Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I vs SMS46KI03I

Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I vs SMS46KI03I

Discover the best dishwasher based on your needs by comparing the top models from
bosch SMS66GI01I and SMS46KI03I.

Both offer good features and performance, but which will be the best fit for you? Let’s take a closer look and find the BEST One for you.

SMS66GI01I vs SMS46KI03I Side by Side:






13 Place Settings

14 Place Settings

No. of Wash Programs

6 Wash Programs

6 Wash Programs

Noise Level

52 dB

46 dB

Water usage in program (ECO 50)

13 Litre

11-14 Litre

3rd Rack



Max. Intake Water Temp

25 °C

60 °C




Aqua Stop



Interior Light



Removable Top



Drying System

Inherent Heat

Heat exchanger

Energy usage in program (ECO 50)

1.02 kWh

0.92 kWh

Built-in / Free-standing




84.5 x 60 x 60 cm

84.5 x 60 x 60 cm


44.4 Kg

52.1 kg

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Difference Between SMS66GI01I and SMS46KI03I


AquaStop is a safety feature that stops water from the outlet tap if there is a water leak inside the dishwasher and drains the remaining water.

SMS46KI03I comes with an AquaStop feature, but SMS66GI01I doesn’t have this feature.


SMS46KI03I have 14 place settings with the 3rd rack so that it can support more vessel where, whereas SMS66GI01I have only 13 place settings with no 3 racks.

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Energy Consumption

SMS66GI01I consumes more energy when compared with SMS46KI03I.

Water Temperature

SMS46KI03I can take water up to a Maximum of 60°C, which means we don’t need to bother about its afternoon water may get too hot in the water tank. We can operate the dishwasher any time of the day.

SMS66GI01I can able to operate once it reaches 25°C or below. So we need to wait until the outlet water temperature is low and it can work specific time of the day.

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Other Features

SMS46KI03I’s noise level (46 dB) is less, water consumption (13 Litre) is less, and it comes with interior light and is heavier (52.1 Kg) than another one.

SMS66GI01I’s noise level (52 dB) is high, water consumption (11-14 Litre) is more, and it doesn’t have interior light and weight (44.4 Kg) is lighter than another one.

Bottom Line

The price difference comes to around Rs. 19,000 – 20,000. If your family is big and you need to clean more utensils daily with the aquastop feature, go with SMS46KI03I.

Suppose Aqua Stop doesn’t matter much to you. Select this SMS66GI01I. I would select this and save some good money. Hope you like this comparison between SMS66GI01I and SMS46KI03I.

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