Top 12 Best Dash Cam in India | Review and Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to find the best dash cam in India then you have come to the right place.

There are no guarantees on the road – unfortunate accidents can happen at any time. In the case of accidents, it can be pretty hard to drive insurance claims into your favor.

Best Dash Cam in India

They ask for different proofs and validations, primarily if you are based in India.

That is when dashcam come into the equations. Not just for insurance, but dash cams are a perfect thing for your safety while driving. Safety is the most important thing.

The dashcam is a new and growing concept that revolves around the purpose of safe and cautious driving. There are circuit cameras installed on the ceiling close to the car’s windshield, with the provision of multiple Features, especially the capabilities of recording and reporting.

With the beneficial Features of this product, dashcam becomes necessary for you to install it in your car. But the question is which one you should buy.

Which is the Best Overall Dash Cam in India?

70mai Rearview Dash Cam

Which is the Best Dash Cam under 10000 in India?

AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dual Dash Camera

Which is the Best Dash Cam under 5000 in India?

Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam

Top 12 Best Dash Cam in India

Being a relatively new concept, there is a very prominent chance that many salespeople and shopkeepers fool you into buying cheap and low-quality dash cams.

That is why we are here. In this article, we have a comprehensive list of 10 best dash cam in India and their Features, Pros, Cons, and honest reviews. Let’s get started.

1. 70mai Rearview Dash Cam

Loop Recording 

It helps to auto overwrite the older video footage with the new one, so no need to delete the older ones since it is automatic, and it will save time.

Easy to Install

We can set this camera by attaching it with the mirror by using strips.

Parking Assist Function

70mai dash cam comes with a front and rear camera which records the front and rear view of the car and automatically changes when you put the car in reverse gear.

Full HD 1080P 

9.35 inch IPS screen and captures the video resolution 2560 X 1600, which helps to get details at a higher quality.


  • App for both IOS/Android to preview and download.
  • Digital storage capacity 64GB
  • View Angle 130°
Anti Glare.The sound comes at startup, and shutdown can’t be stopped.
Rear view with parking assist line.The Rear view cam has a narrow view.
Dual Recording.

70mai Rearview Dash Cam Review

70mai Rearview Dash Cam is the best dash cam in India with a dual camera at 1080P resolution 70mai Rearview Dash Cam is the best dash cam in India under 10000.

2. Apeman Dash Cam

dash cam

Full HD Dash Cam

This apeman dash cam 1080p fhd dvr comes with a full HD 1080p screen with simultaneous recording ability. It’s Super High-Resolution 1080p FHD Lens.

 when combined with a 3-inch large LCD Screen, provides extremely clear videos and images – also, it can replay the moment you are looking for even if you are driving at high speed.

170-degree Super Wide Angle

This efficient car camera comes with a 170-degree super-wide-angle lens. It allows the camera to capture long field views and reduces the blind spot – capturing more detailed scenes.

Built-In G-Sensor

APEMAN dash cam went to a high-quality extent with its G-Sensor technology. G-Sensor allows the recorder to detect sudden movements like shake, collision, and crash. Moreover, G-Sensor locks the video footage and does not let any other footage overwrite it. So, it proves to be very beneficial in cases of collisions and accidents.


  • 3-inch large LCD
  • 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • G-Sensor
  • WDR
  • Parking Monitor
  • Loop Recording
  • Motion Detection
Simple installation.SD Card not included.
Glitch-less recording.
Night vision without aux light.

Apeman dash cam 1080p FHD dvr Review

Apeman dash cam 1080p FHD dvr is the Best Dash Cam in India. Many users have claimed it a “decent buy,” “value for money,” and “brilliant.” All these fantastic reviews say one thing: it is the top dashcam in India you can get for your car’s safety.

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3. DDPAI X2S Pro Dual Channel

Dual-Channel HD Camera

We have DDPAI X2S Pro Camera on the 2nd number with 2-channel digital provision. The front camera has brilliant F1.8 WQHD 144Op 25fps quality. 

To the advantage of enthusiastic users, it also has a rear camera that provides F2.2 Full HD 1080p 30 fps brilliant quality, which claims it the best front and rear dash cam with parking mode.

Emergency Storage

 X2S Pro Car Camera is backed by D2 Save Technology, which provides emergency dual-storage backup. Because of this backup, events are saved in the case of failure of SD cards. 

This technology has proved itself very advantageous because unfortunate accidents never go unrecorded when you have emergency storage backup.

Intelligent Protection System

IPS or Intelligent Protection System is an advanced technology that protects your hardware and software from low voltage. 

More than that, it saves the camera’s machinery from the summer heat, prolonged duration heat, and any type of hotness with high-temperature protection technology. 

This makes this X2S Pro Camera able to work in a wide range of temperatures – from -25 Degree Celsius to 85 Degree Celsius.


  • Front camera: 4MP with CMOS Sensor
  • Rear camera: 120-degree wide-angle
  • QHD 2K Loop Recording
  • Remote Snapshot
  • Time Lapse Parking Mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • G Sensor
  • GPS
  • WDR
  • Storage support up to 128GB
A 10-second video on just a click.Doesn’t support more than 128 GB Card.
3rd Generation Remote Snapshot.
Add-a-circuit fuse kit included.
Automatic download.

DDPAI X2S Pro Dual Channel Review

This excellent product has proved itself very beneficial in cars and has satisfied almost every user.

 Customers have written amazing reviews about it, a few of them which include appreciations like “excellent product for a dashcam,” and “nice product, outstanding service.”

4. AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dual Dash Camera

Phone App

AKASO Car is available for both IOS/Android to view, download, and share the footage.

Loop Recording

It helps to automatically delete the older video footage to save the new video.No need to format the card once the card is full.

Dual Recording

It has dual lens front and rear side of the dashcam each have a wide-angle of 170°

Parking Monitor

It captures when there is little impact in the car records up to 30 seconds after the impact.

File Transfer

Video footage can be transferred from dash cam to other devices via WiFi.


  • 170° Wide Angle view
  • G sensor protection
  • 128 GB support
  • Dual Recording
  • GPS Positioning
It can record video at 2K resolution.Audio from the recorded video has a buzzing noise.
Driver fatigue reminder.
Built-in G-sensor and Emergency lock.

5. Transcend Drive Pro Dash Cam

Excellent Lens and Display

Transcend dash cam that does its job entirely. Apart from its stylish, sleek structure, it provides a clear-cut vision with its innovative lens design. It captures what most miss and records critical moments instantly.

Transcend Drive Pro’s 120-degree wide-angle view, and high resolution makes it the best dash cam for an SUV.

Dual Lens

Transcend drivepro has two lenses, both featured with great functions, making it the best front and rear dash cam with parking mode. 

The front lens’s ultra-wide-angle of 140-degree is for a larger view and can be rotated up and down to 20-degrees.

The back lens having a 120-degree wide-angle view and high resolution makes it a perfect cam for your car.

Great Additional Features

This product comes with perfect additional Features – which counts for something big and productive. Apart from the inclusion of 16 GB SD Card, it has very low noise and captures high-quality images even in the dark. In addition to that, Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in microphone and speaker make the use more convenient.


  • Front lens (140-degree wide)
  • Rear lens (120-degree wide)
  • Two images at the same time
  • Wi-FI
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Ultra-clear night vision
  • Automotive turning and recording
  • Notifies on collision or crash
  • Notifies when you leave your lane
  • Sony image sensor
  • GPS
  • Handy Snapshot
  • Headlight reminder
  • Driver fatigue alert 
Emergency recording.Expensive
Dual-lens camera.
Stylish and unique design.
16 GB SD Card included.

Transcend drive pro dash cam Review

Transcend, being a pro in dashcams, is obvious to receive well-acclaimed reviews.

Specifically, this Drive Pro by Transcend is a dashcam that received accurate reviews like “good choice if you buy locally in India,” “good feature reach and a reasonable price,” and “it works well this cam the best dual dash cam India.

6. DDPAI Mini3 Car Dash Camera

Best Rated Dash Cam 2018

DDPAI is the second mention in this list – and why wouldn’t it be? DDPAI’s Mini3 dash cam for the car is one of the best models out there. 

In 2018, DDPAI Mini 3 won the “IF Forum International Design Award” and “German Reddot Design Award” for its technological brilliance.

This cam has a signature low-profile structure. And its compaction allows it to stay hidden but keep vigilance on the road for you every second.

Excellent Vision and Display Quality

DDPAI Mini 3 comes with QHD 3K 1600p display quality with WDR, and F1.8 lens for absolutely clear night vision.

Technological Upgrade

This product has been upgraded with efficient functions. It now provides a wide range of temperature – -25-degree Celsius to 85-degree Celsius, which means that you can have your camera connected even in peak summers and long drives. 

This has been made possible due to the replacement of the LCD and Lithium-ion battery with a supercapacitor, allowing longer and healthier working capacity.


  • 3K 1600p Resolutions
  • Built-In 32GB storage
  • Wide-angle lens
  • WDR
  • G-Sensor
  • 24h Parking Mode (optional)
  • Supercapacitor
Built-in 32 GB storage.DDPAI hardwire kit has to be bought for time lapse.
Excellent upgraded quality.
Time-lapse recording

DDPAI Mini3 Car Dash Camera Review

DDPAI is a brand known for its mind-blowing upgraded dash cam models. And this one is nothing different. DDPAI Mini 3 won several awards on international forums in 2018 for its technological capacity.

Its amazing Features make the reviewers write “great product,” and “perfect dash cam to record movement.”

7. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

Six Glass Lens

xiaomi is a brand that doesn’t need any recognition – it is a well-known brand in India. Its 6-glass lens Features 1944p FHD quality, accompanied by F1.8 and WDR 140-degree wide-angle. 

This wide-angle allows the camera to be adjusted according to exposure and brightness – and capture the detailed view in both darkness and light.

Defog Algorithm

xiaomi 70mai dash cam pro smart dashcam runs on Defog Algorithm – which means that it effectively reduces all the particles like dust, fog, smoke, and haze to produce an image that is free from any slight distortion and degradation.

Built-In G Sensor

G Sensor is a very prominent feature in dash cams, but its speed of detection determines its efficiency. Luckily, in 70mai dash cam, G-sensor detects any collision or motion and locks its video in emergency storage. Emergency storage prevents the video from being overwritten and is very helpful in insurance cases.


  • 2K 1994p QHD Recording.
  • G-Sensor.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Emergency Recording.
  • Voice and App Control.
  • Parking monitor.
  • Defog Algorithm.
  • Upgraded built-in 500mAh battery.
  • 140-degree wide-angle.
Camera angle adjustability.GPS Module is not included in the package.
Dust and fog removal.Connectivity issue is reported.
Excellent picture quality.

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Review

70mai is a notable brand in dash cams. Most people buy it because of the brand name, but we are going to give you an honest review. It has received a lot of happy and satisfied reviews from experienced users. 

8. Campark R10 Mirror Dash Cam

Parking Monitor

When the impact happens, the camera will turn automatically and start taking video.

Rear camera

140° view angle with an IP68 waterproof rating.


10 Inch Touchscreen display 

Front Camera

170° front wide-angle view

Travel Lapse

It helps to compress the long video into a shorter video by 2x,4x,8x speed.

Built-in GPS

It can display current driving speed and direction.

Operating Temperature

(-4°F to 170°F) or (-20°C to 76°C)


  • Front Cam: Full HD 1080p.
  • Rear Cam: 720p.
  • 3-inches large screen.
  • 170-degree wide-angle.
  • G-Sensor.
  • Loop Recording.
  • Parking Mode.
  • Reverse Mode.
  • WDR Technology.
Touchscreen DisplayNo WiFi support.
G-sensor for accident locker.No app to connect.
Flexible Front Camera

9. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam 

360° Rotatable Camera

B1W dash cam supports 360° rotation, and it makes it easy to adjust lens angle.

Super Capacitor

B1W dash cam uses a dual super capacitor instead of lithium battery in order to achieve a wide range of operating temperature

Operating Temperature

Temperature ranges from -25°C to 85°C

Built-in WiFi

B1W dash cam with WiFi connection helps to connect to other devices like smartphones to view footage and download it with removing SD card.

Parking Mode

B1W dash cam has an in-built G sensor; when an impact is detected, the camera starts video recording for 30 seconds automatically. Note: Separate Hardware kit is needed to achieve the 24H parking mode function.


  • 150°Wide Angle.
  • 1080P Resolution.
  • Memory supports up to 64 GB.
  • Weight 222g
LightweightNo display screen.
Built-in WiFiThe audio quality is poor.
Auto loop.

10. 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S

Perfect Car Recorder

As it is said above, 70mai is a well-known brand. Its model, 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S, is nothing less than the best. This masterpiece will overwrite the oldest footage with the new one so memory can stay normally-working with seamless recording. 

This feature accompanies the integrated space that will only be used in case of emergency shots – that will be captured by amazing G-Sensor.

Voice Command

1S, the best dash cam for SUV, can operate on human voice command. It makes an immediate response when it comes to following the instructions. With limited (6) oral instructions, this device can be far more convenient.

Light Indicator

70mai’s 1S comes with the ring-shaped light indicator that shows three different colors presenting the device’s working status. Blue means the device starts, green shows normal working status, and red denotes some abnormal activity with the device.

This light indicator prevents you from wasting time while checking your camera – as it gives you updates about the system’s health.


  • 1080p Full HD
  • 130-degree wide view angle
  • Emergency recording
  • G- Sensor
  • Loop Recording
  • Voice Control
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Light indicator for Device’s Status
Voice command.App has to be disconnected while recording.
Wi-Fi and App enabled.Mini car cameras have to be connected with external for continuous DVR use.
Clear vision.

70mai Smart Dash Cam Review

1S is one of the most used models of dash cam for cars produced by the 70mai brand. Its reviews are brutally honest – because it has been in the market for quite a pleasant and gaining time – and that is what makes it the Best Dash Cam in India

11. 1600P Car Dash Cam

Wide View Dash Cam

DDPAI, a brand we are now very familiar with, surprises us with, yet, another new model of dash cam for cars which provides 1600p picture quality with 4-lane comprehensive angle view.

Perfect Vision

The 1600p model accompanies excellent Features – especially its perfect vision due to F1.8 aperture, WDR, and HD footage even in the night time.

Variety of additional Features

Apart from its brilliant sleek, compact, and stylish design that doesn’t affect your car’s look, it provides great additional Features. For instance, you can view real-time footage on your phone, G-sensor for sudden recording, video locker, and its brilliant built-in 32 GB capacity that can record videos up to 7 to 8 full days.


  • 1600p
  • 32 GB Built-in storage
  • F1.8 Aperture
  • WDR
  • Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor
  • Mobile App connectivity
Automatic incident video locker.No GPS.
HD night vision.Expensive.
Metal-made, alloy-based camera structure.

1600P Car Dash Cam Review

DDPAI’s dashcam recorder is backed up by multiple unique and techy Features. If you know your thing, you are bound to appreciate it. So do the users with reviewers declaring statements like “the best dash car camera on the market,” and “great video quality.”

12. Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

G sensor

Procus Iris Car Dash Camera helps to record the video and lock it while the impact has been detected.

Parking Monitor

Switch on the parking monitor function helps to record the video while the car is parked.

Motion Detection

This feature allows us to record and save the videos automatically, even in standby mode.

Cyclic Recording 

It allows the dash cam to overwrite the old video with the new footage.


  • 120° wide-angle lens. 
  • Maximum Capacity 32 GB.
  • 1080P Resolution.
  • Screen display size 2 Inches.
Six months warranty.Night vision is not great.
HD night vision.Poor sound quality
Motion Detection.

Dash Cam Buyer’s Guide

It is important to know ‘dos and don’ts’ when you buy a dashcam for your car. Some important things people usually ask when buying a dashcam are below, and we think you should know that – it helps.

What to look for in the best dash cam in India?

The first thing to look for is camera quality, and it shouldn’t be less than 2 MP, even if you are buying a very cheap one. However, the wiser choice would be to go for better cameras.

Dual lens cam recording is unnecessary, but it helps if you want inside footage of the car. Apart from that, the field view angle should be of a higher degree (not less than 120), and picture quality shouldn’t be less than 30 fps.

G-Sensor, Emergency Recording, and Integrated Space for Video Locking are some Features that are very beneficial in case of accidents. They mainly help when it comes to insurance. Pray that you never need them, but it’s okay if your car is backed by maximum security.

Night Vision is something that people overlook, but it is vital in case of thefts and break-ins. The motion detector is also one of the essential functions of dashcam – do not buy if dash cam doesn’t have that.

The battery is a critical factor here. Most cameras come with good batteries, but they do not support parking mode (overnight work for battery). But if you want parking mode, make sure the battery is enough to work during the day and night.

Some additional features are Wi-Fi, Mobile App, and Geo-fencing. They just add to the convenience, and of course, cost.

Cost is an important factor, and it solely depends on Features – the more you get, the higher you pay. The wise idea would be to set your budget before shopping, so you’d know how high you are allowed to go.

What are the “Advantage” and “Disadvantage” of using a dash cam in India?


First of all, these dash cams are a great way to win over insurance claims. Other than that, they are a great way to ensure the safety and security of the car when you are driving and when you are not.

Some high-tech cameras like Transcend Drive Pro can give you a warning before the collision and other threatening events. These warnings can prevent significant and irreparable endangerment.


As for drawbacks, there is a higher chance that your dash cam might get stolen, and it will be gone before you respond to the motion detection warning. A threat of being stolen is so massive for some people that they might not put it up even when they need it.

Apart from that, there is a lot more effort and caretaking required when using the dashcam as a newbie. If you think the cost and recording inconvenience isn’t worth it, a dashcam isn’t for you.

What are the applications of the dash cam in India?

There are many uses and applications of dash cams in India. It can keep an eye on the incidents and protect you from one. In India, most people jump in front of the car (incidentally), and the driver is the one to pay the price, dash cams can settle the matter legally.

More importantly, in the Parking Mode, you can have live stream footage on your phone. Motion Detection also prevents thefts that could victimize your car.

Common mistakes people make when choosing a dash cam for cars?

Most people commit some mistakes that we do not want you to do – so you can buy a better one. People buy cheap ones, thinking that it is a better deal. But in reality, cheap ones have little-to-none durability, come without any warranty, and you will regret buying it after a few months of use.

Another mistake people commit is that they choose one of the “famous” brands. Remember, you need to take a close look at its functions and Features, its warranty policies, provisions, and then cost – buying just because it is “brand” will not get you a good deal. 


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It is evident that having a dash cam installed in your car is better than not having it but pray that you may never have to use it in legal matters. There are different useful advantages to having a dash cam. We discussed it individually for each of the branded products. We hope this information will help you conclude and decide.

After going through the most prominent questions and difficulties people go through while buying a dash cam, you can be aware beforehand what positives and negatives dash cam will bring in your life.

We hope you like our top 10 best dash cam in India if you find it useful kindly share with the person to whom this post will be useful.

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