Bosch Aquatak 110 vs 120: Pressure Washer Showdown

Struggling to decide between the “Bosch Aquatak 110 vs 120” pressure washers? We break down their features and differences, making it easy for you to select the right pressure washer for your cleaning projects.

Explore their capabilities and functionalities to make an informed decision and achieve effective cleaning results.

Comparison Between Bosch Aquatak 110 and Bosch Aquatak 120 

FeaturesBosch Aquatak 110Bosch Aquatak 120 
Motor Power1300 W1500 W
Hose Length3 Meter5 Meter
Pressure110 bar120 bar
Maximum Flow Rate5.5 Litre/Minute5.8 Litre/Minute
Pressure GunYesYes
Pressure washerYesYes
Warranty6 Months6 Months
Product PageBuy at AmazonBuy at Amazon

Difference Between Bosch Aquatak 110 vs 120

The main difference between the Bosch Aquatak 110 and the Bosch Aquatak 120 pressure washers is centered around their motor power and maximum flow rate. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of these divergences:

  • Motor Power: The Bosch Aquatak 110 has a motor power of 1300W, while the Bosch Aquatak 120 has a slightly higher motor power of 1500W. A higher motor power usually results in a more powerful water jet and increased cleaning efficiency.
  • Pressure: The Bosch Aquatak 110 has a maximum pressure of 110 bar, whereas the Bosch Aquatak 120 offers a slightly higher maximum pressure of 120 bar. A higher pressure rating enables the removal of stubborn dirt and grime more effectively.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: The Bosch Aquatak 110 has a maximum flow rate of 5.5 liters per minute, while the Bosch Aquatak 120 has a slightly higher flow rate of 5.8 liters per minute. A higher flow rate allows for quicker and more efficient cleaning.
  • Hose Length: The hose length of the Bosch Aquatak 110 is 3 meters, whereas the Bosch Aquatak 120 comes with a longer hose length of 5 meters. The longer hose length provides greater reach and flexibility during cleaning tasks.

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