best Car Component Speakers in India

Top 5 Best Car Component Speakers in India

Are you thinking of upgrading your car to give it a new look like never before? If yes, then the component speakers will be the must-have aspects to consider. If you are so passionate about the music, then high-quality component speakers will be necessary for the long drives.

best car component speakers in india

Thus, the type of speakers of the car will have a major effect on the sound quality of the music. That’s why you have to be more concerned while buying speakers among the top 5 best car component speakers in India.

So, let’s get started reading about the best car component speakers in India to avoid any confusion!

Best Car Audio Component Speakers in India

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1.Focal PS 2-Way Car Component Speakers

To give you thrilling effects, these Focal PS 2-Way Speakers are designed uniquely and dynamically. These component speakers have combined with the very latest and innovative technology line. This will deliver you real, powerful, and excellent sound effects.

Accurate and High-Performance

These high-performance component speakers will provide you the experience of live music along with all dimensions. With the help of the latest technology line, the speakers will give you complete control over the volume and adjustments.

You will get the precise and accurate performance and production of music that will surely amuse you.

Solid Construction

Focal PS 2-way speakers have been crafted with a maximum power of 150W to 75W, which will make them a very effective option. Having the attachment of a solid gauge steel shallow mount, these best budget component speakers in India will provide you with a very solid build.

Maximum Output Power – 160W

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Easy to mount.Warranty not mentioned.
High sensitivity.
Low impedance.

Focal PS 2-Way Car Component Speakers Review

The great value of the price is the major benefit of Focal PS 2-Way Car Component speakers that will attract you to buy them. Thus, the quality of these component speakers will not match with other speakers in this price range.

2.JL 2-Way Car Component Speakers

These component speakers named JL Audio 2-way car speakers will be the very lenient and comfortable choice for you among all. It has been crafted with the added flexibility that will deliver a powerful sound experience. 

Accurate and High-Performance

There is the construction of custom rubber that is coated with a paper cone and a high-quality ferrite electromagnet. This will make these speakers very solid and safe to use in the car. The light-weight and small size will enable you to fit them anywhere in the car. 

Solid Construction

These component speakers are attached with mounting holes that will provide you easy mounting and installation. In this way, you have to be careful while fitting these speakers in the car. Also, these speakers are built with very strong and sturdy material that will keep them safe for a long period.

  • Audio Sensitivity – 93dB
  • Peak Power Handling – 450W
Silk dome tweeters.Nil.
Great Bass.
Light weight.

JL 2-Way Car Component Speakers Review

JL 2-Way Car Component speakers will provide you with all that you want from these components. A great sound quality, excellent bass, power-control functions, and best value. So, you cannot deny the quality of these exceptional speakers.

3.Focal Performance Car Component Speakers

To bring the very highest-quality sound to your car, these Focal Performance auditor speakers are the best alternatives. These speakers have so many reasons to buy at affordable prices, excellent construction, and modern design. So, don’t delay and grab it now!

Accurate and High-Performance

To get exceptional linearity, these best car component speakers in India are famous integral components. There is the addition of two types of frames with these speakers; one is effective for surface mounting. At the same time, the other frame is suitable for flush mounting. 

Solid Construction

After that, let me tell you about its construction that is very strong and reliable. Also, these speakers are very small in size and easy to install in the vehicle. So, you will not find any problem regarding the mounting and installation of these speakers.

Maximum Output Power – 50W

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One year Warranty.Bass is not good.
Clear Vocals.

Focal Performance Car Component Speakers Review

Thus, Focal Performance has high-quality component speakers that provide you with the power handling with the use of a factory head unit. In this way, the performance that you get will be more accurate and stable. So, you can enjoy your driving by hearing your desired quality sound. 

4.JBL Club-6500C Car Component Speakers

JBL Club-6500C is another great product on my list that comes with high-power handling and outstanding sound quality. These component speakers will not let you get bored while going on a long journey and will provide you with more realistic music.

Accurate and High-Performance

When it concerns its price value, then it is on the top-speakers to make it a valuable choice for you. Also, there is the attachment of the ASV voice coil that will deliver you a high-class sound bass along with low distortion. So, music lovers will surely enjoy these best car audio component speakers in India.

Solid Construction

The construction and design of these component speakers are very stylish, with a peak power of 180W. These ultra-violet polypropylene gadgets are made with a high-sensitivity structure. Thus, these compact and light-weight speakers will provide a very higher-degree of clearance in sound.

  • Maximum Output Power – 180W
  • Sensitivity – 92dB
Excellent audio performance.Nil.
Light weight.

JBL Club-6500C Car Component Speaker Review

JBL Club – 6500C Car component speakers have been designed with a complete package of tweezers, pair of woofers, and crossovers. This will ensure you get the maximum power of 400W as well as 200W RMS. All these features make it an excellent choice for you.

5.BLAUPUNKT Pure Car Component Speakers

BLAUPUNKT Pure is the last but surely not the least product on my list. Now you can play your favourite songs at the desired volume along with a power control button. These easy to install speakers are one of the most ultimate speakers to buy.

Accurate and High-Performance

The high-class woofers with the speakers will deliver you superlative sound performance. Also, they will perform a pretty good job having the UV-resistant material and high-frequency range. For more precise and accurate sound, these best component speakers for bass are equipped with a liquid polymer dome.

Solid Construction

To make it a very robust choice, there is the construction of a 40-oz strong magnet and a special electroplated steel basket. Additionally, the manufacturing of silk dome tweeters will make them very solid and long-lasting speakers. In this manner, you can use them for a longer period without any replacement and problem.

Maximum Output Power – 320W

Value for money.Crossover Insulation would be better.
Good sound quality.
Sound Build.

BLAUPUNKT Pure Car Component Speakers Review

Blaupunkt will offer you excellent-qualities in speakers, woofers, design, and sound. The combination of all these features will make it an exceptional and satisfying choice among all others. You might not require looking for another product having these excellent sounding speakers.


Focal PS 2-Way Car Component Speakers offers the best quality sound and bass.

BLAUPUNKT Pure Component Speakers are the highest quality speakers that offer you very high-quality sound bass and affordable price as well.

Focal PS 2-Way Component Speakers are the best speakers that are designed with very high-quality material to keep it for a longer period. So, I will suggest these speakers as the best ones for build quality.

Focal Performance Auditor RSE-165 comes with One year warranty.


All that I have explained in this article is about the top 5 best car component speakers in India. I have tried to describe all the information about these products. This way, you can easily decide which product is according to your needs.

Besides that, due to higher-quality and clear sound, I will suggest you BLAUPUNKT Pure Component Speakers. These component speakers will allow you to enjoy your music with power-handling and volume adjustment features.

So, have you picked your favorite product? If yes, then before leaving, do share this article and your ultimate experience with me in the comment section!

Happy traveling!

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