Best Generator for Home in India

You need a trustworthy partner and a reliable generator if living in India. The choice of a generator largely depends on power requirements, the capacity of the generator, fuel, size, portability, warranty, etc. 

To cater to the power outages in several areas, finding the best generator for a home in India is necessary.

Therefore, we have come up with a definitive list of best generators for a home in India with different options from petrol to diesel and inverter generators in India. 

After carefully reviewing the performance, customer feedback, and industry standards, the generators added to the list have been selected.

Generators Reviewed In This Guide

Honda EU 70is

It is Petrol generator with rated output of 5.5 kVA with electric starter / manual recoil starter.

Kohler KDG0005P2

Diesel generator with rated output of 5 kVA with remote two wire start/stop capability.


Petrol generator with rated output of 2.2 kVA with supports both electric starter and manual recoil.

Best Generator List

Honda EU 70is Petrol Generator

If you’re looking for the best generator in India, then Honda EU 70is is going to be your top choice.

It is the best petrol generator available to Indian consumers from portability, energy efficiency, and functionality perspective.

With a power output of 5kVA and a price of more than 2 lakhs in India, this is one of the silent generators for homes.


  • Push start button instead of conventional start.
  • Portable with the presence of two wheels.
  • 4 stroke petrol engine.
  • Low oil level alert system.

What we like

Inbuilt Circuit breaker helps to prevent the generator from being damaged due to a short circuit. The 4-Stroke engine helps to get high fuel efficiency by burning the fuel effectively and reducing black smoke emissions.

What we don’t Like

Generator continuous run is upto 6.5 hrs only. So we can only use it for a short period of time.

Oil Alert System.Pricey for budget buyers.
Pure sine wave output.
Push button helps to start it easily.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Output – 5.5 kVA
  • Max. Output – 7.0 kVA
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 19.2 Liters
  • Start System – Electric Starter & Manual Recoil.
  • Rated Voltage – 230 V
  • Noise Level – 85.32 dB

Kohler Diesel Generator

The second product is a diesel power generator for homeowners in India. The metal and HDPA manufacturing to the average consumption of 0.9 liters per hour makes it a decent performer.


  • Model – KDG0005P2
  • Running capacity more than 8 hrs
  • Electric Start
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Canopy with wheel and handle
  • Single-phase, 5kVA generator

What We Liked About Kohler Diesel Power Generator

Kohler is a name very familiar when it comes to industrial generators. However, the company has done a great job by providing a 5000-watt generator for homeowners. It’s energy-efficient, sturdy, and portable.

What We Don’t Like About Kohler Diesel Power Generator

Smooth functioning and high energy efficiency of the generator are features that can’t be ignored. However, the smoke and vibration during the startup process are not pleasant.

Pros and Cons

Remote two wire start/stop capability.
Automatic start with programmed cranking cycle.
Great for homes with a heavy load.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Output – 5 kVA
  • Fuel – Diesel
  • Warranty – One Year or 2000 Hours
  • Start System – Electric Starter & Manual Recoil.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Elemax Petrol Generator

Another energy-efficient generator powered with petrol and having an electric+recoil start is Elemax PEG-2500 BC2. It’s the best generator for a home in India for petrol-powered generators. Elemax is a Japanese brand.


  • Single-cylinder type engine with 4 strokes, OVH, and forced air cooling.
  • Fuel capacity is 9 ltr with fuel consumption of 1 ltr/hr.
  • Smart control system with hour meter, diagnostics system, and maintenance alert.

What We Liked About Elemax Petrol Generator

The portability, super silent functionality in the category of petrol generators, automatic start/stop are the most applaudable features and high energy efficiency.

What We Don’t Like About Elemax Petrol Generator

Although it is an excellent choice for homeowners having low to normal load.

Pros and Cons

Continuous running time of 18 hrs.After sale support is not great.
Comes with electric start.
Compact design and lightweight.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Output – 2.2 kVA
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 9 Liters
  • Start System – Electric Starter & Manual Recoil.
  • Rated Voltage – 230 V
  • Warranty – One Year

BKR Super Silent Inverter Generator

Although the noise levels in previous generators were manageable, the super silent inverter generator by BKR is a blessing. The inverter technology makes the generator double the power with its parallel ready option. The inverter generator for the home can run up to 12 hours with a 50% load.


  • Parallel ready option to connect two inverters for meeting heavy load requirements.
  • An integrated choke/off knob eases the startup process.
  • It can be operated from a distance with remote control.

What We Liked About BKR Super Silent Inverter Generator

The remote control to manage your generator while sitting at a distance, clean power for sensitive home appliances and electronics, and the parallel energy options are features we loved the most.

What We Don’t Like About BKR Super Silent Inverter Generator

Although compact, lightweight, and portable, the super-silent generator is for homeowners with very limited energy needs. Although a parallel power option is given normally, it’s not for home users with a heavy load. For the fact that it has to be mobilized without wheels, weight is on the higher side.

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Pros and Cons

Compact, portable, and lightweight.
LED Light Status.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Output – 3.6 kVA
  • Max Output – 4.0 kVA
  • Run Time – 6 Hours
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 9 Liters
  • Start System – Electric Starter & Manual Recoil.
  • Rated Voltage – 230 V
  • Noise Level – 62 dB

Honda Portable Generator EP 1000

Last but not least is another revolutionary product by Honda. Portability, compact design, and green technology are the best highlights of the Honda portable generator Siel Power.


  • Single-cylinder four-stroke generator
  • Manual String start
  • Running capacity is 5 to 7 hours for full tank capacity

What We Liked About Honda Portable Generator

The high energy efficiency of providing power for 1 hour against 0.5 liters is a very good average as compared to other generators. The compact design and metal structure with rubber supports on the bottom make it durable.

Pros and Cons

Fuel Efficient with 4 stroke engine.No electric starter.
Oil alert system.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Output – 0.7 kVA
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity – 3.6 Liters
  • Continues Running Time – 6.7 Hours
  • Start System – Recoil Starter
  • Rated Voltage – 230 V
  • Warranty – 2 Years

Generator Buying Guide

What is a Generator?

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are used to produce electricity in utilities, industrial processes, and many other applications.

How Does a Generator Work?

The generator uses a mechanical or electrical device to convert energy from a fuel into rotational motion, which creates electric current. 

These devices can be found in a variety of applications, such as in boats, small businesses and homes.Generators provide electricity when the power grid is unavailable. 

What is the Best Generator for home in India?

The best generator for home in India is Honda EU 70is.

Types of Generators

There are two main types of generators: gas and diesel. Petrol generators typically use petrol, while diesel generators use diesel fuel. Both types of generators produce electricity, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Petrol Generator

Petrol generators are the most common type and use petrol as the fuel. They are typically smaller than diesel generators and have a shorter lifespan. Petrol generators also tend to be less powerful than diesel generators.

Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are the most powerful type and use diesel fuel. They are larger than petrol generators and have a longer lifespan. Diesel generators also tend to be more powerful than gas generators.

Features to Look for before buying a Generator

When thinking about buying a generator, there are a few features you should look for.

Overall Size and Weight

One key consideration when choosing a generator is its overall size and weight. You’ll need to find one that’s compatible with the space in which it will be stored and the weight limitations you have for transporting it. Additionally, make sure the generator is easy to operate – you need to be able to start it up quickly in case of an emergency.

Type of Engine

It is important to know if the generator has a petrol or diesel engine. Petrol engines are ideal for smaller generators, while diesel engines are ideal for larger generators. Compared to diesel, petrol has a higher running cost due to the difference in fuel prices.

Ease of Operation

Make sure the generator is easy to operate – you need to be able to start it up quickly in case of an emergency.

With electric starters, you would require less physical effort than with manual ones.

Common Questions About Generators

What are the benefits of owning a generator?

There are many benefits to owning a generator. These devices can be used in a variety of situations when the power grid is unavailable, such as during an emergency. 

Additionally, generators can be used to produce electricity when the power grid is available. This can help you save money on your electricity bill. generators are also portable, so they can be moved to wherever you need them.

Which type of generator is right for me?

The best generator for you depends on your needs and preferences. If you only need to produce electricity occasionally, a petrol generator would be the best option. If you need to produce a lot of electricity, a diesel generator would be the best option.

Enjoy Your New Generator

It’s time for the final verdict on the best generator for a home in India. Among all the petrol, diesel and inverter generators, our favorite and the best generator is Honda EU 70is Generator.

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