in the regular use or professional harvesting. The bicycle handle brush cutter is great for flat terrains to get rid of grass patches or lower spread weeds.


  • Engine Type – 2 Stroke
  • Engine cc – 51.7 cc
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 1.2 Litre
  • Item Weight – 9 Kg

If we talk about the performance of the Aimex 2 Stroke Brush cutter, you get a value for money in this machine having a balanced weight-to-power ratio. Although the noisy engine and lower cost-efficiency can be a deal-breaker if you want a cutter specifically for flat areas, Aimex is the best choice.

Shakti Technology 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

After a four stroke brush cutter, we are recommending you another 4 stroke brush cutter by Shakti technology. 37.7 cc displacement and 9000 RPM make it one of the best brush cutters in the category of heavy-duty machines.


  • Engine Type – 4 Stroke
  • Engine cc – 37.7 cc
  • Power – 1100 W
  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 0.63 Litre
  • Item Weight – 9.8 Kg

However, it’s on the lower side due to 40T TCT blades as compared to 80T blades in other 4-stroke brush cutters we have mentioned. However, it’s a great choice for buyers looking for cheap and best brush cutters in India.

Besides the performance side, the Shakti 4 Stroke has a backpack design and a lightweight and easy-to-start mechanism to make it user-friendly for long jobs. The machine is powerful enough to trim large bushes as well as small shoots and weeds.

BKR Electric Brush Cutter

If you’re looking for the best electric brush cutter in India then BKR electric brush cutter would be the best choice.

BKR Electric Brush cutter is a lightweight and economical choice for home gardens. Whether you want to manage a large or medium-sized garden, you can trust this 1000 W electric motor-powered brush cutter. The electric speed control lets you do trimming jobs as per the requirements. 

The best thing about the BKR Electric brush cutter is a great choice for homes due to its low noise and vibrations. The plug and start working operation and compact design make it comfortable to use. It can’t be used for professional farming and harvesting due to cord power and lower cost-efficiency.

Makita Electric Brush Cutter

Most of the electric brush cutters in India are best to have for home gardeners or metropolitans as the corded technology might not be feasible in farming and agricultural harvesting. 

Makita’s electric brush cutter is a made-in-India product having a powerful motor, high efficiency, and 7500 RPM speed. The easy start, aluminium bent shaft, and soft grip of the handle make it a favourite machine of many gardeners and garden owners in India. 

The electric brush cutter in India is powerful enough to cope with any kind of weeds, short and long grass. The best thing about the Makita Brush cutter is the soft start that prevents startup shock by gradually increasing the speed. It’s a perfect machine for trimming grass in large or medium-sized gardens.

Brush Cutter Buying Guide

What Is a Brush Cutter?

The brush cutters are machines that are used to cut brushes. They are usually small, handheld machines that come with rotating blades that grab the bristles and cut them off.

How Does a Brush Cutter Work?

A brush cutter is generally powered by an internal combustion engine and features a blade that rotates in order to cut the brush.

Types of Brush Cutters

There are three main types of brush cutters:

Manual Brush Cutter

Manual brush cutters require you to use your hands to operate the machine.

Electric Brush Cutter

Electric brush cutters are powered by an electrical cord and require no tools to operate.

Petrol Brush Cutter

Petrol brush cutters are powered by petrol engines. There are two types of petrol engine: 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine.

Features to Look for In a Brush Cutter

When looking for a brush cutter, you should look for features that will suit your needs. Some features to look for include:

Blade size – The blade size of the brush cutter will determine how much hair the machine can handle.

Rotating blade – A rotating blade is important because it allows the machine to cut through large amounts of hair quickly and easily.

Speed – You want a brush cutter that is fast enough to handle large amounts of hair quickly.

Cutting capacity – The cutting capacity of the brush cutter will determine how many brushes it can cut at once.

Enjoy Your New Brush Cutter

We have listed the best brush cutters in different categories: heavy-duty, medium load, and light work. However, if we have to choose one out of all, Boston’s 4-stroke brush cutter is the best in its own category of best 4-stroke brush cutters as well as an overall best heavy-duty cutter in India.

Boston’s brush cutter has 3t and 80t blades with a cost and fuel-efficient four-stroke petrol engine. The heavy-duty brush cutter is perfect for professional farming and agricultural harvesting.

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