Best Car Battery Charger in India

Finding the best car battery charger in India is a big deal, for it is the essential equipment that you have to keep with you. so that you don’t have to worry even if the battery goes off on the go.

Having a car battery charger also saves a lot of money because you don’t have to visit a motor mechanic whenever you have to recharge your car.

Best Car Battery Charger in India

A lot of you are looking for the best options for a top car battery charger in India. That’s why we decided to provide our customers with a list of the best chargers that you can keep at home. With no further delay, let’s have a look!

Top 5 Best Car Battery Charger in India

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Bosch C7 Car Battery Charger

Taglab C8 Car Battery Charger

Bosch C3 Car Battery Charger

TagLab C4 Car Battery Charger

Verilux Car Battery Charger

What is a Car Battery Charger?

A car battery charger is a device used to recharge the battery of a vehicle. It supplies electrical energy to the battery, replenishing its charge and ensuring it has enough power to start the car’s engine. Car battery chargers come in various types and capacities to suit different battery sizes and charging needs.

1. Bosch C7 Car Battery Charger (Best Overall)

Bosch C7 Battery Charger for 12V and 24V Batteries

Bosch C7 battery charger India is the best option for the people who have been looking forward to having a heavy-duty charger for their vehicle. With all types of vehicle compatibility, this charger stands high in the list of the great chargers for the car. Many reasons make it the best option for the vehicle. Let’s have a look!


  • It can be used for both passenger and commercial cars.
  • It is s best choice for 12V vehicle batteries and 24V commercial vehicle batteries.
  • This product also allows supportive charging and gives power to the vehicles.
Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
It automatically detects the power of the batteries to determine whether they are 12V or 24V.Not suitable for batteries with 6V.
To provide optimal battery care, this charger offers trickle charging.
It is dustproof and waterproof.

Bosch C7 Battery Charger Review

The best feature of this charger is its ability to quickly indicate when the battery is fully charged. This charger is equipped with LED lights as a signal. The Bosch C7 battery charger is an excellent choice for fast and efficient charging. Don’t hesitate to purchase it; the price of the Bosch C7 battery charger is quite reasonable. It is widely considered the best car battery charger available in India.

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2. Taglab C8 Car Battery Charger

It’s time to add another option for the best car battery charger in India, and we have TAGlab on the list. Like the previous one, it also supports all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

If you are using the highest quality batteries in your car, you must get the finest quality charger for the batteries, and TAGLab is a perfect choice. Why not take a look at some amazing features of this charger.


  • It provides compatibility with every type of vehicle, including personal cars and commercial vehicles.
  • You can charge 12v batteries of cars and 24v batteries of commercial vehicles with it.
  • Waterproof with IP rating – IP65 (Dust and Waterproof)
  • It can also charge all lead-acid batteries, including WET, GEL, EFB, AGM and VRLA.
Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
It is an intelligent battery charger with 9 stages charging process.Slow Charging.
The trickle charging capabilities of this battery charger help in optimum battery car
Support both 12V/24V

Taglab C8 Battery Charger Review

As far as my opinion is concerned, TAGLab C8 Battery Charger with Display is the best car battery charger in India, which is available at a reasonable price. I would recommend you to buy this product if you are looking for a heavy-duty charger for your vehicle battery.

3. Bosch C3 Battery Charger

Charger status and trickle charging light indicator help us to see the at what conditions the battery.

charger won’t work in dead or defective battery it is just charger to the charge the bike/car battery.


  • Applicable for both 6V: 1.2 Ah–14 Ah and 12V: 1.2 Ah–120 Ah.
  • Compatibility for both two wheeler and passenger cars.
  • screw mountable cables which helps to mount directly onto the battery which is super useful.
Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
No risk of overcharge.It doesn’t support 24V battery type.
One button operation with memory functions.
Customer care support.

4. TagLab C4 Car Battery Charger

TAGLab battery charger is considered one of the top car battery chargers in India. It has an extended list of benefits to provide you with. You can buy it for a reasonable price on Amazon, and trust me; it can do wonders. This fast battery charger has the following features for you. Have a look!


  • Portable and can used in all vehicles, including bikes, cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles etc.
  • You can use it to charge 6v or 12v batteries.
  • Trickle charging capability is there for optimal battery care.
Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
Dust and Waterproof – IP65 rating.It doesn’t support 24V battery type.
Both 6V/12V supported.
Fully Automatic 9 stages charging.

TAGLab C4 Battery Charger Review

Just because of a single defect, I won’t suggest you ignore this option. If you want to enjoy perfect power backup and regeneration on the go, you can keep this best car battery charger at home. It is not a heavy-duty charger, but of course, a perfect choice for a car battery charger.

5. Verilux Car Battery Charger


  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Range: 4-100Ah
  • It is the best product for charging inverter bikes, trucks and cars.
  • This product has 4-100 Ah charging capacity to charge inverters.
Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
Protection against reverse polarity.It doesn’t support Lithium Battery.
Cooling fan for heat dissipation.No IP rating. (Dust and waterproof)

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Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a car battery charger, you have to keep certain things in mind so that you can buy the best charger because a car charger at home must be straightforward to use and show perfect performance. We are giving you a list that you have to keep in mind while buying a car charger for you. Without any further delay, let’s have a look!


The first thing that you have to look for is the cost-effectiveness of the battery charger. If you buy a car charger, make sure that it is not too expensive. You can get a reasonable car charger at an affordable price. So, keep in mind that you don’t need to spill money on buying a car charger.

Select a trusted brand

Keep one thing in mind that the car charger is something that you can compromise on. So, I highly recommend you to buy the best brands in the market. You don’t have to try new brands every time because you should never experiment with a car battery.

Determine the battery cell

The next thing that you have to check is the battery cell type. There mostly two types of batteries used in cars. The one is a lead-acid battery, and the other one is a lithium-ion battery. So, before buying the battery charger, make sure that it can charge the battery type that your vehicle has. Otherwise, the battery will be of no use to you.

Common mistakes people make when it comes to buying a Car Battery Charger?

We all make some mistakes while buying car battery chargers and end up regretting them and want to avoid them in future. If you also want to avoid the mistakes that the people make while buying car battery chargers, you first need to know about these mistakes. The following are the common mistakes that people make when it comes to buying a car battery charger. Have a look!

Battery type

The most significant mistake that people make is that they do not match the battery type of the charger and the car and end up being worried about their purchase. Before buying a car charger, you should ask the shopkeeper if the charger that you are going to buy a lead-acid battery or lithium battery. The shop will guide you then.

Voltage count

The next thing that people ignore is to check the voltage of the charger. Some chargers in the market have 7v, 12v or 24v capacity, some have higher, and some have lower. You have to choose according to your car requirement.

Safety features

When you buy a car battery charger, you must make sure that your car battery charger has safety features like reverse-polarity connection, because if your car battery charger has no safety features, it can risk your car’s life.

Jump start facility

We also call it to boost mode. It helps in starting the car when the battery is completely dead. Jump-start provides 20 to 250 amperes to kick-start your vehicle.

That’s all about the common mistakes that the people make while buying a car battery charger. If you want to keep a car battery charger at home, you have to keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them as much as possible, because these mistakes may appear simple, but it can ruin your car’s battery. So, be careful with the car battery and the fraud companies!


Which is the Best 12 Volt Battery Charger in India?

The best 12 volt battery charger in India is Bosch C7 if you are in budget you can select Bosch C3.

How does a Car Battery Charger work?

Car battery chargers work by converting electrical energy from an external power source (such as a wall outlet) into a suitable form for charging the vehicle’s battery. They regulate the charging process to prevent overcharging or undercharging, ensuring the battery receives the correct voltage and current for optimal charging.

Can I use any Car Battery Charger for my vehicle?

It is important to use a car battery charger that is compatible with your vehicle’s battery. Different vehicles may have different battery types, capacities, and charging requirements. Consult your vehicle’s manual or a professional to determine the appropriate charger for your specific battery.

How long does it take to charge a car battery?

The charging time for a car battery depends on various factors, including the battery’s capacity, the charger’s output current, and the battery’s state of charge. Generally, a complete charge can take several hours, but it can vary. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging time.

Can a Car Battery Charger damage my battery?

When used correctly, a car battery charger should not damage the battery. However, improper use, such as using a charger with the wrong voltage or current settings, can potentially cause damage. It is essential to carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the charger to avoid any harm to the battery.

Can I use a Car Battery Charger to jump-start a vehicle?

No, a car battery charger is not designed for jump-starting a vehicle. Jump-starting requires a different method, usually involving jumper cables and a power source, such as another vehicle’s battery or a portable jump starter. Car battery chargers are specifically designed for recharging batteries over a longer duration.

Are there different types of Car Battery Chargers?

Yes, there are various types of car battery chargers available, including trickle chargers, smart chargers, and fast chargers. Trickle chargers provide a slow and steady charge, smart chargers have built-in intelligence to adjust the charging process, and fast chargers deliver a higher current for faster charging. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Can I use a Car Battery Charger to charge other types of batteries?

In some cases, a car battery charger can be used to charge other types of batteries, such as motorcycle batteries. However, it is essential to check the charger’s compatibility and ensure it provides the correct voltage and charging characteristics required for the specific battery type.


We tried to provide you with a mini-guide about the best car battery charger in India. We know that market has so many best options, but filtering all those options, we ironed out the top 5 best car battery chargers in India for you. You can keep these car battery chargers at home and recharge your car whenever you need it.

Moreover, we also mentioned some instructions that you have to follow while buying the car charger because it will save you from buying a low-quality charger that, of course, are available in the market. You also have to avoid the mistakes that the people mostly make while the car chargers. The long story short, this article will fulfil all your needs and satisfy all your queries about the car chargers at home. Now, you don’t have to reach for the car mechanic to recharge your car, because you can do it yourself!

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