best car audio system in India

Best Car Audio System in India

Are you trying to find the best car audio system in India. I will help and guide you to find the best overall car audio system in India with in depth review and it features

The music system in cars is like a heart in human beings because a quality in-car music system sounds like a heart. You’re here; it reveals that you love your car like me.

If you’d like to enjoy driving and boost your driving experience, you must have a fantastic music system for your car.

We also set up the best car audio system in India that has all sorts of consumers in mind and comes with a range of car stereos. Check out the top 5 best car music systems in India.

Top 5 Best Car Audio System in India

Car Audio System



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USB,AUX,Bluetooth,SD Card


USB,AUX,Bluetooth,SD Card

USB,AUX,Bluetooth,SD Card

1. Sony DSX-A110U Car Audio System

Sony DSX – A110U has an integrated high-power amplifier that provides 4 to 55 W of power for a full sound and improves speaker volume. With 10 dynamic EQ sliders, the 10-Band digital equalizer customizes the tone, so you can adjust the sound to your liking. For your singing only, it has the latest Karaoke feature that will quieten vocal tracks.

Because of the Android Open Accessories 2.0 (AOA) feature, you can enjoy any music instead of using your stereo player with your phone and its software by simply plugging your USB cord into a front USB port and browsing the music on your mobile screen.

Stereo players are often easy to use with a vertically oriented screen, with a greater perspective and a higher contrast of 5x.FLAC is a file format that, unlike MP3, couldn’t compress audio signals and provides you with the quality sound you would like to listen to in your car music device.

In your vehicle infotainment device, sound synchronized lighting ramps up the excitement; you can see driving music with colours. Without using buttons on your music setup, you can simply use steering wheel controllers. Incompatible vehicles are very easy to mount.

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Press button to activate extra bass.No Bluetooth.
Two years Warranty.
Stylish design.

Sony DSX-A110U Car Audio System Review

The Sony DSX-A110U comes with an extra bass option that gives your music low-end strength, and you can tailor your music to a specific degree with a 10-band EQ.

In this audio device, the latest karaoke mode reduces voice frequencies so that you can embrace singing in your car along with all the beats. It has an LCD vertical alignment panel on your stereo for fast reading of the ongoing operation.

2. Dulcet DC-F90X Car Audio System

With ultra-fast charging, Dulcet DC-F90X the strongest automotive audio system. It is fitted with an integrated mobile holder that can very comfortably keep the 6.5-inch smartphones securely.


  • Built-in Bluetooth to allow hands-free calling.
  • 18 Preset Radio Memory.
  • 7 colours backlight.
  • Dual USB Port.
  • Dedicated Remote to control it.
  • Smartphone holder (size up to 6.5 inches)
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Output – 220W.

The built-in 4* 55W amplifier provides high performance with excellent efficiency. You can choose between 7-backlight illuminations that fit the mood or the dashboard lighting of your vehicle. 2.1 You can charge your phone three times faster than with the entry-level car stereo via the AMP ultra-fast charging USB port.

Smartphone Holder.Nil.
Dual USB port.
7 colour Backlights.

Dulcet DC-F90X Car Audio System Review

To ensure you can comfortably enjoy the music from your smartphone, Pen Drive, or SD card, it accepts Bluetooth/USB/SD Card Slot & AUX input. 

Even with 18 presets station storage, its built-in FM radio feature will keep you in touch with your beloved FM/Radio stations remote Control for Wireless.

3. iBELL 9986B Car Audio System

When you have a car audio device, a long drive with good business becomes much more unique. Not only does the drive become unforgettable, but the tone is often set by the music. More options to enjoy your favorite tracks when you’re on the road are provided by the 140W Car DVD Player. 

The conveniently placed front-facing USB and AUX inputs make it easy and fast to connect private music players. As per your preference, you can also enjoy FM radio.

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  • 30 preset stations ( 18 for FM Stations and 12 Audio Radio)
  • DVD Player
  • Negative LCD Display
  • Warranty 2 years.
  • Output – 140W.

One-click to answer calls and chat openly with your mouth. Fluorescent Display (VFD) Large Vacuum, FM Digital TunerAnti-shock security, front-facing USB, and AUX for connecting audio devices.Remote control with complete feature and detachable front screen.

Bass and Treble quality is good.Basic Remote control.
Anti shock protection.

iBELL 9986B Car Audio System Review

The conveniently placed front-facing USB and AUX inputs make it easy and speedy to connect personal music players. As per your preference, you can also enjoy FM radio.

4. Onix OCS-04 Car Audio System

Onix launches the all-new car stereo OCS-03 with various features such as fast USB charging with USB, SD card and Bluetooth and aux support, hands-free calling and control option for treble and bass, fixed front screen, FM 18 preset stations & auto scan or auto shop stations, LCD monitor, RCA line out & pre-set equalizer with digital clock.


  • Power Output 200W.
  • One year warranty.
  • Shock resistance.
Sound quality is too good at this price range.Nil.
Value for money.

Onix OCS-04 Review

If you are looking to find the best car audio system under 2000 then Onix OCS-04 is the one. It comes will all major features that we can find in 5000 Rupees model.

5. Dulcet DC-D9000X Car Audio System

The wireless remote control makes it easy for the rear seat passengers or even the driver to be in control of their entertainment since the remote itself will control all the features of the stereo. 

With built-in equalizer and additional bass, rebel, balance, fader, loudness, mono, and the four-channel 4 x 55W high power performance. It supports Bluetooth/dual USB/SD card slot and aux inputs for great networking.

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  • Output 220W
  • Seven Multicolor backlight
  • Bluetooth/AUX/SD card
Anti Theft Detachable Panel.Build quality is medium.
Multicolor Backlight.

Dulcet DC-D9000X Review

It features an anti-theft detachable rear panel and a multicolored backlight that you can easily remove and take when you’re in its safe shell, which would make it unappealing and pointless for the robber to rob the stereo car. You can also pick from 7 awesome backlight colors for your car stereo to fit your style.

Buyer’s Guide for Car Audio System

The car stereo is the cornerstone of the interior of the car, which adds an elegant appearance. It’s not easy to pick a car audio system, unlike most things and gadgets you purchase. To ease the car audio purchasing process, here are a few things to remember.

Audio sources 

The primary issue you can look at is to make sure all playback formats are handled by your audio system. The quality of the audio is determined by the kind of audio format. Audio formats such as MP3 and AAC provide more comfortable audio quality, although, with decent sound quality, other formats such as ALAC, WAV, and FLAC can give you high fidelity.

It is more important to verify that all sorts of sound formats are accepted by your car audio device and can handle a wide variety of audio sources, including CD/DVD, radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card, or tablet.

Sound controls

The typical considerations to remember during the purchasing of aftermarket stereos are sound controls. They have versatile and convenient usage processes. Sound controls help you to tune the mixing of the sound quality with the degrees of mood. For better improvements, high-end receivers are enabled by optical time correction and parametric equalization.

Future scope

Supplementary inputs, USB connections, and audio/video outputs allow you to make the most use of your stereo. Connecting accessories such as music players, video displays in the rear seat, external amplifiers, and powered subwoofers can give your stereo a new life and improve the scope of operation. With USB input and Bluetooth communication, the stereo gives you a nice listening experience inside the car.

Wise outlook

A car stereo with a high-tech display interface and a cutting edge style brings a modern look to the interior of your car. More versatility is offered by interactive screens of color themes and touch screen monitors. Stereo will raise the listening experience to peaks of flickering beats as per the beat.

Physical dimensions

There are typically two sizes of aftermarket stereos-single din and double din. Single din stereos have buttons and are filled with fantastic features and add-ons space. With touch screens with supporting features like GPS, DVD, replay, and more, double-bin audio systems are featured.

Additional features

Many people love to keep updated when driving with the news and many other updates. You will remain updated on breaking news and current affairs with recent stereo systems. 

You will have fun listening to music and getting more insight into the things that are going on around you. It is fitting to consider stereo with built-in radio and GPS navigation.

You can reach the destination conveniently with GPS navigation without stopping anywhere and asking a local for the road to a new location.


Can any stereo fit into my car?

No, the size of the stereo depends on your car’s interior space. Within the two available styles of single and double DIN, a single-DIN can fit into your car

Can a new stereo speaker work with my smartphone?

Yes, nearly all of the modern stereo speakers use smartphones. All of them support the new features that smartphones offer.

What are the main components of a car stereo?

A car stereo’s three key features are the amplifier, head unit, and sound system.

Which is the Best Car Audio system under 5000 in India?

Sony DSX-A110U Car Audio System is the best one.


When you want to give a glamorous look to your car interior, the car audio system plays a part. Along with the elegant style, with all the specification elements, the car audio system must give you an outstanding listening experience. This purchasing guide will help you select from different models to choose the best car audio system in India.

Some are super pricey, whereas others are very affordable. My recommendation will be to pay more for features you intend to use, such as, if you’re never going to use it, don’t pay extra for a DVD player.

If you are searching for the overall best car audio system in India, go with the Sony DSX-A110U without any maintenance costs and repair, it will last you for 4-5 years.

If you find another best car audio system in India which is not mentioned in the article, let us know in the comment section down below.

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