Best car jump starter in India

Best Car Jump Starter in India

Are you tired of having to go through an unpleasant situation where your car breaks up with you? The battery decides to act funny, and you no longer know what to do? It’s usually when you have to run a highly important errand, and your car stops.

Best Car Jump Starter in India

It stops, and you roam around the streets, making calls to whoever might be available to help you with your unfortunate luck.

You don’t have to worry anymore as we have lined up the best car jump starter in India before you, which is sure to save you from such hassle every time.

Top 5 Best Car Jump Starter in India

We have lined up the best car jump starter in India so that you don’t have to waste your time and energy while browsing several web pages. It’s always better to have it all in one place rather than switching tabs and windows.

1. Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable 

Nekteck car jump starter portable is among the top car jump starters in India for obvious reasons; impressive features and a compact body. The jump starter is a powerhouse with a 12,000mAh battery capacity, which is able to charge a cell-phone, tablet, laptop, and car’s battery.

One of the plus points is that the Nekteck car jump starter comes with a micro USB cable to make sure you charge any device, be it a car’s battery or a cell phone, with great ease. Flexibility is what we all desire, don’t we?

Moreover, the Nekteck jump starter provides 500 amps of a power jump, which perfectly gets your 5L gas or 3L diesel cars going. Also, lawnmowers, bikes, and ATVs are also supported by the Nekteck car jump starter.

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  • 500A power jump start.
  • 12,000mAh battery capacity.
  • Compact body.
  • 12V.
Supports multiple devices and vehicles.No guarantee/warranty available.
Value for money.
High portability ratio.

The Nekteck car jump starter portable surely deserves to be among the best car jump starters in India due to its value for money and high portability ratio. It can fit into your back pocket, as the product’s manufacturer claims!

However, one negative point is that the product doesn’t come with a guarantee or warranty whatsoever. The factor can make people skeptical about the purchase.

2. Stanley Fatmax J7CS Jump Starter

The Stanley FATMAX jump starter falls into the top car jump starter in India and has proved its worth and place in the market. The plus point which has been drawing people’s attention is the built-in air compressor feature.

The product offers a 350 instant/700 peak battery, which can provide an excellent jump start. Moreover, the Stanley FATMAX has a 120-psi compressor, which comes with a backlit gauge. Also, triple 3.1Amp USB-outlets for charging multiple devices.

The Stanley FATMAX jump starter’s portability ratio lacks a few pounds, weighing 10.6 pounds. This is a factor to consider for those who prefer a high portability ratio.

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  • 350 instant/700 peak battery jump-start.
  • 120 PSI air compressor.
  • Backlit gauge.
  • 3.1 triple USB ports.
Built-in air compressor feature.Frequent maintenance required.
Works great in cold weather.

The product has made its way to the list of best car jump starters in India due to its air compressor feature. As an old saying goes, “Everything comes with certain flaws.” This is exactly the case with the Stanley FATMAX product.

Despite having one excellent feature, i.e., air compressor, the product requires high maintenance. Many users who have purchased the product complain about frequent maintenance. This factor has become a no-no to some people due to being unable to carry out frequent maintenance due to busy schedules.

Hence, it works great for those who can keep up with such a task; however, it’s not the right choice for those who can’t. Make sure you make a wise decision.

3. Tacklife T6 Car Jump Starter

The Tacklife T6 is an excellent choice when it comes to car jump starters, which is why the product falls among the top car jump starters in India. The Tacklife Comes with a 600A peak battery jump-start and a 12V auto-battery booster. This has proved to be a great investment due to its performance and long life.

The battery has a massive 16,500mAh with a power jump that supports 6.2L gas, 5.0L diesel. Also, the Tacklife T6 jump starter offers a power-pack with a high portability ratio for SUVs, sedans, and trucks. The multiple vehicle types charging is an impressive feature that has won the product to many users.


  • 600A peak battery
  • 12V auto-battery booster
  • 16,500mAh capacity
  • 6.2L gas, 5.0L diesel supported.
Multiple vehicles charging supported.It might require frequent recharging
Long-lasting battery.

This has already proved the point that the product is one of the best car jump starters in India. Not only the rating says it all, but the actual performance and features are what we are going for.

Hence, this product is totally worth investing in. However, a few complaints have surfaced regarding the recharging. The product might require frequency recharging, which can be a nuisance to some. Apart from that, everything seems to be working fine.

I don’t think we can miss out on such an excellent product due to a single negative point which hasn’t been encountered by many but few. Hence, my opinion: the product is surely worth buying.

4. T Topvision Portable Car Jump Starter

The extremely lightweight T topvision portable car jump starter is among the top car jump starters in India due to its engine capacity of 8.0L diesel and gas. The product comes with a USB power bank which can quick-charge your vehicle with peak 2200 amperage.

Moreover, the product comes with a 12V auto-battery booster, which ensures a perfect jump start. The T Topvision portable car jump starter has 76. 96 Watt-hours and one lithium polymer battery.

The product weighs around 1.56 lbs, which makes it lightweight and highly portable. This point has proved to be an excellent factor for those who find themselves in frequent need of car jump starters.


  • Built-in LED
  • 2200Amps
  • 12V
  • 3.0 quick charge USB port
  • 8.0L gas/diesel supported
Highly Portable.No over-charging protection.
Easy to use.

The reason T Topvision being among the best car jump starters in India is it’s easy to use functions, great engine capacity and sleek, compact body. As much as the creators of the product have worked on the interior, the exterior always wins the game.

The body of the product feels smooth, sleek, sturdy and easily adjustable. The auto-battery booster works just about fine. And we all know how picky the Amazon users are. If the rating is high, the product really has great features to offer.

However, we do not depend on mere reviews, are we? The product’s performance and built-in features are the main factors to consider, which appear to be looking just fine.

5. 70mai Car Jump Starter

The 70mai jump starter has been on the preference list of many Amazon users, as observed via reviews and comments. The reason why this mini-sized product has made its way to the top car jump starter in India despite its size is the features it offers.

The performance of the 70mai jump starter is quite impressive with an 11,100mAh power bank, which happens to have a 250A start current and a peak current of 600A. It’s observed that the jump starter is actually able to provide a jump start to a dead battery within seconds.

Moreover, it can be used for 12 vehicle types and including Sedan, SUV, trucks, bikes, and more. However, the engine capacity of 4.0L for gas and 2.0L for diesel appears to be perfect, given the size of the product.


  • Peak current 600A
  • Start current 250A
  • 11,100mAh power bank.
  • 12 vehicle types supported
40-times usage on a single chargeNil
Extremely lightweight.
Highly weather-adaptable.

There’s nothing wrong with the product being among the best car jump starters in India. It surely deserves the attention and fame that it has been drawing for quite a while. The product is highly lightweight, compact and packed with impeccable features.

However, those who happen to have greater engine capacity requirements cannot make the thing work. Those who are fine with the provided engine figure have seemed to use the product to its full potential.

Highly recommended product based on its performance and such compact size.

Buyer’s Guide for Car Jump Starter

When it comes to getting your hands on the top car jump starter in India, it’s totally normal to be skeptical as to which one works best in terms of performance, size and, of course, the outlook.

It sure is a hectic task to go through several web results just to find the one which best suits our needs. However, this is no longer a problem as we have lined up pretty decent information regarding the best car jump starter in India and how to choose the right.

Without further delay, let’s get into it.

What to look for when buying a Car Jump Starter? 

There are key factors that you need to consider before investing in a car jump starter.

Jump Starter Type

The first you need to do is to make up your mind as to which jump starter you need depending on the three types: Jumper cables, battery charger, and portable jump-starter. However, a portable jump-starter is the most commonly used and convenient one. Hence, it’s the recommended choice.

Size and Space

Size doesn’t decide the starter’s performance. However, in terms of the space, it’s going to cover, this is where size comes in. To make sure you get the right-size jump starter, look into space you are willing to put the starter.

If what you’re going for is as small as a cell phone, go for a high portability ratio with a compact design and sleek body. It can also be used for charging your phone.

If you have a good space under your car’s seat, you can go for any size. However, keeping the price in consideration as size has a somewhat direct relationship with pricing.


The most important feature to look for is the amps, which jump-starts the battery. There is no need to go for a fancy figure when it comes to amps. Cars do not take much and are easily started with amps ranging between 5000-10,000mAh.

Safety guide

Another important feature to consider is the safety guide and features that come with the jump starter. It’s always advised to purchase a starter that comes with a beep alarm sound when it is enabled when you connect the cable incorrectly. This is an excellent feature that saves you from an unpleasant situation.

What are the pros and cons of using a Car Jump Starter?

It’s an old rule of nature that everything in the universe comes with certain flaws. Hence, nothing can be 100% ideal. While keeping the golden rule of nature in mind, we shall move to the pros and cons of car jump starters.

Let’s see what the top car jump starter in India has to offer:


  • Jumpstarters are better than cables or battery charges because jump starters can be connected directly to your car’s 12V connection or produce a beep alarm when you make the wrong connection with the battery.
  • It’s observed that jump starters are often cheap and reasonable as compared to cables or battery chargers. These come for as small as a cell phone’s size and yet provide a powerhouse performance.
  • Some jump starters come with built-in LEDs, which prove to be quite helpful at night time. LEDs feature isn’t something you will get with every jump starter. Hence, if you want to go for this particular feature, make sure to know if it’s available in the version you’re going for.
  • Jumpstarters can charge your phone as well as up to 12 different types of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, Trucks, Cars, and Bikes.


  • Some compact jump starters might give you lesser amps as compared to larger units. However, this is not always the case. Do your research, and you can land a compact yet powerhouse performance jump starter.
  • In order to jump-start a truck or SUV, you might need extra amps if you’re going for a compact version. Hence, with greater amps, the price tends to increase greatly.
  • Jumpstarters can be fragile. Hence, it’s always advised to use them with extra cautions and care in order to increase rather than decrease their life.
  • Since new cars come with built-in USB ports for charging phones, the jump starters’ USB ports have started to become useless.


What are the applications/use cases of Car Jump Starter?

Jumpstarters can be used to revive a car’s dead battery and additional 12 types of vehicles, including SUV, sedans, Bikes, and Trucks. Moreover, they can be used to charge cell phones as well.

Common mistakes people make when choosing Car Jump Starter?

Common mistakes people make while choosing jump starters is that they go too far with amps. Of course, greater amps come at a greater price. 

However, we don’t need it. It’s better to know how much amps your car needs and buy the starter accordingly. Those extra amps won’t do any good; instead, they get heavy on the pocket.

Which Car Jump Starter offers the best feature?

Best features vary from person to person. It depends on what outcome you are expecting in terms of the product’s performance.

What one person might find useful can be totally useless to another person. Hence, it’s hard to judge which features you might find best.

However, based on most people’s preference regarding car jump starters, the one which offers the best features is TACKLIFE T6 Car Jump Starter.

The reason the Tacklife T6 being among the top car jump starters in India is its mighty 16,500 mAh capacity.

  • Other features include:
  • 600A peak battery
  • 12V auto-battery booster
  • 16,500mAh capacity
  • 6.2L gas, 5.0L diesel supported.

Which Car Jump Starter supports the air compressor feature?

Stanley Fatmax J7CS Jump Starter

Air compressor feature is a plus point. For those who do not have an idea as to what an air compressor does, it’s a small separate device that is connected to the socket of the jump starter. This is exactly where the jump starter’s cables are connected to boost a vehicle.

What the air compressor does is that it takes power from the jump starter and feeds it to the vehicle’s battery or any dead battery. Hence, this feature is considered an important one for those who are frequent users of car jump starters.

Are portable jump starters worth it?

Portable jump starters can be a valuable investment for car owners. They provide a convenient and reliable solution for jump-starting a dead battery without the need for another vehicle.

With advancements in technology, modern jump starters are compact, lightweight, and often come with additional features such as USB ports for charging devices. Their portability and ease of use make them a practical tool for emergencies, especially in remote locations or when professional help is not readily available.

Can a jump starter start a dead battery?

Yes, a jump starter can start a dead battery. Portable jump starters are designed specifically for this purpose. They have built-in batteries and the necessary cables to transfer power to the dead battery, enabling you to start the vehicle.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that the jump starter is fully charged before attempting to jump-start a dead battery. Additionally, it’s essential to identify and address the underlying cause of the battery failure to prevent future incidents.

What size jump starter do I need for my car?

The size of the jump starter you need for your car depends on the engine size and type of vehicle you own. As a general guideline, for most compact cars and small to mid-sized vehicles with four-cylinder engines, a jump starter with a capacity between 6000mAh and 12000mAh should suffice.

Larger vehicles with six or eight-cylinder engines may require jump starters with higher capacity, typically ranging from 12000mAh to 20000mAh. It is advisable to consult the user manual of your vehicle or contact the jump starter manufacturer for specific recommendations based on your car’s requirements.


Let’s give it another look before you call it a final decision regarding the top car jump starter in India.

For those who want to go for a compact yet powerful jump starter with a reasonable price, go for Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable. 

For those who want nothing but the best in terms of performance and 16,500mAh battery, go for TACKLIFE T6 Car Jump Starter

STANLEY FATMAX J7CS Jump Starter for the “Air compressor” feature.

For those who like to have a jump starter as small as a cell phone yet a powerhouse performance, go for either 70mai Jump Starter.

T TOPVISION Portable Car Jump Starter with 8.0L engine capacity.

Be sure to share the article with whom it will be useful and leave a comment.

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