Canon G2020 vs G2010

  • By: Kumar
  • Date: 12/01/2023

The main difference between Canon G2020 and Canon G2010 is that the Canon G2020 prints slightly faster than the Canon G2010 and supports a wider range of printing page size options.

The Canon G2020 can print images at a little over nine images per minute, while the Canon G2010 is just under nine pages per minute. The Canon G2020 is capable of printing not only legal, letter, and 4” x 6” pages like the G2010, but also custom size pages including envelopes as well.

While the Canon G2010 is well suited for home use, the G2020 may be more appropriate in an office setting.

Canon G2020 vs Canon G2010 | A Quick Glimpse

Both the printers seem similar to the users at first glance, but devices have their unique sides. We’ve compared G2010 and G2020 to present you with all the insights so that you can make a better decision. 

Similarities between Canon G2020 and Canon G2010

Integrated Ink Tank System
Canon was the first company to start the compact printing devices with a built-in integrated ink tank system, and these two printers have that technology onboard. Canon G2010 and Canon G2020 feature the ink tank system and the spill-free ink bottles to reduce the spillage.

LCD Display Panel
You can control the copy size and set the number of copies from the printer now! Canon G2010 and G2020 feature an LCD panel; however, the size is different for both. Canon G2010 has a panel of about 1.2 inches while around 2 inches for G2020.

Differences between Canon G2020 and Canon G2010

Page Yield
Both printers’ page yield is quite similar, but the difference lies in the economy mode. Canon G2010 has a page yield of 6000 pages (Black and White) and 7000 pages (Colored). While on the other hand, Canon G2020 provides a page yield of 6000 pages (Black and White), 7700 pages (CMYK), and 7600 pages (economy mode).

Printing Speed
The second major difference lies in the printing speed of both the Canon G2010 and G2020. G2010 has a lower printing speed than the 9 pages per minute, while the ipm for G2020 is 9.1 (Black) and 5.0 for (colored).

Compatibility is another issue that can affect your purchase decision! Canon G2010 is only compatible with Windows (10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista), and Mac is not supported. On the other hand, Canon G2020 has software compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and Mac OS (10.112.6 and so on).

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Canon G2020 and Canon G2010 | Products Overview

Canon G2020 vs G2010 is a battle with two strong competitors from this category! Both the printers are equipped with advanced features making it difficult to choose one. 

If you want a device solely for home use, G2010 can be your choice. The printer is all set according to ISO standards with a 1.2 inches LCD, around 8.8ipm (black), and a great page yield of 7000 pages. 

Moreover, home and office use features are combined in G2020, which can provide 9 sheets per minute with a page yield of 7700 pages (economy) and support multiple print sizes, i.e., 4.0″x6.0″ till A4 / Letter / Legal / A5. 

Canon G2020 vs Canon G2010 | Features in Detail

Photo Printing
Surprise your loved ones with customized gifts, as photo printing can never be easier! G2010 and G2020 offer borderless photo printing with 10.16cm x 15.24cm in 45 seconds.

Easy to Maintain
Reduce downtime and maximize your productivity- G2010, and G2020 come with the replaceable printhead and low-maintenance cartridges.

Spill-Free Refill
Apart from the replaceable printhead, Canon has spill-free technology onboard, providing an anti-drip mechanism to refill the cartridges. Moreover, a unique nozzle design induces hassle-free refilling.

Ideal Usage
This is something where both the printers are poles apart! Canon G2010 is perfectly designed for home use as the printing speed is a bit lower than 9 sheets per minute. Moreover, the page yield is also less than the G2020, which is ideal for home and office categories. Canon G2020 can be employed for micro-businesses because it supports multiple print sizes, including envelopes.

Page Yield
Canon G2010 and G2020 differ slightly when it comes to page yield! You can print around 7000 pages in a single refill without worrying about the ink supplies with G2010 and around 7700 pages (economy mode) with Canon G2020. However, the cost per page for PIXMA G2020 is a bit higher, i.e., 12 paise compared to G2010 (9 paise).

Ready to Print
Canon has never disappointed its users and always brings new technologies onboard! Canon’s Ready-to-Print technology is one of its kind where you don’t need to spend hours setting up the device for the first use. Simply fill in the ink tank, connect the printer with your laptop device, and you’re ready to go!

Display Panel
Gone are the days when you can’t see what your printer’s status is! Both the Canon G2010 and G2020 come with a printer screen. Although, the screen size is 1.2 inches for G2010 and 1.9 inches for G2020. You can control your printer’s current job, i.e., set the number of copies, set the copy size, and see the current status of the job.

Canon G2020 Pros & Cons


  • Fast printing speeds (9 pages/minute)
  • Custom page size
  • Perfect for office use


  • A Bit noisy

Canon G2010 Pros & Cons


  • Spill-free refill
  • Ready-to-print technology
  • Ideal for home use


  • Slow printing speed

The Winner Amidst Both

Canon G2020 vs G2010 has a clear winner for us, and it’s the higher model (G2020), of course! Canon G2020 leads the competition due to many noteworthy features onboard, such as higher page yield (7700 pages) in economy mode, spill-free ink refilling, 1.9 inches LCD panel, and an easy-to-maintain cartridge design. 

Additionally, this printer device provides a printing speed of 9 pages per minute at a high-quality printing resolution of 4800×1200 dpi. The printer is designed to work in both the home and office environment. 

But in case you need a printer for home usage, G2010 has got you covered with its lesser per page cost (9 paise only) and a page yield of 7000 sheets. 


Choosing a printer can be challenging when multiple printer devices with advanced technology are onboard. Canon PIXMA G2010 vs. G2020 battle has a close call as both the printers share similar features. However, Canon 2020 has led the competition in page yield, OS Support, and printing speed.  

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